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626 players in 59 servers, 284 users online, 36 recent bans.

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      04 Mar
    The Governor

    Trying to get back into Minecraft like I played almost 4 years ago, can't seem to. If anyone wants to play on a factions drug server hit me up.

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HeLLsGamers.com 24/7 DEGROOT KEEP | gameME

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DeGroot Keep is a Medieval mode map that was released with the Australian Christmas update on December 17, 2010 Patch. It is currently the only official map designed for this game mode. Health pickups inside the keep appear as medieval-style roast meat.
IP Address:
Current Players: 24
Max Players: 32
Map: cp_degrootkeep
Status: Online
Game: Team Fortress 2
Version: v2633354
Country: United States
Top20 Awards: Enabled
Views: 7225
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Really like this server, was banned for supposedly swearing but I have no mic.
Great Server!
love this server!