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ASCII last won the day on May 18

ASCII had the most liked content!

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      CS:GO Division Staff

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    HellsGamers Basement
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    Help Desk and Network Administrator
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    End the Federal Reserve, Pastafarian, Sleeping, Singing, Tennis, Baseball, Track, Sports, Basketball, Your Mom's Pie.
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    I game, work, eat, eat some more, and sleep.

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    Noctua TR4
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    G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 64GB 2400
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    PowerColor Red Devil RX580 8Gb
  • Power Supply
    EVGA 1000W G3
    SAMSUNG 960 PRO M.2 SSD 500 GB
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    ASUS 144mhz monitor 24 inch, AOC 144 FREESYNC 24'
  • Headset
    SoundBlaster ZXR
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    Corsair m65 rgb, lOGITECH G402
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    AZIO mechanical typewriter kb

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  1. We back in this boooi!


  2. damn u kinda cute ngl bro

  3. I love you <3

  4. Tough times do not last, Tough people do.

    1. Burnt


      Bruh no way you staff again 

  5. Holy shit you're still here! Been a long time

    1. ASCII


      Yeah buddy, Hope all is well! I lurk in TS3 at night if u wanna game or just chill.

  6. Congrats, may you find much success in your new role.
  7. Internet is finally on at my new apartment, see you guys tonight! 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. BOSCH


      been missin you babe!

    3. Icon315


      No one cares

    4. BOSCH


      tis but a flesh wound.

  8. A is for ASCII, ASCII covers the alphanumeric spectrum. My name could've started and ended the thread, lol.
  9. KOS Bubbles and Banana. #ttt #gtaV

  10. He's back! Never thought I'd see the name blue again. Congrats to you sir!

    1. ASCII


      TYVM old friend 

  11. My friend asked if I have a wierd confession, I said yes. I paid for a WinRar license. 

  12. Free game until June 27th on the Epic Game store called "Rebel Galaxy" https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/rebel-galaxy/home 

  13. "According to one of our developers, the bots don't actually know how to cade themselves, nor have the sentience to design their own cades. They're able to make a cade because they were programmed to copy off cading designs made by others, as such, whatever cades are made, they store those designs and replicate them when no one cades." -Snowyamur The bots cade better than me. -ASCII I was wondering why I had cades one game, I still dunno how to do them.

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