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Holiday Giveaway!

Inlight of the holidays I'd like to give away a xbox 360!



Hello my fellow HellsGamers!
Inlight of the holidays I'd like to give away a xbox 360!
Simple rules:
1. You must be atleast and hg recruit. (as long as you're part of the hg community you can enter)
2. You must register by 12/18/12. (Gives me some time to ship it to you - holidays)
3. Give a reason why you'd like to win, in the giveaway thread. (Prize will be random, I just want to know why)
4. One entry per person.
I will announce the winner as soon as they receive their prize!
Good luck to all.
Have a happy holidays and be safe kids!

The Time Is Nigh!

Now's the perfect time to play World of Warcraft with HeLLsGamers!

Hello fellow players! Wanted a chance to join in on the fun? Well here it is.
World of Warcraft Battle chest is now ONLY $5!! The Battle chest includes World of Warcraft, WoW: Burning Crusade, and WoW: Wrath of the Lich King.

You will be allowed to reach level 80 until you purchase the next expansion. Don't forget to get a Recruit-a-friend to help you level faster and with the guild. If you don't have enough money to purchase WoW: Mists of Pandaria yet, don't be alarmed. You can still make a Panda race, just not a monk and you can't main quest on Pandaria.
WoW: Cataclysm is also on sale for ONLY $10.00!! When you purchase WoW: Cataclysm, you can now level to 85 and be that much closer to raiding with the guild!
Lastly, WoW: Mists of Pandaria is on sale for ONLY $30.00!!! Ask for Christmas, bribe a friend, do whatever you can to finish your collection and begin raiding with our guild through beautiful Pandaria.
Pandaria has much to offer. You start off fighting your way through many different mobs in order to take first claim to this new found land! After getting through the fast paced beginning quests and getting farther into Pandaria, you may notice one thing: the stunning graphics. Pandaria is the most appealing to the eye with bright colors and different Asian inspired styles new to the World of Warcraft community.

Raid bosses are in a different style setting with some new mechanics as well. New enemies and allies challenge the way you think about WoW or atleast used too.
Get in on the action and join our guild!
Just type /who HellsGamers
whisper me/add me on friends: Moothepriest
Hope to see you soon!


It's that time again! Happy Holidays from (ja)Jolt! I will be giving away a copy of Left 4 Dead 2 so that one more person can come and play Left 4 Dead 2 with me! I love you (yes) and the community!
Post in this thread please: http://hellsgamers.c...liday-giveaway/
Must be -hg- or higher
Must have entries in by December 20th
Drawing on December 21st (because I get out of school then so I will be happy)
Gotta have me on steam or I can't give it to you!
Post on this topic
Enjoy and Happy Holidays!
[HG] Silibrian
[HG] Reaper
[HG] iDigitaL [A]

GMOD Direction

This article explains how Garry's Mod Divisions is planning out it's future and we want your support and ideas! Please read for further details and post below.

GMOD Divisions needs a re-vamp as well as our other divisions to get up-to-date and keep everyone playing. Activity with our PERP server is recovering, but we can always grow and this is where hearing problems/solutions from the players who play it most.
All bugs or other issues keep us updated! I'll will be checking this daily. http://hellsgamers.c...uggestion-bugs/ Since released please let us know of any problems you see! Thanks.
Event ideas to keep your favorite severs running? http://hellsgamers.c...44-event-ideas/
Lack of new players have been coming around GMOD since our update but if anyone sees well known players within PERP and are interested please refer them =D.
If anyone with issues in regards to PERP GOLD/VIP with extensions Via (http://hellsgamers.c...old-membership/) Please PM homer on the forums for further details.
To re-cap;
And lastly Server production is under ropes DARK RP and Zombie Survival will be online sometimes in the near future.
Thank you for all your dedicated time to HeLLsGamers and Garry's Mod Division.

Counter Strike Direction

Check out this article to see some of the things we have planned in the future, and to also make some suggestions of what you'd like to see in the future!

With the recent release of CS:GO, we're expanding more and gaining new members. Here's what to expect from the counter-strike guys in the upcoming weeks.
More Events for both CS:S and CS:GO ( be sure to post your ideas here! http://hellsgamers.c...44-event-ideas/)
Server Population - This is where we need your help, try exploring new servers, inviting friends, even just idling on different servers while away helps!
Recruiting - If you're a CS:GO regular you may have noticed the lack of server-side advertisements. These servers are still undergoing tweaks and fixes. If there's a player that you see in a server all the time, why not see if they're interested in HG? whether you just strike up a conversation with them or have a bind with the website URL are good ways to get our name out there.
As hinted in several forum topics and discussion a new premium mod is in the works, release TBA
Server expansion - Homer plans on expanding some of the servers, particularly in CS:GO due the the success thus far

Have any questions or comments? post below.

