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  1. Damn it. I didn't know this is how it worked now. I throw my hat in to be uM of csgo.
  2. Nice farm. Any chance we can get a post with useful commands and such? I mean I could just go and look up every single plugin or just use every command to see what it does, but a think an motd sorta thing would be helpful.
  3. Not really a bug, more of an oversight. The time was added to /f home, but not to /f warp. So faction warps are still instant. Also it seems autocomplete (with tab) for commands doesn't work anymore, it just gives player names as suggestions. I was told this might be intentional but I don't see why it would be.
  4. DL: A DS: S DS: C DS: I DS: I M: Icon
  5. Glad to see you unbaned Welcom back Icon315

  6. Been a long time

    1. Icon315


      I still don't get it.

    2. Manchu_OPFOR


      Me neither 

  7. Forgot to say hi, meesa sorry. <3

  8. who dis



    1. Icon315


      Don't tell anyone, this is actually burnt, Yo. I'm hella sneaky.

  9. I'd like to request an unban (my ban is locked so i can't post on it https://hellsgamers.com/hgbans.php?i=195193-icon) Before anything I kinda want to give my side of things as to the things I did, since I never got to do that. I'm not trying to make excuses, though that's probably how some will take it. So a a bit after valve had announced that it will start banning servers who are using mods to create skins (!skins and whatnot) I had warned uM about it, but they told me it wasn't going to be a problem. A few months later the server (specifically the steamid) got banned, which ended up killing the JB server (It was actually down for a very long time, can't remember why irrc it was constant crashes), since an IP change happened. I worked for a while to get people to rejoin the server as well as fixing bugs. Its around this time that the admin db was having issues with it constantly going down and none of the admins on the server had any access, so I wrote in a "backdoor" so that me and a few others with root access could still help keep the server from going crazy. A bit later I was asked about getting a new map, I didn't see an issue and was willing to try it out, the Mapper at the time didn't seem to get the concept of Jailbreak and kept adding things that broke the game mode and the JB database. I ended up coding some things to fix the issues. I had brought this up to him and he ignored it so I ended up stepping down from leadership since it seemed like no one else was bothering to keep JB up and running. I didn't really want to code anymore, but after I stepped down things kept breaking and i didn't want to see the JB server die. I coded some more things and had the members of leadership push them onto the server for me, these were specifically fixes due to the Mapper at the time breaking the DB (the code that I never pushed to the git because it was supposed to be temporary, it was really awful spaghetti code), but some where just extensions/plugins that no one else bothered to update. I kept the "backdoor" in there as it made it easier to update the scripts on the servers. I only ever used it for other things when it seemed like people on the server would enjoy it.( things like spawning bombs, giving CTs speed, low gravity and such). I don't think I ever had anyone complain about it, otherwise I wouldn't have done it. Some time after I was asked why I hadn't pushed the current code, which i then explained wasn't needed if the JB Database was reset for the map. Since most of the changes I made were just workarounds for the all DBs (which were mostly broken at the time). I actually can't remember what else I had changed, probably some minor things. I should have pushed the code and not doing so was a mistake. I just felt like they were ignoring what I was saying and I was too stubborn to give in. When I was told that I was going to be banned for not pushing the code I didn't really believe it. For some reason i thought it was a good idea to leverage the code as a way to get people to fix things. Eventually they did ban me saying that I was being malicious, which back then i didn't think was the case, though now I see that probably should have pushed the mess that was the temp JB code. Though once I saw that they were taking the things I did out of context in my mind there was no turning back. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I realize that what i did was wrong, whether I believed at the time that it was the right thing to do. I would appreciate getting unbanned, but mainly I just would like the thread saying that I did a bunch if things to hurt the server to be removed. Also I got teamspeak banned (wasn't clear why) so I guess it fits here. Learn2Edit: I forgot how to format on here. imasonaz: edited to make readable
  10. If you read this call me a homo in discord. Also, you know how I know you're gay? Your dick tasted like shit.

    1. imasonaz
    2. Icon315


      I feel offended by this message, can someone please ban this joker guy?

  11. Dumbass It's july, Christmas isn't for another 6 months. What kind of idiot does this.
  12. you look good

    1. The Governor

      The Governor



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