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  1. Anywhere from 300 to 400. I have a case, 2 250GB harddrives, and other shit. All I need to get is a motherboard, CPU, GPU. (RAM if ihave money left over.) Im also looking to go straight from microcenter(http://www.microcenter.com/)
  2. So I am doing some shopping for some budget computer parts. I need a CPU, GPU, and RAM. I have been suggested the AMD A10 for a CPU and GPU and 8 gigs of RAM. If anybody could suggest other things or tell me if they have ever used a A10 as a APU before and tell me if it worked well. Thanks
  3. Hit me up on steam when you get the chance

  4. 1. What clan or organization do you represent? PyroProtectMe 2. Who will be your person of contact? MasterBaiter http://steamcommunit...id/masterian151 3. What game do you want to challenge us in? Tf2 4. When would you like to schedule the event? Looking to discusses it. 5. Anything you would like to tell us about your clan/organization? We like to play payload or highlander. We like to trade. I can discuss the details more when you add me.
  5. Anyway you would be willing to sell the mouse and keyboard?

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