Merry Xmas or whatever holiday you do or don't celebrate. Moi Moi We have some holiday cheering going around HG today and through the end of the year!  2x ZS points is still going on, and theres already an event running for it CSGO JB is back up with a xmas themed map, with the repmas tree enabled So for the raffle... You must send me a screenshot as a pm on the forums or send it to me if I'm active on TS of you either playing ZS or JB during the holiday celebrations. You can do this now through the Jan 1st. The screenshot must be new. Any entries from ZS will also count towards receiving the ZS badge for the ongoing event.  If you play on both a send a screenshot of both, that is TWO entries. Must be recruit or above! The Prize Any Steam game $10 USD or below of the winner's choosing. The Steam sale is going through the 3rd of Jan so there's alot of games for cheap right now!    

Some holiday things are going on in HG