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    From Acquaintances To Dear Friends
    HG | BOSCH

          When I first joined HeLLsGamers I was hesitant about posting on the forums, even on TeamSpeak3 in my first six months, I wasn't sure if people would accept me and I would be able to engage with the community. Slowly but surely, starting with the person who recruited me, Crucible, I began to show more of my personality.

          Within the first two years I became quite vulgar, something I am not proud of, but I believe in being forth right and up front so that the experience although negative still had value when one acknowledges and learns from one's mistakes. From that something special happened in those first two years, although I was being foolish at times, I would end up developing some true and honest friendships that last even still to this day.

          That is why I am writing this, for the newer members and recruits, so they understand why HeLLsGamers is such a wonderful community. If you can check your ego at the door you will find some very interesting and perpetually hilarious individuals. As long as your honest you will really enjoy the community. Even if you make mistakes and find yourself punished in some way, it isn't the end for you. The main thing is what I referenced earlier, honesty. I am not saying it will get you out of trouble! Honesty is important because you have to accept your guilt. We all make mistakes, but whats important is how you deal with it. If you know you broke a rule no matter the context accept it and explain why, but don't push falsehoods, but rather the logic you were working under at the time of your infraction. Whatever the punishment is, accept it, we must accept the consequences and avoid holding grudges with others. It is paramount for us to not get angry or upset, it isn't the end of the world, and it is something to learn from to help you on how you conduct yourself in the future. But do not resign because no one wants anyone to leave, even if they have got into some trouble, we are a positive community, who many wouldn't mind being that shoulder to lean on, that ear to listen to ones problems.

          The HeLLsGamers community is built on acquaintances who love games coming together to have fun, but you will find soon those people become dear friends, and what grows from that is the want to enjoy one an others company. That is the beauty of our community, HeLLsGamers.

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    Got promoted to Director a few hours ago, got banned from TS from a few leadership as a joke but nothing much that I can't handle.

    Everything is going well for me so far, really liking this community!

    - B.

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    Shoutout to subway for supplying me with most of the footlongs I need in my life.


    pls subscribe to my blog 4 more content ty :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:

  1. The third match of the Major has just finished.


    With four confusing win streaks of five or six rounds by either team abruptly ending with another by the opposite, FaZe Clan came out on top winning both halves 8-7 and taking their first win from Liquid 16-14.


    FaZe Liquid

    8 8 16 Final 14 7 7

    CT T T CT

  2. Jxhn
    Latest Entry

    I haven't seen a guide on the forums about BBCode so I decided to make one.


    To access a list of options for BBCode, click the button that looks like this: e4a8b5f1494000bc723bf183394c4077.png


    Acronyms - Allow you to put an acronym and add a description to it.

    Example: lol this feature is cool


    Admin - Allows you to post content in a post that is only viewable by admins.




    This content is only available to admins


    [admin] (Content here) [/admin]


    Background Color - Changes the background color of your text.

    Example - what's up bishes

    Code -

    [background='(insert color here)'] (Text here) [/background] 


    Blog Entry Link - Allows you to easily link other's blog posts.

    Example - Battle for the net

    Code -

    [entry='(Entry ID)'] (Link Name) [/entry]


    Blog Link - Allows you to link other's blogs.

    Example - JHnY HaYZ's Blog

    Code -

    [blog='(Blog ID)'](Link Name)[/blog]


    Code - Allows you to place code without accidentally using BBCode.

    Example -

    // As you can see, I can put [spoiler='hey']hey again[/spoiler] tags
    // without the code actually fuctioning!


    CollegeHumor - Allows you to embed CollegeHumor videos

    Example -

    Not gonna bother with giving the code since to my knowledge this BBCode is broken.


    Extract Blog Entry - This allows people posting to their blogs to customize what shows in RSS feeds.

    I can't provide an example, but basically if you have something that shows you your blog's RSS feeds, use this BBCode to customize what part of the post is shown in the feed. I am not sure if this is required for it to work with the RSS feed, though.

    Code -

     [extract]Jxhn's BBCode Guide[/extract] 


    Facebook Like - Allows people to like stuff on Facebook (Just HG it seems)

    Example - Like this status I made on Facebook!

    Seems to only work with HG's FB page or maybe just not with statuses.

