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Abuse Report

Read before filing an abuse report

First ask yourself why you are filing an abuse report.
If your answer is anything similar to:
"I don't like this admin, he needs to get his admin revoked because he is bad at it"
and the abuse report is for a minor offense.
This is not what the abuse report section is for. Instead go to a dS+ and tell them personally.
Your abuse report will be treated as though they are invalid.

Why you shouldn't file a report to target others:

  • It destroys your credibility

    • If you want serious action to be taken, going flat out attacking people (insulting them) or attacking HeLLsGamers will not solve the problem. In the future if abuse happens again, we will have a harder time taking you seriously.
  • It makes you look like a dumbass

    • Quite frankly put, if you are not going to follow the template and accuse, yell at people... you're making yourself look just as bad as the perpetrator you wish to report.
  • It may get you banned.

    • 'nuff said. Being angry and insulting others doesn't help your case. If you want to continue down a rage line, we won't have a problem removing you until you calm down.
    • If you're pissed about something, take a break. Get off the computer. If you have a significant other, spend some time with them. This is the Internet. Nothing here is worth getting angry over.

What is abuse?

  • Actions that impact the entire server directly.

    • E.g. mass slaying, mass kicking, mass banning
    • mass = a significant percentage of the server.
  • Actions that elevate admins' privileges in gameplay directly

    • E.g. noclipping to kill other players (although it's a purchasable perk in jailbreak xD), invoking kill commands on players (such as firebomb, superslay, timebomb etc...), freezing players, spawning items that you can't normally get without admin privileges, spawning items that you can get normally but the admin in question did not purchase these said items, ghosting in all chat
  • Actions that put other players at advantage to typical players

    • E.g. Giving noclip to other players , slapping players/self to get to non-reachable place.
  • Disrespecting other players then taking action against them when they talk about

    • Note: If admins are talking shit to players and if the player talks back, the admin cannot simply take action against them just because they have the power to do so.
  • Using all chat inappropriately.

    • E.g. taunting players over all chat.

Obviously, this list is very limited to several circumstances. Another way to gauge is the actions taken are abusive are:

  • Does it impact the gameplay in any form or manner?

    • If yes, how severe is it? (severe means if the actions were taken place, how would it impact our server population)

      • If you answered this with relatively low to low, then chances are... there is no cause for concern. If the actions taken don't fall under the above list especially, then there is less to worry about.
    • If no, why is it such a problem?

      • Ask yourself why it is causing a problem. If it is a significant problem, there's a very high chance someone else noticed it and will probably report it. As well, see below.

  • If it doesn't impact gameplay significantly enough, but impacts you... what is bothering you about it?

    • Do you think that the action taken shouldn't be allowed? We appreciate your feedback in what admins should or should not be able to do. That being said, not everything you ask will be granted.
    • Do you feel it is disrespectful? If so, perhaps talking with the person CALMLY and NON-accusatively will help the situation. Being accusative and belligerent will not help and will only escalate the situation.
    • If you are angered? Leave the server. Simple as that. If you're letting emotions control you and you make a mess of it, we aren't going to be here to clean up after you. See why below.

Sending Abuse Report

  • * Required fields
  • Please take a moment and read the above info about our abuse report policy. *

  • Abuser Name *

    Name of abusing admin/player.

  • Abuser's Steam ID/Unique ID *

    Enter the Steam ID/Unique ID of the admin/player you are reporting.

  • Where did this occur? *

    What server type did this occur in? If other please specify below.

  • What server? *

    What server did this occur in?

  • How long ago did this take place? *

    How long ago did this happen, Be as specific as possible.

  • Give us a brief description of the incident. *

    Tell us about the incident, what took place and how you feel it was abuse.

  • Proof Links?

    If you already have links for proof post them here otherwise upload them below.

  • Proof Added? *

    Please provide links above or upload proof below with the "Choose Files...." button. Once done adding proof check the box above.
    If no proof is submitted abuse report not be reviewed.