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  1. Well there are some issues there <script>alert("Like cross site scripting sort of ones!")</script> But yeah, idk why you put in the work if you're not genuine about it !
  2. well something went wrong.. function getFriendId($steamId) { //Test input steamId for invalid format //Example SteamID: "STEAM_X:Y:ZZZZZZZZ" $gameType = 0; //This is X. It's either 0 or 1 depending on which game you are playing (CSS, L4D, TF2, etc) $authServer = 0; //This is Y. Some people have a 0, some people have a 1 $clientId = ''; //This is ZZZZZZZZ. //Remove the "STEAM_" $steamId = str_replace('STEAM_', '' ,$steamId); //Split steamId into parts $parts = explode(':', $steamId); $gameType = $parts[0]; $authServer = $parts[1]; $clientId = $parts[2]; //Calculate friendId $result = bcadd((bcadd('76561197960265728', $authServer)), (bcmul($clientId, '2'))); return $result; } if(empty($_POST) === false) { $steamId = $_POST['steamid']; echo '<a href="http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/' . getFriendId($steamId) . '">Community </a>'; } Got wrong url and it added ,000000000 (the url that came with my steamid http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197993906207.0000000000)
  3. Thanks alot. I've been searching myself, didnt find anything, but well. thanks =D
  4. Well hai there! I have been strugling to find a way to translate steamid from string into a community page url. steamid = $_POST['steamid']; next I need to remove the STEAM_0: <-- part of the string so its left with either 0: or 1: + the rest of the steamid now I need to multply the part that is (after STEAM_0:1or0:) (example STEAM_0:1:123456 * 2) with 2 obviously. now if it was STEAM_0:1 (aka 1) you have to add the multplied subject above (example 123456 * 2 + 1) or (example 123456 * 2 + 0) depending if there is STEAM_0:1 or STEAM_0:0 then I need to add the result + 76561197960265728 = communityid to (steam_0:1:123456) Anyways I'm not that good in php, I would apriciate any help possible. This could be in a function or just simply a sample script, or suggestions are welcome aswell. I could donate 5$ if nessesary. Thanks again upfront.
  5. I know my way around phpmyadmin and databases. But I dont know how to interact with vbulletin, what to look for to integrate this, so if anyone had a shortcut that includes what I was looking for was more my question, but thanks =)
  6. Not what im looking for, any more suggestions please?
  7. Yes, but I am trying to add the field into the user table, not another table. In my sourcemod scrpit I'm trying to "SELECT group FROM WHERE steamid='%s'".. aka, I need it to stay in the same table.
  8. Yes, but I tried that out, but it did not add userfield in mysql database, that's the issue. Thanks for the reply
  9. Hello, im currently running a vb 4.2.0 forum for testing, I was wondering how could I add a deacent registration field with mysql integration where the field is "steamid" (required). I'm pretty awefull in php, but its for a test project in the sourcemod scripts I build really. (mysql field needs to be in vbuser obviously) Could anyone provide a sample or link a place I can find this out?
  10. Do some more heros of new earth contests!

    1. enigma#


      hmm an idea to ++

    2. Priceless


      There is a new patch, new skins. make a tournement at a public game? =D

  11. Welcome (back?).. Since it tok me a while to get it, I think I'm going to bed.

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