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139 players in 37 servers, 284 users online, 4 recent bans.


In August of 2005, three people formed a small clan while on a custom server run by a friend (known around these parts as Lex Talionis or "Lex"). Homer and the others laid the groundwork for what was known then as the HeLL-Ton!c (HT) clan. Running a small, home brew, 16 slot custom server (dubbed "the nitro server") they ran the first of what would be the many servers of HeLLsGamers. They formed a small site on a bit of inexpensive webspace to call their own.

What came next was revolutionary to the Counter-Strike gaming community. In November of 2005, they purchased a dedicated server box to run 3 servers: office, Dust2 and Surf. Homer worked hard to bring Counter-Strike: Source one of the first stable, high performance 42 slot servers (almost unheard of at the time). Though Surf was the first server to take off in popularity, Office soon came to the forefront. The clan expanded even further, and the HeLLsGamers community was born.

In the spring and summer of 2006, three almost unknown players from three different servers came to Homer wanting to help expand the empire. Clark, from the Zombie Mod server, Lamp, from the Office server, and DJ2, from the dust2 server all pledged their services to Homer, ready and willing to do whatever it took to put HeLLsGamers on the map. Each one purchased a server in which to run a new server type for HeLLsGamers. Clark purchased the very first HG Gungame server, which exploded in popularity. Within a week it was almost constantly full. Lamp and DJ2 brought the Glass maps and AWP servers, respectively. While neither one of those really took off, they continued to offer their services to the community in different ways. In fact, they are the progenitors of the HeLLsGamers donation system, helping to purchase upgrades to the overall network of game servers. They purchased HLstatsX, better webspace, a bigger vent, and other things. HeLLsGamers continued to flourish. Over the years, we grow bigger and bigger, adding more people and servers to our roster. We have undergone a few site changes, and created the HG clan, offered a way to be a part of this community for those diehards of our servers that haven't attained "HT" status. The clan separated into a few more subgroups along the way, forming the HG Council and Staff.
In 2007, bort joined the Council as a trusted adviser (Council). In return, he offers a dedicated server to the community.

Fast forward to 2009. This year brought groundbreaking changes. In the very beginning of the year, HG introduced a new server with a map custom made for the community. The HeLLsGamers Jailbreak server, running ba_jail_hellsgamers surfaces. In no time at all, the server was vaulted to the top, becoming the most popular jailbreak server in the entire world. Later on, HeLLsGamers opens up a TF2 division that quickly becomes popular, allowing the community to add an entire server box worth of game servers to the ever-growing list.

Today, HeLLsGamers currently runs over 70 servers across 5 dedicated server boxes located in various parts of the world (3 of them running on high powered 32 core systems)