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Everything posted by ImBurnt916

  1. how much donate 4 admin plz

    1. MAINE


      Donor level 5 please

    2. The Peacemaker

      The Peacemaker

      Feel free to pay me instead :)

  2. All I know is reddevil did it better you shitposters

    1. ASCII


      I used to think we were throwbacks, then I realized they just threw us back. 


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    2. brgr.
    3. eXiTe



    4. pluefy


      we're not relevant anymore fam

  4. Huh ? We coming back to leadership or somethin 

    1. FreeHugs


      It was a diversity initiative, not enough Canadians. 

    2. Misc2008


      Everybody gets the D these days xD

  5. What the hell happened here

    1. ASCII
    2. MAINE


      Burnt916 just said what the hell happened here

    3. HyperActive



  6. Rep multiplier based on continuously getting LR Fundamental mechanic changes and additions such as: Super LR Gangs probably still need to be fixed/ Rehaul Real RP changes: Authority percentage meaning if T’s win X rounds in a row they have gained authority in the prison forcing a coded freeday (giving new players more options when it comes to learning the map). Something where CTs can’t become warden for that round and instead Ts can teleport between areas learning them. CTs would likely control specific areas and are locked to them to continue being a “guard†and watching them. If CT’s win authority, for one round buy menu is disabled and knife damage is significantly reduced. Authority is then reset. Non Mic required lead guard. !nlead With population I don’t think this is arguable. This would not take precedence over the other lead command. Manipulate menus to give instructions using panels for pre-determined days. Gives options for server to have RP while in low population circumstances so that those who do wanna play can without having free days consistently. Rep Reset. Anyone who knew me knew this was on my list of things needed. Not only does it boost HG’s economy but it brings incentive back to playing JB. (All dono rep is given back so stfu) There also comes a time where HG has to decide if they can survive without the fundamentals such as JB. I have a feeling incentive is a lot of the reason that JB has died over the years, incentive used to be there for this game. I worked tirelessly moderating the server originally to gain free mod, moving my way up eventually to division leader. There was incentive, and the community understood how we worked. This is mostly intended towards the development side of the community, as I’m sure it has declined in respect to incentive to code. You don’t maintain a sales team without goal oriented bonuses. So why should you maintain a dev team as such. TLDR we need salsa shack back
  7. Hey, is JB dead ?

    Thinking about coming back to HG as a programmer for practice while in school since Ive been lacking

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    2. ImBurnt916


      No one updating it? lol

    3. spawn


      There are updates just Valve keeps fucking it

    4. ImBurnt916
  8. Staff plz

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    2. MAINE


      Please resubmit another status application in 1 month lol

    3. imasonaz


      Long time, no see!

    4. Tracer


      ew its burnt

  9. twitch.tv/uchihella fortnite fun :) throw me a follow

    1. MyMindIsBlank


      no, you left the space program

  10. u view me profile m8

    1. its kr0nik bitch

      its kr0nik bitch

      yeah i like kermit.....




      and what hes doing....




      i think we could be friends!

  11. Quick and to the point, title says it all. Post your ideas here for Minigames. Whether it be new Plugins you think we should try, updates to things we have on the server, or just something stupid. Things this thread is NOT for ANYTHING to do with the maps ANYTHING to do with bugs ANYTHING to do with models/skins/textures/trails/sounds/premium/hats Rule changes I read all suggestions, although only ones that stand out to me will be added. NO MAP REQUESTS, GO HERE
  12. Also those screenshots were pre this report (can't edit for some reason??)
  13. The first incident was true, but I was just laughing and messing with everyone after anyway. But was already discussed with thomasjosif. Second incident didnt give me an unfair advantage, I chose to do that LR with the CT. It was MY LR. The third incident, I was freekilled and basically just slayed in alternatively. He shot me as I was trying to explain to him that I COULDNT drop the gun without passing it because the guy was jumping on me. I was forced to respawn myself (as I was freekilled, and I also respawn people who ARE freekilled so it isnt just me since you left that out) and I also had a discussion with him afterwards as I believe I respawned him also but I dont remember. Fourth incident me and Sit were messing around. Fifth incident was me and jericho having a laugh. Sixth Incident, the T missed the knife and so I just jetpacked away. You can view my screen and see him miss then me jetpack unless he knifed at me before I saw him. Then he started shooting at me so I just fell and let him kill me. Wow bad guy burnt. Boohoo no fun for the guys fixing shit The only inexcusable situation in this abuse report was the bombs as they were overkill on the test and thomas reemed me about it already if you guys want the proof here it is! http://prntscr.com/fl0sit http://prntscr.com/fl0smy Also the people who I messed with (Jericho, and Sit) were aware and had zero complaints as to what had gone on (As far as I know, I mean jericho laughed about it...). Sit and I were in ts3 with dode when I was messing with him, all in the HGDC channel discussing sourcemod.
  14. If your name is Toast and you arent Burnt, you're 3v0 and still a poser

  15. You guys are over thinking it, the way my witch warday will work is everyone will be nocliped and a zone will created all over the map and if you leave the zone you get teleported back to armory. Ez. Dont over think it I already told you guys itll be in my next commit and you didnt need to post this lmao Edit: also I may or may not give wallhacks to prevent camping or an anti camp in darkness
  16. Theres absolutely zero videos out there for sourcepawn that are good to my knowledge, however you can read the sourcemod wiki to learn quite a bit.
  17. come say hi in ts3, im back


  18. God damn, took me as a young man

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    2. Past


      You're welcome.

    3. imasonaz


      Like Jesus, back from the dead?

    4. ImBurnt916


      Grip the mic like I'm at war and it's the only gun.

  19. Xbox Scorpio looks tight af


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