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      19 Jan

    Todays is weird. I go to my class, guy comes up to me and says "i need to borrow your sweater for physics" and im like ok. He leaves and i swear if he doesnt bring back my sweater i will be pissed

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Zombie Fortress Server With Perks!

Introducing the new Zombie Fortress server for Team Fortress 2!!!


Posted Image


I'm on my iPod atm so I won't put a shit ton of links (will tomorrow) but I played on a server with this one and its really cool

Well, time to screw up my CSS aim with TF2.
might make me play tf2 again.

Feb 15 2013 11:02 AM
looks like fun

Feb 13 2013 11:25 PM
Still working out the kinks in the server. Apparently I installed an older version of Zombie Fortress which had some broken perks but thankfully Dynas fixed it for me. I might have to remove the Portal map from the server cuz it sometimes crashes the server (hopefully I don't it's a really cool map). So yeah expect an event out of this in a couple weeks :D

Steel Door
Feb 13 2013 9:08 PM
Another reason for me to not uninstall TF2.

Feb 13 2013 5:38 PM
Finally lol

Feb 13 2013 4:54 PM

jajolt, on February 13 2013 - 03:15 PM, said:

Looks great :D

EDIT: Idk if this is one that's on atm but look at http://tf2.gamebanana.com/maps/81599

Yeah I've already added it. Slowly getting maps onto the server but don't want to add a bunch of terrible maps. If anybody has ever played Zombie Fortress and knows some other good maps feel free to post.
Looks great :D

EDIT: Idk if this is one that's on atm but look at http://tf2.gamebanana.com/maps/81599
awesome :)

Feb 13 2013 12:15 AM
For right now its rotating through 4 Zombie Fortress maps. I will add more tomorrow when I get the chance after classes. If you guys have any suggestions server wise or any map suggestions feel free to post below.