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New Council Members:
New Staff Manager:
New Upper Staff Members:
New Staff Members:
Congratulations to all of you!

[NEW] 24/7 Pistol DEATHMATCH!

SERVER IP: connect
Come join the fun! Will be lots of fun! There will be an event with this server, so don't you worry!
SERVER IP: connect
SERVER IP: connect

Community Events

New and exciting things going on in HellsGamers, it's time you got involved with the community!
We have formed a leadership of Event Managers to create new and exciting events for the community to get together and participate in. We ask you to come and join the fun.
Events are posted on the HG Calendar and Community Events forum. View a scheduled event to add your comments and RSVP if you can attend!
We are always open to ideas for new community events. If you have a suggestion, contact one of the Event Managers [M] by PM or Ventrilo.
All events are open to the public unless otherwise specified in the event description. Just be prepared to meet in the HG Ventrilo to attend.
All -hg-, [HG], and HG | need to participate in clan events.
Subscribe to Community Event notifications
Example: https://hellsgamers.com/threads/31182-Dust-or-Bust!-09-25-2010

HG Premium

HeLLsGamers wants to give YOU more! That's why we've developed one basic package made affordable for everyone with tons of great features.
<img src="/images/premium/gold_373737.gif" align="left" />With HeLLsGamers premium you get VIP access to all VIP-enabled HG servers (currently, most CS:S and TF2 servers). Considering we currently host some of the most popular servers in the entire world, this is quite a deal! With premium access you are also eligible for free giveaways in the VIP private forum. The more premium signups the bigger the giveaways! HG Premium is packed with many features across our website and game servers, with more to come. HG Premium was created to be affordable for everyone that enjoys playing in our servers.
Signup for Premium and know your support is making HeLLsGamers one of the biggest multi-gaming communities in the world!
More information visit: https://hellsgamers.com/premium

The FIRST ever Hidden:Source CS:S Port is here!

The Hidden:Source has a gameplay of cat and mouse...except the cat is almost invisible and the mice have guns. You can barely see what's trying to kill you...you'll think you saw something but did you? Use teamwork to kill The Hidden or run away to save your own life. Choose a class, each having it's own unique specializations. Can you spot the Hidden and take him out? Or will he take you out as soon as he spots you?
Classes: Assault, Support, Recon, Scientist
Enemy: The Hidden
For more information on this port, please visit https://hellsgamers.com/threads/28422-The-Hidden-Source-Port-BETA-Released
This is a custom CS:S version of the original HL2 Mod "The Hidden:Source" that was developed by http://www.calibre-studios.co.uk at http://www.hidden-source.com

[NEW] 24/7 Dust2 Unlimited Deathmatch

This map is simply a remake of de_dust2; this map involves opening up new areas contained inside the existing map, and expanding its boundaries past the originals.
<a href="http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/" target="_blank"><img src="http://cache.www.gametracker.com/server_info/" border="0" width="350" height="20" alt=""/></a>
Please Help Populate!
gameME Stats

fpsbanana link

[NEW] TF2 Server Jump Maps

The 411 on jumping.
<a href="http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/" target="_blank"><img src="http://cache.www.gametracker.com/server_info/" border="0" width="350" height="20" alt=""/></a>
In-Game Commands:

jm_help: Show the help msg
jm_saveloc: Save the current position
jm_resetloc: Reset the saved position
jm_teleport: Teleport to the saved position
jm_ressuply: Ressuply the player ammo


July 2010 Roster Clean Up

EDIT: The Clean up is done. Ty to Master and Soccer
Its about that time to clear up our inactive.
The Following recruits are being demoted for not being active in 30 days.
-hg- '> x <'
-hg- ½MAN
-hg- Aaaaflasd
-hg- Acer
-hg- Afreakin Ambush
-hg- bigchoochin
-hg- BornAssassin
-hg- cakedOUT
-hg- Cam.
-hg- Dameon
-hg- DarK*[A]cE
-hg- darkkiller
-hg- Death4Life
-hg- Dewzer
-hg- Diablo
-hg- dmZ
-hg- Doctor Who
-hg- EmoHero
-hg- empreme (rawr)
-hg- Frankie
-hg- JI-porto
-hg- JZoreo
-hg- Kasparas.S94
-hg- KermoCo.
-hg- Knoodle
-hg- KriznY
-hg- Leeroy
-hg- Lightrune46
-hg- Machiavelli
-hg- madmac2u
-hg- Malcombb
-hg- Maxx
-hg- Mindcrush
-hg- Mistah Johnson
-hg- Monsta
-hg- Moose
-hg- Mr. Wookie
-hg- N-Oxide
-hg- n0ne
-hg- nameless
-hg- Nasty
-hg- NickXD
-hg- Nighte
-hg- Nomnomnom2
-hg- NoobySaurusRexx
-hg- Phæthon[☢-☣] Smoof
-hg- pivotlord
-hg- pnazzy
-hg- RaZoR-
-hg- React
-hg- red_gangsta
-hg- Rioas
-hg- saysell
-hg- seth117
-hg- shellshockerakn
-hg- Snipester
-hg- Snipsnap
-hg- SpiritoftheWolf
-hg- spyder monkey
-hg- swat251
-hg- TacticalHijack
-hg- Technine
-hg- theblackjesus
-hg- theJOKER
-hg- Thor132
-hg- ThriceCreamMan
-hg- Thunder
-hg- Tim osman
-hg- tru619
-hg- Turkey Sandvich
-hg- Tweakie
-hg- Tyler726
-hg- Undead_lumberjack
-hg- Unified
-hg- unvlilc
-hg- vajonah
-hg- Vannie
-hg- Viiqupaen
-hg- voluME
-hg- Vulpix
-hg- wildcard
-hg- Winzar
-hg- XaviorPenguin
-hg- Xhizors
-hg- ZachG
-hg- Zeb.
-hg- zild3d
The Following members are being demoted for not being active in 60 days.
[HG] [proto]
[HG] Apocolyptica
[HG] articone
[HG] Dj_Karl
[HG] F34rtheV3n0m
[HG] Faerne[HG] Henry
[HG] like a boss
[HG] Magic of Macys
[HG] mangled
[HG] P!G FaT
[HG] Parad0x.
[HG] Phobos
[HG] Riddler
[HG] Sarotti
[HG] SniperWolfMGS
[HG] Tim
[HG] Toilet DUck
[HG] Wyatt
If you see anything wrong with this, please post here
They will be demoted later tonight.
I would also like to thank Lackadaisical, Clams, Pwned, and SyNc! They deserve a huge TY for helping me with the roster clean up. jjk is a pretty cool guy.

The new site makeover.

As you all have surely noticed, HeLLsGamers got a nice cosmetic upgrade. However, we are still learning the aspects to the new vBulletin, so expect a few errors here and there. If there is anything out of place or otherwise not working, respond here. Any other replies beyond a bug report will be deleted, so we can keep track of what needs fixing.
Things we are aware of:
Internet Explorer 7 displaying the top left logo oddly - FIXED
T-List mySQL error - FIXED
Contact us Button on top bar leads nowhere - FIXED
Digg button broken - FIXED
Thread prefix tool for moderators missing - FIXED

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