    Code -

    [LIKE](Link to Facebook Page)[/LIKE]


    Horizontal Rule - Adds a horizontal rule, as it says.

    Code -



    HTML Code - Allows you to enter HTML code.

    No example because I don't know HTML

    Code -

    [html](Code goes here)[/html]


    Justin.tv - Twitch replacement

    No example because I probably shouldn't embed a random cartoon on HG

    Code -

    [twitch](Link to the video/stream here)[/twitch]

    Not sure if this is for a seperate website or twitch actually...


    Media - Allows users to post media such as flash related stuff from lots of websites.

    No example.

    Code -

    [media='(Dimensions go here if it is in flash)'](URL to the media here)[/media]


    Member - Quick link to a member on this website!

    Example -

    Code -

    [member='(Member name here)']


    Multi-Page Articles - Allow users to make post that have multiple pages! (Broken)

    No example so I don't mess up this long post.

    Code -



    To my knowledge, you can put this code anywhere you want to create a page break (will generate buttons to navigate between pages)


    Ninja - Hides text until you click a button.

    Example -

    Ayy pizza rolls

    Code -

    [ninja](Text to be masked)[/ninja]


    PHP Code - Allows you to enter PHP code on a post.

    No example since I don't know PHP.

    Code -

    [php](PHP Code goes here)[/php]


    Post Link - A link to any post on this site!

    Example - Current CS:GO moderators

    Code -

    [post='(Post ID here)'](Title of the link)[/post]


    Spoiler - Allows you to click a button before viewing parts of a post.

    Example - [spoiler=It's everyday bro]With the Disney channel flowExample - [spoiler=It's everyday bro]With the Disney channel flowExample - [spoiler=It's everyday bro]With the Disney channel flow


    Code -

    [spoiler='(Title for the spoiler, optional)'](Text to be masked)[/spoiler]


    SQL Code - Allows you to enter SQL code on a post.

    Example -

    UPDATE bans SET approved = 'true', duration = '0', locked = 'true' WHERE steamid ="1:108614469'

    Code -

    [sql](SQL Code Here)[/sql]


    Steam Profile - Allows you to show a Steam profile on a post

    Example - STEAM_0:1:108614469.png

    Code -

    [steamprofile](Steam ID here)[/steamprofile]


    Topic Link - Allows you to create links to topics on HG forums!

    Example - How'd You Come Across HG?

    Code -

    [topic='(Topic ID here)'](Title for the link here)[/topic]


    Twitter - A way to plug your Twitter on HG!

    Example - @ExpertGamerJohn

    Code -

    [twitter](Twitter username here)[/twitter]


    Username - A link to a user's profile

    Example - Jxhn

    Code -

    [user](User's display name here)[user]


    XML Code - Allows you to put XML code on a post.

    No example since I don't know XML.

    Code -

    [xml](XML Code here)[/xml]



    SQL Example contributed by Pyrrhic

    XML Example contributed by Pyrrhic

    HTML Example contributed by Pyrrhic

    PHP Example contributed by imasonaz


    Source: Bbcode Guide

  3. blog-0546568001499772296.gif

    EuroMillions is a lottery game played throughout Europe by taking part countries, consisting of The UK, Spain, Belgium, France, Austria, Ireland, Portugal, Switzerland, and also Luxembourg. The lottery game prizes can grow to huge amounts, with the most significant, up until now, being a 110 Million Euro prize won by one ticket holder in Spain. That's $153,462,753 USD! It's not surprising that individuals want to win it. Continue reading totally free tips as well as recommendations on how you can win the EuroMillions lotto.


    The major barrier to winning EuroMillions is the odds. To win the prize, you have to match 5 numbers plus 2 lucky celebrity numbers. The chances of striking all of them are an incredible 1-in-76-million. You most likely assume you have no opportunity after listening to those probabilities currently, do you? Yet there are ways of lowering the chances. For instance, allow's state you acquire 10 tickets for a particular draw. That would certainly reduce the probabilities of winning to 1-in-7.6-million. That's rather a distinction, right?


