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Free Giveaways

A Narcissistic Giveaway

Feb 9 2015 2:43 PM | Burnt in Free Giveaways

GFX Credits to - xDarkRav3nx

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The Worst Giveaway Ever 2: Electr...

Oct 24 2014 11:57 AM | Icon315 in Free Giveaways

So it's been two years since i got accepted as recruit. Almost 2 years since i joined leadership. So to celebrate my second and weirdest year here and being in dL I'm doing a giveaway!

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Vets Only Giveaway! #2

Oct 11 2014 10:31 PM | porkcow in Free Giveaways

A big giveaway for the Vets of HG!

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Joker's Talent Show

Jun 4 2014 8:10 PM | joKer in Free Giveaways

Come one and all and try to impress Me for free stuff!

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Xbox 360 Elite / Kinect Give-Away...

Jan 20 2013 10:55 PM | TimeR in Free Giveaways

Hey it's TimeR, and I guess i'll be doing a give-away! The winner will get a XBOX-360 Elite / Kinect / Controller / Turtle Beaches x12's / Black Ops 2! I'll be the only judge, and by the way it'll come in a box so it's brand new.

Brand New : Still in the box

Hard -drive Space: 250 GB

TYPE: Elite/Black/Chrome/Wifi built it

Turtle Beaches x12's  (not even bought yet)

Black Ops 2 (never opened)

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[HG] Silibrian's Gta Giveaway...

Nov 11 2012 1:37 PM | F4ithl3ss in Free Giveaways

The rules are simple...

Just post how much you love grand theft auto on the thread linked below, whoever i think has the best answer will win!

ill be giving away grand theft auto Vice City, grand theft auto San Andreas, and Bus Driver (a simulation game). I love these games but i dont play them anymore. btw not on steam, its through Impulse(gamestop.com) where i downloaded the games. if you win ill just give you the account info so you can login and download them.

-hg- through [C] only. NO FRIENDS OF HG this is for the clan!

will be drawn on 11/14/12

Thread Link: http://hellsgamers.c...ay/#entry442566

Congrats to [HG] Phusion!!!

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