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Image Ex

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  1. Lmk when you come online!

  2. Here we go yo, here we go yo

    So what so what so what's the scenario!?

    1. Comic King

      Comic King

      Tribe called Quest!!!

  3. Awesome work guys! I'll have to give perp another shot
  4. Just got a 1060 6GB. Upgrading from a 560ti. The frames are real! I've been missing so much!
  5. You should stick to trading up skins. You know this always eventually happens
  6. HG v Tango - League Extravaganza Day 2 starting soon!


  7. GFL v HG - 30 minutes 1st Match GCC LoL Extravaganza


    1. spawn


      I will be coaching the HG team

  8. Image Ex

    Hi I Made Music

    ^ Cool person, meh music. You should check it out J/K nat, sounds good. I really like "human."
  9. Image Ex

    Csgo Irl Knives

    I think they're pretty neat, especially with a display
  10. Death Note live action movie out on Netflix!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Image Ex
    3. mrrobot


      0hhhh crap i forgot.... better get on that lol.

    4. SkrtSkrt


      Just finished watching it. Very very nice movie.

  11. Watch out for my Body Rolls!

    Watch out for my Body Rolls!

    High kicks, high kicks

    This is how we do it!

    1. Image Ex
    2. Image Ex

      Image Ex

      And I just now googled this LOL WTF

  12. Rainbow 6 Siege is free this weekend. GCC is hosting a get together for everyone to play some Siege!


    1. Link3588


      looks fun :)


    2. EisenSkrt


      Allready bought the game but i suck at cause best pin gi ever get is 140 skkkkkkkkkrt, but its a fun game :D

  13. Rainbow 6 Siege will be free to play on both Steam and Uplay from 24th August 2017 until 27th August 2017. This is a good opportunity for anyone who hasn't played the game to give it a try and to find out whether it is worth your money to buy it or not. GCC is hosting a night for anyone interested from multiple communities to jump on, play some Siege, and meet some new people while doing so! This is basically just a fun Saturday night gaming made purely for us all to enjoy together. Date: 26th August 2017 (Saturday) Time: 9PM EST GCC Discord

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