    However of course, everybody recognizes that buying more tickets will certainly raise your odds of winning the EuroMillions lottery. It's just that buying even more tickets is pricey. So my best cost-free suggestions would be to join or create a lotto game swimming pool. Allow's claim that there are 10 people in your lottery game pool and each member purchases 10 tickets. That would be 100 tickets for a certain draw. Do you understand what your chances would be if you were to do this? The odds would drop to 1-in-760,000. That's a great deal much more workable compared to 1-in-176-million and that would make you a whole lot more probable to win a Euromillions online jackpot. Also splitting it 10 means wouldn't be so negative as a result of the big quantities of the rewards.


    There are several, supposed, lottery pundits out there that might aim to provide you there own totally free pointers as well as recommendations on winning the EuroMillions lotto jackpot like picking all weird numbers or various other foolish strategies. However a lot of those do not function. The most effective means to win is to purchase even more tickets and the most effective method to do that is to buy the tickets via a lottery game pool.

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    The Peacemaker
    Latest Entry



    [the spiderman image was attached via a url; the testing image is the entry image]


  4. blog-0448474001458193032.jpg

    Smartphones were just the beginning of a huge industry of smart products and wearable technology. We may not have known it when they first came out, but they have become the center hub for everything in our lives. With such powerful technology at our fingertips, it just makes sense that we would start creating more products to tap into that technology and make things a little easier for us.


    All started with smartwatches


    The first of wearable technology to come out was the smartwatch. Intended to be a quick access to your phone that doubles as a fitness tracker, there is huge potential for growth in the segment. Many companies are experimenting with added all kinds of features to smartwatches to help make everyday life just a little easier. There are applications for businesses, parents, law enforcement, and more. Businesses can use them to keep in close contact with their employees and to quickly get out information in the event of an emergency. Parents can use them to track the location of their kids, which could be especially helpful in the event of a kidnapping. They may even potentially be used with prisoners and ex-cons on parole in order to check up on their location and monitor their use of drugs or alcohol. It is truly amazing the technology that can be put into a smartwatch and then monitored easily through smartphone apps.


    Moving into glasses


    The next big segment seems to be glasses. Google glasses have already been announced and tested, but they haven’t hit the market hard. They are hoping to get to the point where the glasses can record information, analyze what is being seen, and even be used to recognize names and information about people you meet. Unfortunately, they are hideous, and Google has a long way to go, but it looks like the company may be facing some tough competition.


    Though it is still just a rumor, Snapchat may be looking to create its own smart glasses. Though it is anticipated this kind of product would be more of a use in social media contexts, the $16 billion company might be on to something and may even beat Google to the punch. According to Tech Crunch, it is unclear whether or not this is really the end goal for Snapchat, but it is looking like a real possibility given the company has purchased Vergence Labs, known for having created smart glasses with an embedded camera, and it has shown a lot of interest in augmented reality. Only time will tell where this is headed, but maybe it is good that Google is starting to face some real competition.


    All leading back to smartphones


    Of course, none of these technologies would be able to work correctly without a smartphone, which means people are going to become more dependent on smartphones than ever. Your business should be making attempts and preparations to take advantage of smartphone technology. It is easier than ever to market to customers who are constantly connected, so get on board and kick your mobile marketing plans into high gear.


    Mobile Technology News brought to you by biztexter.com

    Source: techcrunch.com/2016/03/11/snapchat-has-a-secret-team-possibly-building-a-pair-of-smart-glasses/

  5. blog-0075704001457933481.jpg

    For centuries, humans have given a lot of thought to what separates them from the animals. Though there are a lot of differences between us and animals, many argue that it is our superior reasoning abilities that truly sets us apart. In more recent years, we’ve turned our attention to what distinguishes humans from machines. In a short amount of time, artificial intelligence science has advanced so quickly that computers now seem more human than ever. The greatest obstacle in creating artificial intelligence is not creating something intelligent. The challenge is creating something that seems human. Throughout the short history of artificial intelligence science, a number of tests have been proposed that will differentiate between true artificial intelligence and a wannabe.


    The Turing Test


    Alan Turing, a British code breaker who inspired the movie The Imitation Game, was one of the pioneers of artificial intelligence science. He proposed a test he called the imitation game, later renamed the Turing Test, that would distinguish whether a machine could be said to be artificially intelligent. The test is simple in concept but extremely difficult to actually pass. The test works by having a machine carry on a conversation with a human acting as judge. If the human cannot distinguish a machine from a human through conversation alone (the human doesn’t get to see the machine so it doesn’t have to look human) then it is said to have passed the Turing Test.


