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139 players in 37 servers, 284 users online, 4 recent bans.

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Renewal: $10.00 Monthly
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  • Website ads removed.
  • Server chat ads removed.
  • VIP Members exclusive forum access.
  • VIP Member forum badge.

Based on the Game you Choose above your perks are as followed:      (To get admin perks, signup for a Gold Account)

Counter-Strike (Global Offensive / Source)

New HGItems:

  • Custom colored names (Similar to our jailbreak server, but with even more colors!) -- http://hellsgamers.c...-colored-names/
  • Custom join message
  • Ability to choose color of laser sights
  • Ability to choose color of bullet tracers
  • 33+ new hats, glasses, masks, and misc. attachments (Yes, that's right, you can prance around like a fairy, with your very own wings, or even make jet pack noises with your very own jetpack)
  • 60+ trails
  • Stealth mode -- Wanna be in disguise, not have people know you're an admin? Just turn this on
  • New custom made HG skins
  • A nice new in game GUI that uses the MOTD window where you can view the shop, your items, and more.

Team Fortress 2

  • Unusual Hat Effects Menu



  • Physgun - For Better Base Making
  • Instant Access To Medic / Firefighter / Cop / Secret Service
  • 25% Increased Paycheck For All Jobs And Unemployment
  • Exclusive VIP Only Cars
  • Exclusive VIP Only Ringtones For Your Phone
  • Custom Car Adjustments (Underglow / Hydraulics / Custom Headlights Color)
  • [NEW] 1 To 90 Chance For "Dukes of Hazard" Horn When Honking

Zombie Survival:

  • Reserved Slot VIP Access when server is full


  • 20 props and 4 door modules