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  1. Found my old account haha. Just saying I am back Might actually use the new forum account though.

    1. UnPrePared_




  3. Thanks all Btw that wasn't a steam message my friend like used that family option with my Killing Floor game and when i got online steam said that he has 5 mins left to play
  4. http://youtu.be/_Nl0wEWBdZI Thats so stoopid BTW dont Look at his other vids like the TF2 one its not English Soo your brains will be fucked
  5. Text: Panda Theme: Panda'ish theme Colors:Black And White Reference Pics: http://mewarnai.us/images/44347-cute-anime-pandas-panda-by-manthysk.jpg Remove that stupid text on the side pls Detailed Description:
  6. Happy halloween peeps

  7. Name + Title: Panda Colour specifics: Black & White. You could put a white background too Images + Links: http://mewarnai.us/images/44347-cute-anime-pandas-panda-by-manthysk.jpg Description: Nothing to put here reallityreal
  8. I play WoW but a private server because I'm broke in Molten I'd like to know if HG could do a server there too
  9. Do you still remember me ? Check my profile you said happy birthday to me

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