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139 players in 37 servers, 284 users online, 4 recent bans.

Server News

Darkrp - Now Open!

Mar 30 2013 10:43 PM | Homer in Server News

HellsGamers Serious RP server is Back!

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Zombie Fortress Server With Perks...

Feb 13 2013 12:10 AM | digitalshot in Server News

Introducing the new Zombie Fortress server for Team Fortress 2!!!


Posted Image

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Server Upgrade E5-2690's

Jan 23 2013 11:30 PM | Homer in Server News

HellsGamers purchased a new dedicated server to upgrade one of our current ones. We got the best system we could, Dual E5-2690's (http://www.cpubenchm...h_end_cpus.html)
We hope the players enjoy the new hardware and lag free gameplay.

Servers that are running on the new awesome system are:


CSGO Crackhouse DM
CSGO Iceworld DM (coming soon)
CSGO MiniGames (coming soon)
CSGO Office DM
CSGO Office NTF (NEW) non-DM
CSS Dust2 non-dm
CSS Abbottabad
CSS Bhop
CSS Crackhouse DM
CSS Dust2DM #2
CSS GunGame
CSS Hide and Seek
CSS Iceworld DM
CSS Surf

New System Specs

Dual Xeon E5-2690's (3.8GHz Turbo) 32 Logical Cores Total


Two 200GB SSD's

Stage 2 Upgrade Complete! (March 8th)
Upgraded the following servers:


CSS JailBreak
CSS OfficeDM
CSS Dust2 Unlimited DM
CSGO Jailbreak
TF2 Trade Post #1
TF2 Trade MC #2
TF2 Idle #2
TF2 GoldRush
TF2 FortWars
TF2 Dustbowl
TF2 Degrootkeep

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Premium now on all CS:GO servers

Jan 22 2013 5:01 PM | Bonbon in Server News

That's right, our new HG Items premium store is now also available on all of our CS:GO servers. To find out more about HG Items, visit this article.

Due to limitations of engine, and differences in the game, trails, and half of the hats are still disabled, but there is a healthy selection of hats, and 3 other attachments (fairy wings, jet pack, and beaver tail)

And as a bonus, as opposed to receiving 3 credits per 3 minutes for idling, and 10 credits per 3 minutes for playing on our CS:GO JB server, you will now receive 5 credits per 3 minutes for idling, and 12 credits per 3 minutes for playing on our death match servers.

And of course, everyone give a big thank you to ThatShortKid for making the models required for this plugin to work on CS:GO.

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[New] Hg Minecraft Server!

Jan 13 2013 9:33 PM | Sugio in Server News

Click here for more info on our new minecraft server!

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All About Hg Items (New Premium)

Jan 13 2013 11:20 AM | Bonbon in Server News

As many of you have probably noticed, we've been developing a new premium system for about a half a year now, and it's even been tested on our very own gungame server.

Today, we are proud to announce is much anticipated release, with the addition of 33+ new attachements, 60+ trails, and much more!

New Items
  • Custom colored names (Similar to our jailbreak server, but with even more colors!) -- http://hellsgamers.c...-colored-names/
  • Custom join message
  • Ability to choose color of laser sights.
  • Ability to choose color of bullet tracers.
  • 33+ new hats, glasses, masks, and misc. attachements (Yes, that's right, you can prance around like a fairy, with your very own wings, or even make jet pack noises with your very own jetpack)
  • 60+ trails
  • Stealth mode -- Wanna be in disguise, not have people know you're an admin? Just turn this on.
  • New custom made HG skins
  • A nice new in game GUI that uses the MOTD window where you can view the shop, your items, and more.
General System Changes
The new premium isn't just an addition of new items, it's a complete re-write, and it is now more of a "shop".
But don't worry! ALL of the hats, as well as a few of the items, which were available in the old premium are still available for free to all VIP members and admins.
  • Items must now be purchased through "HG Bux"
  • Once you purchase an item, you own that item forever, and accross all servers
  • Note: Some items are not available on all servers (For example, !ak is not available on jailbreak)
  • Certain items are only available to VIP members and admins, while others are available to only admins
  • As long as an item is not designated as VIP+ or admin only, even if you have not purchased VIP or admin 1 month, but you own an item, you may still use it. For example, if you buy advanced knife syphon, because it is not a VIP+ item, you can use it without having VIP or admin!
  • The hats which were included in the old premium are still only available to VIP+, but they are a free purchase.
  • If you purchased an "VIP+/admin only" item while you had admin, and then try to use it when your admin expires, it will not let you until you re-purchase VIP/admin.
Using the In-Game Menu
Using the in game menu is pretty simple, in order to access it simply type !premium in chat, and this menu will pop up.
Once you're there, the layout is designed to be as simple as possible. In order to use items, you must buy them first (by going into the shop). Once you have bought the item, you must enable it (by going to the respective category the item is, and in most cases just clicking on the item will enable it)

