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Event: Cs:go 2V2 Tournament!

in HG Calendar
Added by SpawnMatrix , Feb 16 2018

Taking place Feb 23 2018 (Single Day Event)


Posted Image
Credit to Scrubbubbles for making the graphics.

Host: [HG] SpawnMatrix [S]

  • Date: 2/23/2018 - 2/24/2018 (If needed)
  • Time: 7PM EST, 6PM Central, 4PM Pacific
  • Server: CS:GO Pug Server, modified for event.
  • Please be in our Teamspeak 3 server 30 minutes before the event!
  • Both the server's IP and password will be given out in Teamspeak 3 (voice.hellsgamers.com:2012)
OBJECTIVE/How to play
  • Grab your partner and go against another team of 2, defeat your way through all the teams to earn a prize!
  • To be able to participate in an event, you will need to find a partner of your choosing. If you cannot find a partner, join teamspeak an hour before the event and we will try to get you matched with someone.
  • In order the win you will need to eliminate the other team, or plant/defuse the bomb. Just like a matchmaking game, or a pug.
  • Have fun!
  • Wingman maps
  • Everyone is welcome! From Friend of HG to [C]!
  • NO cheats, exploits, glitching, or 3rd party tools that give you an unfair advantage over other players.
  • NO ghosting.
  • DO NOT be disrespectful.
  • NO sexual harassment of female players.
  • DO NOT be racist or use racist terms.
  • NO useless spamming of the mic, text, or radio. That means no songs/soundbytes, especially if fellow players are complaining.
  • NO recruiting or advertising for other clans in here.
  • DO NOT wear the -hg- / [HG] / HG | tag unless you are an HG member!
  • NO name impersonation of ANYONE.
  • If you are caught trying to crash or lag the server you will be permanently banned.
Prizes will be awarded to the team that makes it to the end. 1st and 2nd place.
FIRST: Gold account (free admin) for both members!
SECOND: 14k JB Rep split between both.

NOTE (READ!) : Please post your FINAL teams on this topic! https://hellsgamers....eammate-thread/

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