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      23 Jun

    If HG ZS ever have this event call Escape the night ( inspired by the youtube series escape the night )
    who will really escape the night
    who will be in the video

    who will it be ?
    I came up with a few people

    How Super Terrible
    Mr. Robot
    Great Leader Kevin
    Master ToF
    Guy :)

    if it ever happen

    who will be eliminated
    who will escape the night

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CS:GO Extravagnza

Jun 11 2017 4:52 AM | Huejay in Events

Feeling confident in your CS:GO skills? Especially against other communities? Come watch us on July 8th, July 9th AND July 15th, July 16th to see HellsGamers go against seven other communities! Just having a little fun around this summer time!

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Zombie Master Rambo

May 31 2017 4:21 PM | Helix in Events

Test your logic in a battle of wits with the Zombie Master! You must survive wave after wave of the Undead Horde controlled by a Hive mind with an uncontrollable blood lust. While Mowing down all those zombies don't get to distracted by the flying gibs, you've got a mission to complete.

You know what you are. What you're made of. War is in your blood. Don't fight it. You didn't kill for your country. You killed for yourself. God's never gonna make that go away. When you're pushed, killing's as easy as breathing.

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CSGO Populate Deathmatch Event!

May 31 2017 8:04 AM | Jericho in Events

Come join us in the month of July as we populate CSGO Deathmatch!

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Propulate TF2 Prophunt

Mar 14 2017 10:51 PM | DetectiveYellNow in Events

Come one, come all for a prop like version of Hide and Seek.

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CS:S Jailbreak Event

Jan 24 2017 12:00 AM | deadstorm17 in Events

Fight for the rep!

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Secret Santa Event

Nov 27 2016 2:43 PM | Menoch in Events

Join us for a Holiday Event of gift giving and cheer!

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2Nd Annual Race Against Time

Nov 25 2016 8:16 AM | Joe in Events

Lets see who's the master at 100 traps, come join us November 26th!

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[Tf2] Orange Population Event

Nov 13 2016 5:49 PM | Misc2008 in Events

Join us on November 26th and help populate our Orange server!

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Battle Of The Communities

Oct 31 2016 5:11 AM | The Empathetic Peacemaker in Events

Come watch as HG faces off against other gaming communities in a battle for the top position!

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DemoKnight Debacle

Oct 3 2016 10:05 PM | POLARBEAR in Events

Join us October 15th to Slice and Shield bash your way to the Intelligence. Work together or you'll be put to the sword RSVP HERE

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