Using the In-Game GUI
One of the coolest features of HG Items is its in game GUI. In order to access it, simply type !premium and hit 1 (View HGItems) or type !viewstore
  • Your HG Bux will appear in the top right corner, right below your name.
  • Shop Tab
    • Items in grey are available to anyone to use
    • Items in blue, you must have VIP+ to use or purchase
    • Items in green, you must have admin to use or purchase
    • Putting your cursor over an item will enlarge the image and let you know the restrictions (VIP+/admin)
  • Items Tab
    • Items you don't own are greyed out and "locked"
    • Items you own aren't greyed out, and are available for you to view
  • Donate Tab
    • Pretty simple, you can buy HG Bux here.
  • Help Tab
    • Pretty simple...
All commands can have the ! replaced with a /, or typed in console with a sm_ prefix and no ! (ie, sm_premium in console opens up the premium menu)
Commands available to everyone
  • !premium, !shop, !store - Opens the main premium menu
  • !shop - Shortcut to open the shop menu
  • !items - Shortcut to open the items menu
  • !attachements - Shortcut to open the attachments/hats menu
  • !trails - Shortcut to open the trails menu
  • !give/!givecredits/!givebux <player name/#userid> <amount> - Gives another player <amount> credits
  • !viewstore - HG Items web browser
Commands you can buy
  • !coloredname <name> - Sets your custom colored name (see http://hellsgamers.c...-colored-names/ for instructions)
  • !joinmsg <message> - Sets your custom join message
  • !ak, !awp, !m4, !cash, !$ - Self explanatory
How to get HG Bux
Please visit this thread for more information.

Trails Annoying? Hide them easily
Simply type !trails in chat, and select "Hide all trails" to not see anyone's trails. They will be invisible to you only, for as long as you don't go back into the menu, and re-enable them.

This thread will be updated as people ask questions, or voice their concerns.

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New Year, New Game Giveaway!

Jan 2 2013 10:27 PM | Nite in Server News

Hello HeLLsGamers once again!

To ring in the new year, why don't you ring it in with a different gamein one of our several different divisions?!

this link shows all games we play

Choose a game from any of our division ( I.E. World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike, G-Mod, Etc.)
*There may be multiple winners!!!

1. You must be at least a recruit.
2. You may only have 1 entry
3. Type out, and post in this thread the following
• Say what division you are in
• Say what game you want

4. Entries will end on the 13th and winners chosen soon after - using random.org.  

To also help our community, if we have more then 50 entries, I will also donate $50 to HG.  

If we have more then 100 entries, I'll donate $100.

I bid you guys all good luck!

(The prize you ask for does NOT have to be in a division you applied for)
*((We might have more then one possible winners depending on amount of entries))
(((Recent contest winners can enter for the donation but will be excluded for the prize drawings)))

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New TF2 Premium Features: Unusual...

Dec 16 2012 8:37 PM | Bonbon in Server News

Available no later than tomorrow at 3PM PST, VIP members on all of our TF2 servers will be able to attach any unusual particle effect to their hats, and paint their hats whatever color they want! In order to access the new premium menu, simply type !vip, !effects, or !particles

This is all part of a movement to provide more VIP features to TF2, and more features may possibly be added in the (near?) future.

A few notes:
  • Particles, and painting is local to our servers. Once you leave the server, your item will not have your selected color, or particle.
  • Hat colors will not work on all hats for some reason. Examples of hats it won't work on: Ones that are already painted.
  • Once you change your effect, the change will take place when you change your hat, or change your class or team.
  • You must have a hat active to attach particles (duh).

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Zombie Survival Server Up!

Dec 7 2012 4:17 PM | Homer in Server News

HellsGamers Zombie Survival :gmod:

Connect to

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HeLLsGamers TF2 Payload Server

Sep 23 2012 7:57 PM | in Server News

Posted Image
All you cart pushers out there! Come play HeLLsGamers Payload Server.
Server IP:
HG Stats: http://hellsgamers.gameme.com/tf8

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