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267 players in 58 servers, 284 users online, 24 recent bans.

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      24 Jun

    Ordered a new computer. Should be back on jailbreak, team speak, and other games within seven days or so. :D

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      24 Jun
    Mango Pervdragon

    why does slam hate me so much. just last week it played music fine, now all my songs sound like a bad midi cover.

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      24 Jun

    I love is how the team leader doesn't even bother to tell me that he took me off the subs and put me on the starters

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TF2 Payload [Leadership Vs Members]

May 29 2016 10:13 AM | Misc2008 in Events

Join us on 11 June 2016 at 8PM EST for our Team Fortress 2 Payload event. Experience the thrill of pushing a bomb cart through enemy territory!

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Tf2 Prop Hunt

May 9 2016 7:31 PM | KingSlayer in Events

Join us on the 28th at 8:00 pm EST for our official PROP HUNT FUN TIME.

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TF2 Deathrun Population Event

Apr 23 2016 8:26 PM | Misc2008 in Events

Join the event on 30 April 2016 and find out if you have what it takes to make it to the end of the map without dying!

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TF2 Degroot Keep Tickle Event

Apr 8 2016 7:13 AM | Misc2008 in Events

Come and join us on April 23rd and tickle people to death! You can also capture points...

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[CS:S] Knives and Nades

Apr 3 2016 12:42 AM | GomerPyle in Events

Come Join us in celebrating Iron Chef's  safe return home and try out 3 new maps in a Knives and Nades Deathmatch

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PERP Party Weekend!

Apr 2 2016 3:57 PM | SKay in Events

Come on the banter bus and see what we've got cooked up for a feature filled weekend of PERP!

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CS:go Surf Event!

Feb 28 2016 8:28 PM | Suicide in Events

Come join us in our CSGO surf deathmatch!

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Tf2 Class Vs Class [Leadership Vs...

Feb 8 2016 9:05 PM | 3V0Lu710N in Events

50K Rep, Gold & Platinum Admin up for grabs! Join us on Friday, February  26th in the battle between Leadership vs Members

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Dodgeball 2016

Jan 10 2016 12:25 PM | 3V0Lu710N in Events

Let's see if any of you have improved your doge skills...

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Counter Fortress 2

Nov 13 2015 7:09 PM | 3V0Lu710N in Events

Counter Fortress 2: Global Hats, Let's get that bomb down soldier. Join us Friday, November 27th at 8 PM Eastern Time

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