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    I would like to congratulate @Kigen on being the first to recieve the most prestigious promotion to Senior Executive Director. Well deserved. Thank you for all your hard work over the years.
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    Let us kick JB off in a great way! Hey you. Yeah. You! The one reading this. I have some fantastic news for you… Starting on the 15th of December, and running through the 6th of January, the HG CS:GO Jailbreak server will be up and running! That’s right! The thing that started it all for a lot of us is back, and is ready to be played. We even have a Christmas update to go with it! Click on me to see some of the map. There was a thread about JB that started a bit ago, and I have read it through quite a few times. And there was a lot of fantastic ideas in there. And I mean a lot! Ultimately, I realized that there is no one single way to “fix” JB. A lot of members found HG by playing JB. And you know, as much as I want to drastically changes things, and try something new, I don’t think that is the final answer. The best answer IMO is in the people. The one thing JB needs the most is PEOPLE. And you know, I really hope that in the time it is up, we DO see a ton of people, and we DO see a lot of love put into the server. I wish I could do more, and I wish that it didn’t ever have to go away. I want to see JB come back. I want to see the heart of HG start beating again, and for us all to be there when it happens. Anyway, I won’t get too terribly mushy in this thread, but I will leave you all with this; who’s ready to get some LRs? Server: Edit: Changed to 15th as real life stuff will be happening on the 14th. View full article
  3. 3 points
    to get some new mods... CONGRATS TO [HG] saintblue52 [HG] Silent -hg- Lady Luck FOR THEIR PROMOTION TO ZS MOD!!!
  4. 2 points
    FREDDY, A.K.A FRED. A LITTLE INFORMATION ABOUT ME My middle name is Frederick and so I use the name Freddy as to not reveal my name online. I’m 20 years old and British. I have Avoidant Personality Disorder and it basically makes me an extreme introvert, I’ve had a rough past socially which has essentially made me nervous in most situations. I’m not really able to talk to people in real life, just store clerks and such, I ended up making my own company in various IT things such as web design, programming, 3D modelling, etc. that I run from home and don’t really get out much, pretty much because I can’t get a proper job being the way I am. My day-to-day is usually work, play TF2, message friends, call my girlfriend, sing and watch YouTube. I’ve had a long past in running server communities and therefore like to excel them where I can, this has made me competent in server development, modelling, mapping, graphic design, essentially the whole works. I've been singing for around 2 years, started out absolutely awful but over time my vocals have developed, I’m still far from great but I enjoy doing it and like hearing people’s feedback, positive or constructively negative. I also don’t really like people going ‘off-book’, doing their jobs poorly or straying from standards, so I’m not always liked as I can be quite confrontational, it’s not personal. I’ve had a past with depression and I sort of swing in and out of it, had a suicide attempt and I don’t really touch alcohol or do any sort of drugs in fear of addiction because of it. I believe it’s mostly due to just basically being alone, not getting out at all essentially means I don’t have any IRL friends, my life is pretty much on the internet, the friends I make are online. So I’m pretty much one of those sad life kind of guys that are ridiculed. Another thing to note is that I know a lot of people like to throw the f*g word around in gaming communities, however I’m bisexual and don’t really appreciate it being said to me nor hearing it said about anyone else, so if you could try refrain from that around me I’d appreciate it. My favorite games would have to be Team Fortress 2, ArmA III, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist and Garry’s Mod. I look forward to making friends with a lot of you on here. I was previously in HellsGamers over a year ago however due to some pretty toxic people I decided to leave, those people have since left and I’m happy with the people I’m surrounded with now. Be sure to hit me up if you want to be friends and play something some time, would be nice. If you're in the TF2 division I look forward to seeing you in game! If you’d like to hear my singing https://hellsgamers.com/forums/topic/138067-freds-covers/ If you’d like to request any graphics https://hellsgamers.com/forums/topic/138107-freds-gfx-hut/ Best Wishes - Fred.
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    How i got mod. (also that was so lame lynxx)
  6. 1 point Hay we have Danger Zone/BR up and running come and play!
  7. 1 point
  8. 1 point
    It was rigged! Where's my mod?
