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      26 May

    Planned so much stuff to do on my birthday

    this might make everyone go crazy but do you want BR or PP on June 3 as I'm departing from HG . you can pick one :3

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      26 May
    Zero Two

    New Fortnite mode is fun af, literally insane at it too :^)

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A Chaotic Event For Good Ole' GMOD

Posted Image

Thanks to HG | Ryze [L] for gfx.

Host: HG | DetectiveYellNow [CEL]

When: Feb 18th 2018 6pm Central, 7pm EST

Where: Gmod TTT HG Server

Who can play?

Everyone from Friend of HG to Council

Event Rules/Guidelines:


  • NO cheats, exploits, glitching, or 3rd party tools that give you an unfair advantage over other players.
  • NO ghosting.
  • DO NOT be disrespectful.
  • NO sexual harassment of players.
  • DO NOT be racist or use racist terms.
  • NO useless spamming of the mic, text, or radio. That means no songs/soundbytes, especially if fellow players are complaining.
  • NO recruiting or advertising for other clans in here.
  • DO NOT wear the -hg- / [HG] / HG | tag unless you are an HG member!
  • NO name impersonation of ANYONE.If you are caught trying to crash or lag the server you will be permanently banned.

Event Prizes: Which will be raffled off.


1st place: Gold account andChoice of 8000 ZS points or 10000 credits

2nd place: VIP Account and Choice of 5000 ZS points or 7000 Credits

3rd place: 5000 ZS points or 7000 Credits


Feb 9 2018 6:54 PM

Chains, on February 9 2018 - 06:49 PM, said:

Dunno if you noticed but the scripting is all messed up

Happens when you copy and paste. It's a random glitch.
Dunno if you noticed but the scripting is all messed up