    Tricking the Turing Test


    What Alan Turing couldn’t have predicted is the devious nature of computer programmers who would set out to devise a machine that could trick his test rather than embody true artificial intelligence. Only in the last couple of years have machines been able to trick human judges into believing they’re carrying on a conversation with another human. The problem with these machines is they can do one thing, and one thing only.


    The Lovelace Test


    Now that the Turing Test has been bested, a test proposed in 2001 by Selmer Bringsjord, Paul Bello, and David Ferrucci called the Lovelace Test is being used to distinguish man from machine. For the Lovelace Test, a human judge asks an artificially intelligence machine to create some piece of art, either a poem, story, or picture. Next the human judge gives a criterion, for example, write a poem about a cat. If a machine can follow this direction, it’s said to be sufficiently human.


    What about empathy?


    Recently, there has been some thought about what society really wants out of an artificially intelligent machine. It’s great if they can carry on a conversation or produce art, but what about those human emotions that set us apart from machines. In a recent panel discussion at Robotronica 2015, panelists discussed what human emotions it would be important for artificial intelligence to obtain. Empathy was first on the list. If a machine could feel empathy, humans won’t need to fear artificial intelligence as we tend to do.


    Artificial Intelligence News brought to you by artificialbrilliance.com

    Source: phys.org/news/2015-08-human-emotions-artificial-intelligence.html

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    Jailbreakers rejoice! Your potato lord is among you pagans that refuse to believe in the rebellious nature of our cause! Aside from the jokes, welcome to the very first blog post! Hopefully this will provide the format that the rest will follow! So let's get down to business and show you what I've personally been working on, my thoughts on certain issues among other things:


    Upcoming update


    A lot will be coming into the next update. Hoping that I can at least fulfill most of what I promised in the last CS:GO fireside chat, I've given myself a good amount of time to get things right without having a lot of "oh whoops" moments as we discover that I may have left one too many bugs in. To this end, while the development of the last update to bring the map out of the beta, the CS:GO JB development team size has increased from 1 to 2, with the help of PureMindless. So now you can spam him with all the problems that the map has instead :^). I do want to take this time to thank him for helping me out when I most needed the help. It dug my arse out of the hole I fell into and basically finally brought the map out of the beta it had been in for the longest time.


    Texture and Model Overhaul


    With the release of the proper map to our server, it allowed me time to sit down and take a look at bringing forward problems that lagged behind on a personal level. One of these problems for me specifically was the texture pallet that some of the areas used. Main cells was the biggest area of these, and quite honestly was an area I never liked the texturing for as it reminded me too much of the very old CSS Jailbreak map that had very dull texturing. When the Newke dropped in the latest Operation, I decided it was time to take another look at the old textures the map still has and took a pass at it. With the nice lighting that is now in CSGO, it should provide a nice picture for you :








    Along with this, the models will also be brought forward in time, starting with the main cells. The props in the cells were old, hard to work with and took up more space within the packed map (since they had to be packed as they were not native to the CSGO HL2 partition) and so they have now been replaced with new, nice to look at models :




    This coinciding with the texture overhaul will hopefully breathe a new, improved and 2.0 experience that everyone (including me) wants to play in.


    Deathrun and Slide


    Unfortunately, while we don't have pictures as of yet of any WIP, I can confirm I will be working on Slide (after promising it'll be in JB since go_14) while PureMindless is taking Deathrun head on. For Deathrun, we're hoping to have a short yet intense experience where there are more trap real estate per measurable distance. For slide, we will most likely have a kill switch so if a lead CT decides, the barriers on slide instead of teleporting you back to the start will kill you, giving you an adrenaline rush while you slip to your death.


    Alternate Obs Courses


    This for me is the most interesting portion of the upcoming update, as it brings the oldest element of Jailbreak up to speed with the rest of the prison by giving it two new courses with a new course being added every major update. In other words, this update will allow lead CT's to choose what course they want T's to complete for Obs, which will be between the Classic Obs and two new Obs courses. Cool beans!


    That's all I have for this first blog post. It may not be much, but I hope you do appreciate it!


