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Connect and play V7 now live and playable on JB

Remade from the ground up

The new version of the JB map is here, in a lot of ways it’s still the same map but there's been quite a bit changed. Really everything has changed in a way because Icaema has spent the past few months remaking and improving the JB map from the ground up. His work has made the maps file size a fraction of what it used to be. It performs better in most areas, and overall looks better than we could manage with the previous hand me down version we had to work with. For the past few years I’ve been working with a fairly busted version of the map that started out very flawed before I started fixing it and a lot of it’s issues were unfixable unless we started from scratch. Going forward the map will be a lot easier to work on, which means easier updates going forward. Most of the work was done by Icaema, and it was ALOT of work. A fair amount of the cosmetic improvements and adjustments were made by me. Aside from Icaema a lot of HGs leadership and members/mods helped out getting it tested and providing feedback. Below are some highlights of the changes via screenshots. But everything you see below isn’t all that was changed, because there’s ALOT.











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