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Subsized Healthcare & Education, American, Not Socialism

Posted by BOSCH , 23 November 2015 · 1,259 views

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27th April, 2015

The inception of material wealth has always caused selfishness and greed, and around that corner we have thirst for power. Threw out the ages we have vast instances of this great hording unfolding in every civilization. What they tell us is the United States is a Capitalist government, and the possibility of subsidized Healthcare and College Education is socialism/communism there for bad. When in fact, these programs we should be supporting as Americans we should have the right to alleviate the financial burden that comes with Healthcare and Education. Why wouldn't it make sense, the more educated, healthy Americans there are the better, and the more prosperous our country becomes as a result of such initiatives. As Americans, our system should be setup to benefit Americans with healthcare and education so we prosper. With such a plan immigrants should be allowed better healthcare as well as their children and schooling for their children. Along with raising minimum wage so that people do not have to lived below the poverty line working 40-50hrs a week and still barely caring on. I salute those individuals for doing what they had to do for themselves and their families, not it is time to reward them. Corporate tax is only 1%, we should raise it to 16%. and that is alot less than what many more are calling for. With 16% we could pay for healthcare and we wouldn't be going broke paying for medications at the pharmacies. With the other part of the income we could do so much for the children in the United States, with more equipment, facilities, more incentive for teachers. Also giving teachers a higher wage.


Thank you to everyone who read my blog.

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