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  2. I agree with you. This server being added to the server list would be great if we get it going.
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  4. If you look at some of the oldest servers around (Old Geezers and Old Farts Community for instance) they have thrived and have PACKED servers every single night of the week with regular players. I know they've had the playerbase for a long while, but we could help bolster our numbers and even pull people in that are looking for a server when places like that aren't populated or are in fact full. CSS as a whole has died down, but it won't fade away if we don't allow it. Look at 1.6 and even Condition Zero...there are STILL people playing because they enjoy it. I think we owe it to our community and CSS as a whole to give players a place to call "home".
  5. I like the idea. I would kill for a match of defuse or hostage.
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  7. Hi I dont think u saw my post of ur profile but y u got lots of pics of girls 😥

    1. Suburban


      hook a boy up ya know

    2. Suburban


      wait wat da hel it aint even about the car club

  8. I would have to agree on this. Having a casual server with a map cycle that rotates should be good. I've seen servers like this do very well.
  9. Congrats on SA!

  10. I know a lot of people previously wanted to play scrims again, but it seems the community died down after that topic was initially posted. Currently, we have our Crackhouse server, Iceworld server, and the GunGame server. The first two seem pretty consistently populated depending on the time of day, but the GunGame I have yet to see populated more than 1 person at a time. Has anyone considered the possibility of a Pub server? Just one with a bunch of random maps and with normal CSS gameplay? I know I for one don't always like playing on deathmatch and I have seen plenty of servers with regular players on it playing and staying populated. This wouldn't be one for competitive gameplay per se, but it would give players the regular CS experience without the pressures of competitive CS. Game setup could even include that you start with $16000 to avoid the headache of the pistol round onward that usually seems to discourage people from playing as well as takes out the economy aspect of it. Maps could be a mix of standard and community made custom maps that would be voted on near game end (usually after 15-20 rounds). The servers I've played on and thoroughly enjoyed have even included open voice chat so that everyone can speak and enjoy the community aspect of it. I think this could help boost our CSS community as well as build our recurring player base as a whole. Let me know what you guys think and by all means, if I sound crazy, please let me know.
  11. I play CSS because the mechanics suck ass in CS:GO. I used to be better at CS:GO, but I just can't get spray patterns down like I have in CSS (took me years to get those even). Plus the Scout is god tier in CSS where as the one in CS:GO is weaksauce. I also appreciate the community here in CSS more. More mature players normally and the toxicity that was here has moved to CS:GO.
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  13. My baby. Got painted black rims on it too :)

    Inked1_LI 3.jpg

    1. Nxsty


      That's my friend Alex in a V6 automatic. Loud asl tho

    2. Nxsty


      I have a V8 2012 Camaro SS Straight piped with a muffler so people don't get mad at me. Lmk if yall want to hear it.

    3. EddieCam
  14. Please take a moment and read the above info about our abuse report policy. Done Abuser Name Jack Bean Abuser's Steam ID/Unique ID STEAM_0:1:55941407 Where did this occur? CS:S What server? Crackhouse How long ago did this take place? 2 days ago Give us a brief description of the incident. Testing Form Proof Links? Proof Added? Done

    how to get tons of bitches 

    1. myes


      shit clip, no dodge reads, shit combo

  16. The average HG member's age goes up every week. Time to make a roblox's division soon to reverse the average.

  17. Hey buddy, it's been awhile, but I just saw you moved up AGAIN! Congrats my guy, it's well deserved and HG will benefit as a whole from it!

    1. Lucas15


      Thanks man! Glad to see you're still kicking it :) Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!



      Most definitely! It was full of good food, good people, and good laughs!

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  19. I Would like to thank all of you for entering into our Thanksgiving Raffle and sharing your plans for the holiday as well as your guys favorite Thanksgiving dishes. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed some time with their families. I had a great time with my family and think I gained a few pounds! Candied yams and Turkey legs are my favorite dishes. I will be grinding Rust and possibly some Rocket League the rest of the weekend. Happy Gaming! Let's all give a congrats to @The Peacemaker for winning the Raffle! 2021-11-26 22-01-58.mp4
  20. Congrats on your promo brotha! Hope to see you in blue tags next!

  21. Sorry Doge, but you need to keep your nose clean to make yourself a member here. Rejected due to recent ban. Also keep behavior clean/friendly for a month before reapply. MrDoge - HG Bans - HeLLsGamers
  22. congratz on promo buddy!!

  23. Has an active ban, and is clearly a troll application.
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