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The First Blog Post Of Many! As We Look Forward To The Next Update...

Posted by SKay , 23 February 2016 · 1,502 views

Jailbreakers rejoice! Your potato lord is among you pagans that refuse to believe in the rebellious nature of our cause! Aside from the jokes, welcome to the very first blog post! Hopefully this will provide the format that the rest will follow! So let's get down to business and show you what I've personally been working on, my thoughts on certain issues among other things:

Upcoming update

A lot will be coming into the next update. Hoping that I can at least fulfill most of what I promised in the last CS:GO fireside chat, I've given myself a good amount of time to get things right without having a lot of "oh whoops" moments as we discover that I may have left one too many bugs in. To this end, while the development of the last update to bring the map out of the beta, the CS:GO JB development team size has increased from 1 to 2, with the help of PureMindless. So now you can spam him with all the problems that the map has instead :^). I do want to take this time to thank him for helping me out when I most needed the help. It dug my arse out of the hole I fell into and basically finally brought the map out of the beta it had been in for the longest time.

Texture and Model Overhaul

With the release of the proper map to our server, it allowed me time to sit down and take a look at bringing forward problems that lagged behind on a personal level. One of these problems for me specifically was the texture pallet that some of the areas used. Main cells was the biggest area of these, and quite honestly was an area I never liked the texturing for as it reminded me too much of the very old CSS Jailbreak map that had very dull texturing. When the Newke dropped in the latest Operation, I decided it was time to take another look at the old textures the map still has and took a pass at it. With the nice lighting that is now in CSGO, it should provide a nice picture for you :

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Along with this, the models will also be brought forward in time, starting with the main cells. The props in the cells were old, hard to work with and took up more space within the packed map (since they had to be packed as they were not native to the CSGO HL2 partition) and so they have now been replaced with new, nice to look at models :

Posted Image

This coinciding with the texture overhaul will hopefully breathe a new, improved and 2.0 experience that everyone (including me) wants to play in.

Deathrun and Slide

Unfortunately, while we don't have pictures as of yet of any WIP, I can confirm I will be working on Slide (after promising it'll be in JB since go_14) while PureMindless is taking Deathrun head on. For Deathrun, we're hoping to have a short yet intense experience where there are more trap real estate per measurable distance. For slide, we will most likely have a kill switch so if a lead CT decides, the barriers on slide instead of teleporting you back to the start will kill you, giving you an adrenaline rush while you slip to your death.

Alternate Obs Courses

This for me is the most interesting portion of the upcoming update, as it brings the oldest element of Jailbreak up to speed with the rest of the prison by giving it two new courses with a new course being added every major update. In other words, this update will allow lead CT's to choose what course they want T's to complete for Obs, which will be between the Classic Obs and two new Obs courses. Cool beans!

That's all I have for this first blog post. It may not be much, but I hope you do appreciate it!

Until we !fire Suicide again,

- SKay

ooo hardwood. I assumed this was ZS related when I saw Get Hammer'd ):

Feb 23 2016 6:06 PM
Meesa Like
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The Governor
Feb 23 2016 6:24 PM
Cells making me cream.

The Empathetic Peacemaker
Feb 25 2016 12:58 PM
The alternating obs coursee is a really nice addition. Those will make for creative days

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