Cs:go 2V2 Tournament Event Summary


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Event Title: CS:GO 2v2 Tournament!


Event URL: https://hellsgamers....nt/#entry786706

Bracket URL: http://challonge.com/pd3hspg2


Host(s): [HG] SpawnMatrix

Management Present:

  • HG | Ryze [D]
  • HG | Fortis [D]
  • HG | Sit [D]
  • HG | Silly [D]
  • HG | Menoch [D]
  • HG | Harle [D]
  • HG | Pongo [L]
  • HG | SupaNipplez [L]
  • HG | DragonSlayer [L] (in TS)
  • [HG] Bing_Bong
  • [HG] Bobbythed
  • [HG] Fume Knight
  • [HG] Devonix [CS]
  • [HG] Skys [CS]
  • HG | BigjohnMS [CEL]
  • HG | Elite [CE]
  • [HG] B-Nye [CE]
  • [HG] Chains [CE]
  • HG | Finch [CE]
  • [HG] Hyperion [CE]
  • [HG] Slav [CE] (twitch only and in spirit)

Members Present:

  • HG | Pickles
  • HG | Maine
  • HG | Matt
  • HG | mcwillz
  • [HG] Jarjarbinks
  • [HG] US Navy
  • [HG] Jxhn
  • [HG] StrawBerry
  • [HG] Kr0nik
  • [HG] Walrus
  • [HG] Rise Above
  • [HG] S.p Link
  • [HG] Twist
  • [HG] Papikoi
  • -hg- Agera
  • -hg- Clown
  • -hg- He RDM'd me

Friend of HG's Present:

  • Dog in a hoodie
  • Strafe
  • 10acity
  • PeaceMaker

RSVPs: 7


Number of Attendees: 45


Friend of HG Feedback:

  • Strafe: Great event wish the round times were shorter cause people take forever though.

Members Feedback:

  • [HG] Rise Above: It was managed and run really well, and it had no technical delays. The event also didnt take itself extremely seriously and was more of a casual type deal. I personally had a great time and am looking forward to the next event spawn coordinates!
  • [HG] Hyperion: Twitch clip link

Management Feedback:

  • HG | Sit [D]: rip young pasta
  • HG | Pongo [L]: Great event thanks Spawn! Idec we lost because of the clout 360 shot

Prizes Awarded to:

1st place: Gold account for both the winners Rise and Strafe!

2nd place: 14k CSGO rep split between the runner ups Bobbythed and Pongo!



Imgur album - https://imgur.com/a/riKJu


Placings! -



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