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      27 Aug

    have you guys ever had your foot fall asleep, and then you started doing this hill billy foot dance thing

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      27 Aug
    ace tanker (sentinel)

    went to holland for a small rugby tournement this weekend
    we arived friday night and we all got so drunk we almost couldnt,
    play but we still got second place.

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Premium now on all CS:GO servers

That's right, our new HG Items premium store is now also available on all of our CS:GO servers. To find out more about HG Items, visit this article.

Due to limitations of engine, and differences in the game, trails, and half of the hats are still disabled, but there is a healthy selection of hats, and 3 other attachments (fairy wings, jet pack, and beaver tail)

And as a bonus, as opposed to receiving 3 credits per 3 minutes for idling, and 10 credits per 3 minutes for playing on our CS:GO JB server, you will now receive 5 credits per 3 minutes for idling, and 12 credits per 3 minutes for playing on our death match servers.

And of course, everyone give a big thank you to ThatShortKid for making the models required for this plugin to work on CS:GO.


well this is nice
This pleases me
Bonbons a SourceMod hero with stars in his eyes!

Marcos Silva
Jan 22 2013 8:33 PM
Good stuff!

Icon, on January 22 2013 - 05:55 PM, said:

Fixing! I put them on the fast download... but I didn't make them downloadable :/