    Until we !fire Suicide again,


    - SKay

  6. Burnt
    Latest Entry

    Sorry for not posting daily like I said I would but here it goes. Today I decided to continue learning to code for SM. Shoutout to Icon for the help fam. Other than that I hadn't really touched Jailbreak in the past few days for more than a few rounds. I did however have an odd dream which I included in a post conveniently posted the same day that I both remember my dream and hate it lol. Besides coding and Jailbreak I spent an increased amount of time in Minigames for once which was a mistake as every 10 seconds I was asked to re-add Fuster Cluck which I do not want to do (yay Minigames). I should probably beat more games now since I have summer vacation, like FarCry 4 and the Bioshock series (already beat Infinite and am working on game 1). Also need to beat Dragon Age Inquisition as it is an amazing game, other than that there isn't much to say. Hope you guys had a good weekend, now its time to not starve along with Huejay, MizzMadelyne, and blue.

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  7. Research by Newzoo revealed that mobile games will outsell consoles this year, especially with the increase in the ownership of smartphones. Mobile devices’ capability to connect to Wi-Fi and data connection also led to a higher consumption of mobile games, particularly multi-player titles.


    Multi-player games are now more engaging to play on smartphones, as many devices are built with HD screens, powerful graphics and processing chipsets, and sound systems. Apart from Samsung, another Android many other contenders appear to provide powerful features for mobile gamers. The smartphone resource page on O2 noted that the HTC One M9 comes with a 5-inch full HD screen with two front-facing speakers that use Dolby Audio surround sound system, and has a longer battery life of up to 21.7 hours talk time. These are just some of the features that will help you get the most out of your mobile gaming experience.


    With a powerful handset, the only thing left is an exciting multi-player game. Here is a list of the ten top multi-player titles for Android smartphone gamers this year.


    1. Clash of Clans (COC) – It is one of the most popular MMOGs (massive multi-player online games) today. Although it has a single player mode, COC is more interactive and fun when you join with friends and fight against them and other teams.

    2. World at Arms – Set in a modern-war era, the World at Arms is a strategy game where you need to fight against enemies underwater, on land, and up in the air once you have upgraded your armies.

    3. Respawnables – The title is a third-person shooter with a fast-paced setting. You are required to shoot other players from the other camp (option of Red and Blue camps). Upgrade weapons and accessories to defeat more goons.

    4. Dungeon Hunter 4 – A free game from Gameloft, the Dungeon Hunter 4 is a RPG (role playing game) title with decent graphics, engaging long story, and hack-and-slash game play mechanics. The online mode of Dungeon Hunter 4 includes a co-op mode to play with friends, PVP mode to fight with other players, and option to team up with other gamers to compete in death matches.

    5. Modern Combat 5: Blackout – The latest version of the popular Modern Combat series offers players with a complete graphic overhaul, new campaign, more weapons, and engaging multi-player mode. Developers also added a leaderboard to rank players online, which made the title more interesting and engaging.

    6. Real Boxing – With good graphics, this boxing game is more exciting and fun when played with other boxing enthusiasts online. Create your own boxer with several character customization options. There is a weekly tournament and a social panel where you can interact with other players.

    7. Asphalt 8: Airborne – One of the most graphic-intensive games, the Asphalt 8 allows players to race with up to eight gamers online in real-time. Ghost challenges are also available where you can challenge other games anonymously based on their best time on the track.

    8. Ingress – The augmented reality strategy game engages players in a teamwork effort where they can either be the Resistance or the Enlightened. Gamers will have to take or defend landmarks all over the world to take it on their side.

    9. Sea Battle – The Sea Battle will remind you of your childhood board game Battleships, but with new options and interactive gameplay. You are now able to fight against other players worldwide with wider arsenal, including bombers, mines, radars, and anti-aircraft defense.

    10. SimCity BuildIt – Who can forget The Sims? Now, this title offers more stunning 3D graphics and interactive multi-player option. Your initial order of business is to build your unique city where citizens will vie to move in. The aim is to make your city larger with more establishments to keep the citizens.


    This list will be updated as we go along. Stay tuned here!

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    Stayed at school all night. Tired as shit. Went purely cause my "friends" were going.


    This is what you expect from a night like this:

    • Your best friend will make out with the girl you like, who also happens to be a very good friend.
    • No one will stop talking about the above fact.
    • A freshman will step on your laptop, snapping your headphones and jamming the headphone jack.
    • You will be woken up by a teacher stepping on you.
    • Your "friends" will look straight past you and pretend you don't exist. You know that "If you didn't go to the party, would you be missed" question? Well yea, no point going.
    • You will feel like you're about to throw up at around 3 o'clock.
    • You will drink too much soda, your penis will hurt.
    • Many times you will talk to people infront of you, and they will *Not hear you*.
    • You will be woken up by the police officer shining his flashlight in your eyes.