  9. 1 point
    So I decided to go back to college full time, classes start in January. That means I'll be gaming again, see you nerds in the near future.
  10. 1 point
    Congratulations! I already used all my pun powers for the day, I think. So you are spared.
  11. 1 point
    I guess you could say lady luck had luck on her side hehehehehehehehe Congrats guys!
  12. 1 point
    If you want to be unbanned, you're going to need to make a real appeal. REJECTED
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    Congrats on member buddy. Let me know if you need any help
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    Congratulations on [HG] Member!
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    I'm not going to go off on a long rant like some of my friends above have, but I do have a few words to share. The problem is as Xaioa described it, although I don't agree with his timeframe. The active devs and personality made jailbreak a wonderful place to play. New devs are a simple but difficult solution to implement, but the bigger pitfall is recruiting and reigniting the personality of jb without forcing it. I tried doing this many times just before the server was shut off. I'd spam 30 people with invites to the server in the hopes that at least half of them would join. After a while, people became annoyed with me inviting them daily, so I had to cut it down. You can't force people to enjoy jb, the enjoyment comes naturally. It'd be an uphill battle to reinvigorate the server. We'd have to pump the breaks on all other plans for the csgo division for it to happen. Resetting rep and gangs may help, and it's up to staff whether they want to take this avenue. Personally, I hope staff looks to other servers first and to build a reasonable player base before tackling this. For now, there are greener pastures outside of jb. Also ty optical for the shout out
  17. 1 point
    I think the problem is that our personality is gone. We are in desperate need of interesting people doing interesting days, that seems like the main problem from what i've experienced.
  18. 1 point
    i should have been more articulate in my wordings instead of just letting my feelings ramble on tru dat...since its clear that how i"ve written it, u clearly can take it out of context. yeah im salty, cause i wanna play jailbreak, and not cause i wanna be rude.... (how long u played with me.... ). im salty cause this whole thread never mentions what i believe to me more of an issue then the map or the plugins. i"ll not go into the jokes going "too far" cause i think thats utter nonsensen but i repect every server in how far they wish to go on that. -nitpicking; there used to not even be a term for this(dont take this literally), we had fun playing around the rules, even though we got punished it was fun playing with the rules. nitpicking is for those who take it too serious. likeu said it can be fun,and for me fun trumps an admin slapping me in te wrist for nitpicking.what u rather have a server going mental cause its funny to see someone argue with the lead and soforth and soforth, or pplafraid to make funny jokes. i"ll abide but i don"t agree. -playing music: i have asked this manier times at higherups and all i heard all music except for racism,loud noises and bad quality werent allowed, and not based on the taste of the admin. any sane person would turn it off if just asked by more then a couple of ppl.... -in ur third point idk what u say cause its a fallacy to say u want to inclusive by excluding. jailbreak never stopped being fun(less fun maybe but still fun) for me, i still did till the last playing day whatever i wanted to do in jailbreak, im just lucky i guess for not being banned. love me some squeekers, but also love me some ppl wanting to say squeeker cunt ,,) its kinda like u had a bar , and then u see teens hanging around ur bar and then u say lets turn this into a alcoholfree bar. there is a middleway i bet. u can"t seriously deny that hg jb is a niche in the jb servers.it was one of the last places u could actually have some non pg-13 bs fun still. and i don"t get what ur saying about 10 grown ass men calling a squeeker a squeeker cunt in jb ever... most ppl i played with there where pretty normal"enough". been through all the changes in all the years, thats is my reason to think its not the plugins or the map, but a different change thats happened in the last year. (yes i could said it better instead of blurting out my stoopid feelings). for me these are all non issues if it comes to playing again, i"ve lived by these rules, i"ll complain but i"ll abide. just saying these could be reasons ppl might be deterred from playing. tbh fun leads is what we miss the most =) (and ppl lol) ps: im sorry for calling out one of the greatest jailbreakers ever, peace. should not have done that. +im also sorry for being so negative while everyone here is doing their best figuring out how to get jb back up and running.
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    who's got ps4 and black ops 4 hit me up at deadstorm17_
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