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  1. Is there an actual way to tell? Does the player model exhibit really unnatural movement? (i.e. character model spazzing out, or traveling mach5 in your direction)
  2. Hello, My nickname is SlightlyCoordinated. I've been mainly playing HG zombie survival since 2013 and had already joined the forums during that same year. I didn't think about joining the clan itself during that period of time because of a strict schedule revolving around school, a job, and other personal obligations. Now, with school nearly out of the way, I freed up some time and hopefully can progress through the respected HG ranks. Outside of HG, I study applied Mathematics(Because who scores lower than a 5 on the AP calc exam, not naming any names c: ) at undisclosed University, and work as a missile guidance technician at undisclosed general defense company. I also do active Mathematics research for molecular dynamics centering around particle dispersion for homogeneous and non-homogeneous particles. Later on, I'm pursuing my phD in applied Mathematics and can still hopefully stay in touch with the community. Outside of my professional life, I go camping quite a fair bit because living in the city gets to me sometimes. I also do other miscellaneous things such as hiking, attending music festivals, and listening to various podcasts. I do play video games whenever I can, but over the years the amount of titles I used to play has been on a decline due to my mistrust of the development and the direction they are heading. I only really play very select games such as: Garry's Mod, The Witcher Series, Borderlands Series, Dishonored Series, Bioshock Series, Halo Series (up to Reach), Gears of War Series, Metro Series, and Super Smash Bros. I hope to be able to partake in all communal HG events or at least most. Thank you for reading. - SlightlyCoordinated
  3. Welcome to the HeLLsGamers Community, we are happy to have you my friend! <3

  4. Welcome to the HG coommunity @SlightlyCoordinated.

  5. Hello, welcome to the community. :)

  6. -hg- Clan Application Game Division Garry's Mod In-Game Name SlightlyCoordinated Location Void How old are you? 24 Which games (servers) do you play on? HG Zombie Survival How long have you been playing on our servers? 2013 What is your Steam ID / GUID? https://steamcommunity.com/id/pham78kevin/ Why do you want to join HG? It's very user friendly and has very straight forward rules. All members are required to be on our TeamSpeak3 Server whenever playing on our servers. Will you agree with this rule? Yes Do you have any current VAC bans? No Who (if anyone) referred you to apply? Any other information you want to include? Nope

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