    Overall, a pretty shitty night.



    I would say goodnight cause ima sleep for a few hours now.....so good morning....



  8. Possibly the most iconic woman in antiquity, Cleopatra has captured the imagination of the world for centuries. She is now capturing the imagination of casino players in one of the most popular online slot games of all time. But who is this woman? And does she deserve to be immortalised in the famous cleopatra slot game?


    Cleopatra was an Egyptian Pharaoh who ruled Egypt from 51 – 30 BC. She is famous for many things, notably being one of the few female rulers of antiquity and for having been the lover of both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony (amongst others). She ruled at a time when there was much strife between the Roman Empire and Egypt, with the former being on the ascendancy and the latter slipping into decline. Through her guile and seductiveness she was able to hold back the Roman Empire from taking over Egypt – for a while anyway.


    More than a Bride – everyone loved Cleopatra


    Marriage-minded Cleopatra wedded both her brothers – as was the custom in Egypt at the time. She had an affair with Julius Caesar and bore him a son. But her true love – as the story goes – was Marc Antony, Roman General and ruler of a faction within the Roman Empire. Cleopatra had numerous affairs with Marc Antony and bore him 3 children. However, their relationship was not only about passion, it was also strategic. Marc Antony needed Cleopatra’s help as the Roman Empire was slipping into civil war after the death of Julius Caesar. Marc Antony persuaded Cleopatra to side with him against the other factions in the Roman Empire. The Roman Senate eventually declared war on Cleopatra and named Marc Antony as a traitor, when their armies were defeated they both fled back to Egypt. There they would commit suicide and thus enter into myth, and further down the line, into popular culture.


    Cleopatra has been immortalised in great works of literary fiction, from the likes of Shakespeare, George Bernard Shaw and many others. Many great artists too have tried to capture the essence of the enigmatic Cleopatra, such as Guido Cagnacci and Alexandre Cabanel. She has also famously been portrayed in the classic 1963 film ‘Cleopatra’, where she starred alongside real-life husband Richard Burton, who, somewhat fittingly, played Mark Antony.


    Cleopatra has become a by-word for grace and beauty, not to mention feminism throughout the ages. Her image is engrained upon the consciousness of society, even children know the image of the Egyptian Queen when they see it. An icon, blending myth and history together to throw up an image of feminine power and beauty.So yes, it is understandable that one of the best known casino slot games is modelled on the life one of the most celebrated women in history.

  9. I knew this before, but Stephen fry said it best.



    "Take a deck of cards and shuffle it.


    That pack of cards, believe it or not, has never before, in the history of our planet, been in that order.




    It's a simple mathematical fact. The order of cards is a gigantic number... It's a number that is known by mathematicians as "shriek;" you write it as "52!," which is 52 times 51, times 50, times 49, times 48 etc. These are all the possibilities in which a pack of cards can be, and the number is big 80,658,175,170,943,878,571,660,636,856,403,766,975,289,505,440,883,227,824,000,000,000,000 to be exact.


    That number is so big that, were you to imagine that every star in our galaxy had a trillion plantes, each with a trillion people living on them... And eacfh of these people had a trillion packs of cards, and somehow they managed to shuffle them all in a thousand times a second, and they'd been doing that since the Big Bang... They would only just now be starting to repeat shuffles. So, I can say, wiht all the mathematical certainty that is possible, that this pack of cards has never been in this order before.


    It's an absolute world first."

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    Latest Entry

    An interesting concept (philosophy) that I've been thinking and reading about recently is nihilism. It presents a pretty cynical view at times but does raise many valid points about this world.

    We all "exist" in this world. Yet... for what reason?

    Theists attribute our existence to a higher 'God' and thus our purpose is to please this said 'higher' entity.

    Atheists, on the other hand, say "this is bullshit" there is no 'God', we just simply exist for whatever reason (personal, spiritual, or whatever).

    It's interesting, yet saddening, to watch humans waste their time over figuring out whether God exists or not. I mean, I'm all for figuring out whether such an entity can 'scientifically' exist but I don't see any value in participating in such a fight that cannot be won, that does not need to be won.


