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      26 Mar
    Sam Antics

    singing nicole dollanganger in my bedroom to attract a love. :,(

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HeLLsGamers News

Overwatch Extravaganza

Feb 23 2017 4:43 AM | Harle in HG News

Come watch our upcoming inter-community OverWatch event!!

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Deathmatch Population Event

Feb 11 2017 2:16 PM | Alienware in HeLLsGamers News

Hello HellsGamers, come help us populate the new cs:s Crackhouse server by joining this event, have fun get a lot of kills and win some cool prizes!

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League Of Legends Event

Feb 8 2017 8:26 PM | Menoch in HeLLsGamers News

The League of Legends Tournament is right around the corner, come show everyone how you are the king of League

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CS:GO Capture The Flag

Feb 7 2017 5:09 PM | Archer in HeLLsGamers News

Come join us on February 18, 2017 for the CS:GO CTF event! :devil: RSVP here!

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CS:S Jailbreak Event

Jan 24 2017 12:00 AM | deadstorm17 in Events

Fight for the rep!

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Rainbow 6 Siege PUG EVENT [5V5]

Jan 22 2017 8:41 PM | {No Silence} ATB* in HeLLsGamers News

Welcome to the first Rainbow 6 Siege Pug Event. Do you have what it takes? Come find out more!

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Jack in The Baux CSGO Event

Jan 17 2017 5:05 PM | Menoch in HeLLsGamers News

Can you kill Jack? Come to the event to find out!

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TF2 Freeze Tag

Jan 13 2017 8:13 PM | FaZe in HeLLsGamers News

In the Freeze Tag game mode, you attempt to complete the objective of the map you are on as normal (be it pushing the cart or capturing points).
The only difference is when someone dies in this game mode, they freeze in the place where they die for a certain amount of time. Players can be unfrozen if a team member comes to resuscitate the player by standing within a certain perimeter of the player. Once the unfreezing is complete, the player may resume normal gameplay from the spot they are revived. If someone is frozen their name will be displayed in the upper left corner showing how much longer players have to stay within their perimeter.
After a certain amount of time, if nobody rescues a player, they will be killed and respawn as normal.

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Rap Battles 2017

Jan 12 2017 6:30 PM | Jglake in HeLLsGamers News

Join us on the 29th for a fun challenging event where you have to rap to win!

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HG Anti-Harassment Policy.

Jan 11 2017 12:40 AM | Wabbit in HeLLsGamers News

All members of the HellsGamers community, including anyone ranging from a friend of HG to Council, are required to abide by our Anti-Harassment Policy when present in any server sponsored by HellsGamers or an affiliate community while representing us. Administrators have pledged to oversee the implementation and enforcement of these rules to ensure an open, fun and engaging playing environment for people from all walks of life. By being present in any server sponsored by HellsGamers or an affiliate community while representing us, you recognize the following statements to be true:

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