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  1. As the title says, should add a CSGO 10man/Pug server
  2. Not sure if this already exists since I haven't seen it yet but it'd be useful to have this on the forums for people that don't know all the act commands. Put "act ActionYouWant" in console or bind it (bind n "act cheer"). When you use these act commands, you will be frozen doing the action until it finishes. Act console commands: act cheer -> throws hands up in air and cheers (~3 secs) act bow -> simple bow (~3 secs) act dance -> cheerful dance (~10 secs) act forward -> signals to go forward or move out. Good for cops that are trying to keep silent signalling eachother to move out (~1 sec) act muscle -> stripper dancing action (~15 secs) act group -> signals to come together (~1 sec) act pers -> you stand on one leg and put both arms in the air (~3 secs) act wave -> simple wave (~3 secs) act robot -> slowly moves arms to do the 'robot' (~10 secs) act salute -> simple salute (~3 secs) act zombie -> throws hands up in air and wobbles head (~3 secs) act laugh -> points and laughs (~6 secs) act agree -> does thumbs up action (~3 secs) act disagree -> does the 'naughty finger' action (~3 secs) act becon -> signals come here with hands (~3 secs) If you would like to bind these, here is how you bind them: I use the keypad because you can add more act commands there. bind kp_end "act dance" bind kp_downarrow "act forward" bind kp_pgdn "act muscle" bind kp_leftarrow "act group" bind kp_rightarrow "act pers" bind kp_5 "act wave" bind kp_home "act robot" bind kp_uparrow "act salute" bind kp_pgup "act zombie" bind kp_ins "act laugh" bind kp_del "act agree" If I'm missing any, comment below and I'll add it up here.
  3. Adding a microphone for certain organizations like News Reporters and/or people wanting to dance or perform. Would be good to add rp wise. Something like this but people should be able to hold the microphone http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=111651
  4. taraN

    Cnn News

    CNN News Org Requirements: - Must have 2days+ playtime - No trolling/minging - Must read, understand and follow the rules - You will need to know how to /advert - You will not steal from org members - Don't disrespect or mistreat any members of the organization or in any other organization - Have enough cash to make ton of adverts - Be active What you will expect: - You will be sent to places all around Evocity to interview and/or get the latest news - We will be going on raids to make sure we can afford top of the line equipment - We might have news competition so be prepared for anything - If anyone in CNN News is in trouble. We step in and help them no matter what - Must carry equipment with you at all times, anything might come up - Promotions/Demotions will be happening every 2 weeks to those who deserve it Rank System: Boss - In charge of CNN News. Come to Boss or Manager if you are in need of assistance. Manager - Also in charge of CNN News. Boss's right hand man. Shot Callers - Same as News Reporter but they will be telling News Reporters where they need to be and who to interview. Highest rank other than Boss/Manager. News Reporter - Will take orders from any rank above them (not in a disrespectful way). Will be the first people on the scene to interview and/or get the latest news. Body Guard - Will protect the members of CNN News from criminals and anyone trying to harm or bring them down. Body Guards CANNOT be interviewing people or /adverting. They will be kicked out if they do so. Body Guards are allowed to assist during raids. ALL people will start off as News Reporters unless Body Guard is requested. Boss - Taran Narat Manager - Legion Powers Shot Callers - Recruiting News Reporter - Recruiting Body Guard - Recruiting Application Form: RP Name: Steam Name: Activity (How active are you): PERP Cash: Playtime: Ban History:
  5. It'd be cool if we had some eye effects for drugs. So lets say someone just smoked some weed, you look at the person and their eyes would be pretty red. Or when someone's high on shrooms or LSD their pupils or eyes could look bigger, or peoples eyes twitching when they're high on something else like meth. Would be good to add to perp and would be more interesting and fun sneaking around while high hiding from cops. Cause honestly I don't think many people like wasting money on drugs cause its kinda boring (well thats how it is for me), no one really knows you're high except you and the effect is ok. Adding this might make it more fun and interesting.
  6. 1. What clan or organization do you represent? Easy Company (eC.) 2. Who will be your person of contact? Me, you can contact me on steam: [email protected] or on our forums @ ecclan.net 3. What game do you want to challenge us in? Counter-Strike: Source 4. When would you like to schedule the event? Either March 14 sometime between 6pm est and 11pm est or March 15,16 anytime or next week same times. Friday between 6pm and 11pm and anytime Saturday and Sunday. 5. Anything you would like to tell us about your clan/organization? We're a pretty small community and the we're just looking for a fun scrim since css is pretty much dead and theres not much to do anymore. We also won't be too good so don't expect too much lol
  7. taraN why did you delete me off steam. >.<

    1. taraN


      i got a new account, my cousin wanted the account I was using cause it was originally his

  8. JaX

    yo yo... hit me up in ts3 or steam asap.

    1. taraN


      add me on steam i cant find u lol

  9. 1. What clan or organization do you represent? Quantum Impulse Gaming (QIG) 2. Who will be your person of contact? Me - You can add me on steam here: [email protected] or just contuct us on our forums @ qigaming.com 3. What game do you want to challenge us in? Counter-Strike: Source 4. When would you like to schedule the event? August 9th or any day that works for you after the 9th. 5. Anything you would like to tell us about your clan/organization? Well, I'm one of the leaders of the CSS Divison from QIG (Quantum Impulse Gaming) and we're mostly a Garrys Mod community. We were hoping to schedule a scrim with you guys, and like I said, we're mostly a Garrys mod community so we won't be as great as you expect aha. We were thinking about having it August 9th so it would give us a chance to go through some of the maps we might be playing and clear that all up with our team since we're all kinda new. Let me know if your interested.
  10. Zekk

    Welcome to the HG forums!

    1. taraN


      thanks sweetie ;)


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