    Going back to the point:

    When you map value to an entity, do you invest so much time in a single value? Do you grant it and invest into the multiple values? or do you even try granting any value to you?


    Take the term "cup", we could typically map the value of it is a 'cylindrical' object that can contain liquids; but wait... the cup has other purposes. You can use it as a carrier for pencils, pens and other things.


    So the question becomes... what is a cup? We are all taught to map values to an object. We're all told these values already exist for an object. Some aren't even correct.

    However, we all seem to hold onto that value so much that we lose the sight of it's just a term to describe matter.

    A cup can be made of paper, which at the end of the day gets decomposed or burnt.

    Consider it made of metal, when it is recycled, it's melted down into something else...


    What value do you map to your everyday objects? Do you attribute so much worth in this matter that will just go away.

    Do you know where value came from? Nothingness.

    Without nothingness, we cannot acknowledge the existence of somethingness.


    When we map a value to something, we also implicitly add negative value onto it.

    Think about it... let's take an example: 'water' . I'm not talking about the term 'water'. Let's talk about the substance in nature we map the value of 'water' to.

    Did you know that water itself does not conduct electricity? So as we learn, we map the value '~Conduct(Electricity)' to 'water'.

    We're the ones attributing this based on observation the value of what water brings in the nature of electrical conductivity.

    Interestingly enough, when you map that value, you also forget that you're also saying... ~water -> conduct(Electricity).

    since we add the value of non-conductivity to 'water', something that is not water may conduct electricity.

    Does it mean that everything that is not water conducts electricity? We pass value to the negative value of it.

    Of course not, rubber is an insulator and doesn't allow electricity to travel through. However the fact stands that when you claim a positive of something... there will ALWAYS be an opposite truth to it.


    So bring this back to the idea of nothingness and somethingness, does it really matter that somethingness exists or nothingness exists?

    When at the end of the day, we humans map values (some that don't make sense) to a material object and yet we hold onto the values and not the object itself.


    We live in a world that cares about the value of something and not the something itself. Interestingly enough we also care about the value of its opposite value more, yet the nothingness doesn't matter as much.

    We thrive to be the best even though we may not be. And when we're not, we're sad.


    So what if we're not the best, what VALUE does that bring to yourself? Do you care about the value of feeling not the best more.. or about the fact that you may not be the best?

    In any case, what matter does it bring to you? Does it bother you... that you cannot be the best? I'm sure that there will be plenty of people who will be better than you. so what? What value are you bringing into your daily life by harbouring this feelings of incongruency when it is nothingness.


    When you acknowledge that these are just values and not really the object itself, you acknowledge that it's just a feeling, just a manifestation of your ownself. Feelings are temporal. They come and go. They are unpleasant or pleasant. Feelings manifest from the inside out.


    When you submit that nothingness spawned it, why would you have to worry? Worrying is just a manifestation from nothing. Nothing is what brings you to acknowledge that something exists and vice versa, something is what brings you to acknowledge nothing exists.


    Song =3


  10. I'd like to thank @GoldenRuski for introducing me to this song, it is fucking awesome (songname-artistname)




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    how long does someone have o be a part of HG before they can be veteran status??

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    I was thinking that once my new headset arrives i might do a classic doom live stream if anyone would like to see this tell me below

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    So me and this girl went out like 10 months ago. We were together for like 6-7 months and then we broke up. Last week we started talking again and well i want to date her again. Couple days later I find out my buddy is dating her. She dose not want to break up with him because he really likes her. She wants to go out with me and i want to go out with her. I don't know what to do or tell her and dating her will hurt my buddy. What dose master do?

  11. During halloween night me and my friends were going trick or treating and I was trying to ask out one of her friends (who has a nice rack) so the whole night my friends helped me with her but she was on her period so she was bitchy the whole night. So after we went trick or treating we had to walk to her aunt's house because they were celebrating her cousins 18 birthday. So we were outside talking I was about to ask her out then there were these naked dudes running around her neighborhood butt naked. Then her dad came out (her parents are strict) so he was standing there holding his beer looking at me and it felt awkward so I just left. I was pissed because I didnt get to ask her out.



    P.S. I asked her out the next day at school and she said yes.:amazed:


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