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Simplicity Gaming Vs Hellsgamers

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1. What clan or organization do you represent?

Simplicity Gaming




2. Who will be your person of contact?

Me, excalibuR - excal187




3. What game do you want to challenge us in?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive




4. When would you like to schedule the event?

Any day of the week, weekend. just has to be around 4:00 PST due to school for me. Also on a 128 tick server, any map. We have a server, so do you. You pick.




5. Anything you would like to tell us about your clan/organization?

A team not so commnity Founded by me couple of years ago, we are doing CEVO not long till we try to hit ESEA. Would love to scrim against HG with you best guys, or not to help us, and possibly yourselves? Also would like to do this regularly to allow more people in HG to play us.

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We dont really have a CS:GO team set up. Mostly just a bunch of us who sometimes play competitive. You may want to talk to our CSGO ESPORTS team though.




Again i think they jsut play with a bunch of people for fun, not really a team though. Feel free to gather hg members for ten mans though anytime =)

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Hey there Simplicity! Our team, O.K.E, Talked to some of the DA's of CS:GO and decided that our team could scrim you guys! Just so we can figure out times, e.t.c, Contact me (-hg- Shift) or GT69 (HG | GT69) on steam, and we can figure it out!

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When you get your 5 for a actual game we will get our 5... We are still working on starting 5 so this is good practice. Hit me up whenever.

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