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  1. Anyone wanna have a Snow ball fight? Or I can pile it up and make a small paintball course :D >_> stupid snow. 

    1. Admiral MacK

      Admiral MacK

      Still no snow where I am yet, rip. Awaiting the day there will be 12 inches on the ground :)

    2. EddieCam
  2. Congratulations Mr. Wizard of HG
  3. Well this month makes 7 years being in HeLLsGamers Community :) w000000000000000000000t Amazing.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Pongo


      7 years too long

    3. DragonSlayer


      Thankfully I don't have to deal with you anymore :D 

    4. Fred.


      7 years? holy fuck.

  4. What type of graphic do you want? Give as much detail as possible unless it's simple. Need a fresh avatar What theme are you going for? Any specific color scheme? surprise me. ( Neon green / black is my favs tho Is there anything that's very important that should be done or not be done? HG DL CSS? If you know what dimensions it should be, state it or leave this blank. Avatar size
  5. When warning someone that has broken one of these rules please use the "@" Admin all chat command. with a clear reading of the warning. If player continues after said warning use "!kick or /kick" With a clear typed out reason. **Kicks must contain a reason!!!!!!!!!** If play reconnects and continues said rule that was broken use "!ban or /Ban" Example: /ban Dragon advertising 120 or /ban #1337 Advertising 120 ( Or if they have a name changer use the number from console ) 120 is the amount of time they're banned Moderators are set to 120 min bans. ZombieMOD Admin procedure found here Point manipulation. (Suiciding to prevent being shot / killed or constant use of suicide) Warn / Kick / Ban Mic/chat spam Warn / (Kick or Mute) / Ban ( Please provide a decent amount of demo proof of the player voice "mic" Spamming. ) Racism or homophobic chat / voice abuse. ( Provide screenshots or demo of said player breaking this rule. ) Warn / (Kick or Mute) / Ban Glitching or map exploit. Warn / Kick / Ban Adverting Gambling Sites / Links that aren't self promotion. ( Twitch / Youtube Streams are okay ) Warn / Kick / Ban Homophobic / Racial Slurs in name. Warn / Kick / Ban HyperScrolls / Macros Warn / Kick / Ban ( Get screen shots of his mdx_stats from console please ) Multiple screens helps. And a reconnect screenshot if player comes back. Voice / Chat use of Homophobic / Racial slurs. Warn / Mute or Kick / Ban ( Mods are required to have a demo if it's on Voice. Chat logs are easy to find for a certain about of time on GameME. Under the belt line sprays. Warn / Kick / Ban ( Please use the command "!removespray" This command will allow you to warn / kick / ban the player if he sprays said spray 3+ times. ) Please provide screenshots of player spray / warn / kick. Bhop Scripts ( Need knowledge of how to determine someone is bhop scripting or using a macro see link here ) Instant ban ( Please provide screenshot proof of his mdx_stats from console. ) Aimbot / Wall hacking Instant Ban ( Please provide demo proof of the player using Hacks. ( Walls please make sure you're 100% if you are now simply do a Web-ban report and a dS+ will look into it And determine if player is suspected of walls 100% or not. ) Advertising clans that are recruiting or trying to recruit from our Servers. Instant Ban ( Please provide proof on the ban report. ) Linking porn sites. Instant ban ( Provide screenshot proof of player linking said link in chat. ) Please note all ban reports duration can be changed by dS+ ( they will be change accordingly )
  6. Come join us on CS:S For some ZOMBIE MOD :D

  7. Introducing Counter-Strike:Source ZombieMod(Reloaded) Server Here is the IP for Connecting: I am finally releasing the password and allowing all public use. Rules / Guidelines here: https://hellsgamers.com/forums/topic/138029-css-zombiemod-guidelines/ Map(s) Currently in rotation at 5 min each round. Total of 30 mins per map. Maps zm_atix_helicopter_v3 zm_abandoned_mall_v5ff zm_cbble_redux_aidan6 zm_wtfhax_v6 zm_lila_off!ce_v4 zm_tx_highschool_zkedit_v2 zm_church_of_faith_b1a zm_Krusty_krab_a3 zm_unpanic_v2 zm_clouds_v2_1 zm_lila_panic_beach_2 zm_desprerados_a1_ifix zm_an_droptop_winter zm_endless_v1_0 zm_choddacbble_b2 zm_hotline_miami_v2_0 zm_lila_panic_l_v3 Come on over and lets EAT SOME BRAINS!!!!! Muahahahahaha Feel free to message me for any maps you'd like to see or anything you find borked Thank you all.
  8. meh hi welcome now do your homework ( welcome to leadership ) congrats.
  9. Added - Fweakz Removed - Weebz - Promoted to CS:GO Staff.
  10. ( Subject to change ) This is a list of Rules / Guidelines and Admin procedures during Connected time in CS:S Zm Server. Note: Closing button-activated doors against zombies while you're a human is allowed. Rules / Guidelines. Do not Disconnect from the server to prevent being Infected. ( This could lead to a straight BAN ) Disconnecting from server due to Zombie chasing you or your Barricade got broken by a zombie. Do not destroy/ruin barricades that are already made. ( Reports will result in Warn / Kick / Ban ) This includes shooting away props to gain access to an already barricaded room. No blocking/inhibiting access to areas of the maps. ( Reports will result in Warn / Kick / Ban ) This includes but is not limited to blocking ladders, jump areas, doorways, and spamming button-activated doors on certain maps. Do not glitch inside walls, soda machines, rocks, or any props while you're a human. ( Glitching will result in Warn / Kick / Ban ) This includes but is not limited to sliding props on top of yourself to prevent zombies from being able to reach you. All other standard Rules are also included in this see forum MOTD / Server MOTD for more details. ** Subject to add if illegal spots are abused. ** Do not use any illegal spots. ( Reports of Illegal spot(s). Warn / Kick / Ban. ) This includes but is not limited to ledges, vents, tubes, or any area requiring crouching or run boosting to gain entry.
  11. What the Fucccccccccccc ( parrot style :D

    Bastard CAT!!!! Congrats on getting the Dick. I mean Director TrollFace.jpg

  12. Totally freaking out that we let him back in hehe. >_< joking. Lets congrats [HG] Fweakz [M] On getting CS:S Mod yet again w0000000000000t
  13. 11/17/18 Update Getting there i'm like 90% to release to the pubic. Just need to get and have HG members test it / find any problems. More then just 2 people at least. I'm wanting to get at least 10-20 or more. Looking at hopefully the end of the month after some testing within HG members / outside help maybe. Unlimited ammo is also been added. ( Also would like to Thank Associate Director of Development (HGDC) Misc2008 for the assistance on this plugin. ) Now if you'd like to see some MAPS ( ZM Maps that is ) please feel free to post them here and i'll look into them and add them. Will post details when we can get on and break this bitch and TEST it. Thanks.

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