MMO Division - World of Warcraft

Here we go guys, the time has officially come. We are nearing Christmas and you may be wondering, "What do I want for Christmas?" Good question, World of Warcraft. Now I know how much you love MMO's and have definitely heard of WoW, but why try to get into the game so late? Easy, the community for WoW is still very large and the story line can still be played even if you do not have the newest game Mists of Pandaria.

Here we go guys, the time has officially come. We are nearing Christmas and you may be wondering, "What do I want for Christmas?" Good question, World of Warcraft. Now I know how much you love MMO's and have definitely heard of WoW, but why try to get into the game so late? Easy, the community for WoW is still very large and the story line can still be played even if you do not have the newest game Mists of Pandaria.
As Christmas draws near, so do the sales on all of the games on battle.net and many other companies. We have already seen a steep drop in prices for the WoW series twice now within the last month. Check regularly for these prices again because it is predicted to happen atleast two more times before Christmas. The first sale price is on the first three games, World of Warcraft, Burning Crusade, and Wrath of the Lich King. You get all three games for $5 dollars AND a month of playing time. Cataclysm will cost around $10 dollars and Mists of Pandaria will more than likely be at $20 dollars. The last sale right before Christmas may even be lower for the last two games. The game is still a pay-to-play game, remember this when buying it and plan accordingly.
What does the HellsGamers guild have to offer on Illidan?
Our guild is community based and you can always find someone on during the day. We are currently a level 25 guild which gives you increased leveling experience when starting out a new character on the realm and awessome guild rewards that you can later dwell on farther into the game.
If I level my character on WoW, will I be alone?
No. Just ask for help, we always will help a fellow guild member level through the more difficult and the not so difficult parts of the games. Power leveling through dungeons is also an option.
Once I get level 90, can I start to raid with the guild?
Yes and no, raiding requires a certain item level and you should know how to do some of the fights. We offer help in getting all gear needed to start doing Looking for Raids and later will be doing regular 10 man raids with the guild. We welcome anyone to raid with us and will be glad to show anyone how to do raid bosses that they may not know how to do.
If you want to buy the game for the first time, REMEMBER: there is an option for Recruit-A-Friend. Pick someone in the guild (if you need help with this just ask on the forums) to help you. The benefits with Recruit-A-Friend are substantial!! You gain experience VERY fast while leveling with your "big brother" to 80.
If you own the games but haven't played in awhile, please ask for a scroll of resurection which gives you an option to have an instant level 80 of any class or a transfer to our server if you are not currently on it. Both are very awesome choices. Don't want to move your high level character from their current realm? Get an instant level 80 of any class on our server.
Type /who HellsGamers when on our realm: Illidan to see who is currently online and can invite you to the guild at level 10.
------------ OR -------------
Add me to friends, Moothepriest, or private message me on the forums and I'll help you get through any obstacles that you may run into.

Tf2's Goal And Direction

TF2 needs to revamp itself if it wants to stay relevant. We need to be more active and part of our goal and direction moving forward into 2013 is to get our community excited again and keep things interesting and alive.

We were discussing where we want this division to go in teamspeak. And to sum up everything and keep our goal simple, we need to start to get our community more active. I realize that the inactivity of late isn't really the community's fault. Times change, we've had several server problems, vip has been broken, and trust has been lost.
But if we want to keep this division and wonderful community alive and strong we need to get our community active again.
How do we increase the activity of our community?
More Events
Revamp VIP
VIP Giveaways
Server Navigation from server to server. (basically if i'm in trade I can go to a game server)
Unusual Hat effects for VIP (per digital)

Holiday Game Giveaway

To spread christmas/kwanza/hanukkah joy I'm going to be giving away 2 games.
There will be two winners: One random winner will be chosen from all the repliers using a randomizer and the other will be whoever has the most +'s on their reply (probably by making a funny comment or something. you'll figure something out)
The two winners will be able to choose any game they like that's available on steam. It will be two winners no matter what so if you have the most +'s, you won't be entered into the randomizer.
I might change my mind about this but for now, only one post per player.
-hg- through [C] only
Contest will end on 12-21-12

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