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  1. I miss the one thing that made HG great, which was people getting banned for dumb reasons or funny abuse reports.

    So if someone could do something stupid or post something funny that would be great

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    2. Pongo


      Slide into my DM's if you want to see the video, 10/10 watch

    3. SPlink


      I can confirm his confirmation

    4. Pongo


      I can confirm I love SPlink with all my heart

  2. SPlink

    Failed a class

    I love how Snow types a well worded message about bribery and how this isn’t a good idea and Pongo just says “you should fuck him” lmao
  3. Is this event happening or nah? It's 8:51 and there's no channel
  4. My name is Yiffles and I’m a fire kitsune
  5. Voted only gang rep reset Also I agree very much so with Haze
  6. Please don't ghost my typing, thanks
  7. Hey so I was just thinking, have you ever thought about how maybe WE'RE the bad guys. You have to think about logically. Come at it with a neutral non-biased view point. What if, and bare with me, what if we are actually the ones that live in a sheltered society and places like North Korea are actually the good guys trying to save the rest of the world and us Americans are actually terrorising and destroying the world and we are none the wiser. Can you really trust anyone? This is the question I have poised myself for many, many years and I have come to the reasonable conclusion that is just not possible. My dad just came in asked me if I wanted to chicken nuggies for dinner and I screeched and punched him in the face because you just can't trust anyone anymore. Remember this SPlink, trust no one - everyone is out to get you. They all work for Trump and nowhere is safe. Get out of the country whilst you can - go to the only place that is safe - North Korea, they will take care of you. Tell them you are a friend cockthruster3000 (that's me) and they will make sure you reach safety.

  8. Today is my 6 YEAR (?!?!?!) anniversary of being in Hellsgamers (at least according to when my account was created.) Thanks for all the fun times, friends new and old.

    1. BOSCH


      congratulations m8!!!

    2. Pongo


      anxiety worms

    3. Seymour Butz

      Seymour Butz

      Let’s go bowling, fuck face

  9. What's the deal with the "Hit or Miss" girl? I have deduced the reason behind why and how this video is cursed. For one, this girl is highly attractive and her cosplay is actually good, appealing the eyes of watchers. Her cosplay also reveals her stomach which is very nicely shaped (not to skinny, not fat, not ripped, but a really natural look, it’s intriguing to look at). Her makeup is good as well. It really brings out her eyes and makes her smile a lot more appealing. Secondly, I myself find myself fascinating at the way she moves. It’s very smooth and fun to watch. For example the spin at the start that she stops suddenly and kind of leans foreword then quickly straightens out, it is very well executed and goes along with the beat, making it satisfying to watch. I’m most obsessed with the part however when the song says “you got a boyfriend...” and she is kind of bobbing her way gracefully towards the camera. The way she moves most of her entire body when walking is really satisfying. She even does it to the beat of the song. And if also like to point out her shoulder movements throughout most of the video. They add a lot more energy to her movements. On that note, that leads us to my third point: the song and how she utilizes the song to compliment her movement. This song and lyrics itself are not that great, but the woman singing the song sings it well. That however, is not the reason why this matters though. The voice of the actual singer really fits the girl in the video. It not only compliments her cosplay (making it cuter), but also compliments her dancing. As I mentioned earlier, the way she moves is simply satisfying to watch, and part of that is because of how seamlessly and smoothly she move to the song. The spinning at the beginning goes very well with the chorus ending in the background. That little booping of her chest after the spin I mentioned earlier is timed when the rapper makes a rapper sound that transitions into the girls part (what does he even say? Is it like “bite” or “bye” or something? Idek) makes it mesmerizing and satisfying to watch. Her head boops are very well timed too. When the song says “hit or miss” as well as the “huh” after, she moves her head slightly too the beat that makes it better than had she not of moved her head. And then the little bopping/walking thing she does that I mentioned earlier, is so perfectly timed to the beat and the words of the song. And then my last point, is her facial expressions. Obviously, she has a beautiful face, but there are smaller things she does that bring out some of her key features. The way her eyebrows move is one. She raises them a bit to help her eyes look bigger at some points. Her smile is simply a work of art. It’s just very, very pretty and natural. Not much I can say on it. It just makes people happy. Well actually, that wasn’t my last point. I found myself watching the video and getting sad that it ended because it’s mesmerizing to watch. Than I realized that each time it repeated, I was hoping that it wouldn’t cut off at the end, thus rewatching it thinking, maybe there is more. This is probably because the song cuts at the end, leaving a feeling of incompleteness to the video, making me want to rewatch it to find the completeness (if that makes sense) because it stops in the middle of a song and her dance move, you feel as if there is more, making you want to rewatch it under the illusion that there is more... I guess. Omg perfect timing. I literally started typing this at around 30 minutes and it finished when I finished my last sentence. Well than, yeah. I guess I’m done. I might of repeated myself a bit but I was trying to get the point across. I hope I helped people understand why they kept watching the video, and why they feel mesmerized by this girl.

    1. Misc2008


      Do you even paragraph bro?

    2. Pongo


      I guess they never miss, huh? ;););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););););)

  10. I fixed your groups. You're welcome.

    1. SPlink
    2. Seymour Butz
    3. Pongo


      No problem.
      No problem.
      No problem.
      What a save!

  11. Your profile gave me: 

    Altitude sickness
    Birth Defects
    Bipolar disorder
    Blood clot
    Bone marrow disease
    Brain Cancer
    Breast cancer
    Broken bones
    Carbon monoxide poisoning
    Cardiac arrest

    Chicken pox
    Colon cancer
    Common cold
    Diabetes (type 2)
    Down syndrome
    E. coli
    Ear infection
    Gum disease
    Hay fever
    Heart attack
    Heart disease
    Heart failure
    Hepatitis C
    High Blood Pressure
    Joint pain
    Kidney failure
    Lead poisoning
    Loa Loa
    Lung cancer
    Lyme disease

    Prostate cancer
    Sickle cell
    Skin cancer

    Tape worms
    Terminal cancer
    Testicular cancer
    Throat cancer
    Urinary tract infection
    West Nile virus
    Yellow fever


    1. Pongo



  12. Someone won with only 82 wpm in the background of the picture? Really?
  13. SPlink

    Town of Salem Event

    Are we only playing one game?

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