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    I turned 23 years old today, yay me.
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    Congratulations on becoming a full member of the community @Jareth26.
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    Well, Defense Breaker applies on HP and Armor (it makes the enemy take ~40% more incoming damage if my calculations are correct 5Head) so swapping hp and armor won't really help, plus armor from jug is different from armor from Armament or Neuro-Fiber Armor and Kevlar Vest. The Jug's armor has some kind lf resistance to low dmg zombies for example fast zombies deal only around 3-4 dmg to his Armor. However I don't know if the HP from the jug has resistance to low dmg zombies because i don't play fast zombie. @scrungus That's actually true, most of the jugs are just RPG spam and pray for RNG, It would actually be cool to see a jug use his minigun more often, the only time the minigun is better than RPG is when you get to a place where only fasties can come up to you
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    im already super mega council director of the advisory board of leadership of staff owner on minecraft
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    I'd recommend a Trikz server. it's really fun to play with a friend, people will enjoy it. plus it could make for a good event
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