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  1. I did look and it said you were red if you wanted to tlock me for the ones before thats fine but do it then not later. Also i apologized for the other 2 they were accidents.
  2. 1. Abuser name: Kasper 2. Their Steam Id: STEAM_0:0:45404752 3. What server: Jailbreak 4. About what time: 6:35 mountain time 5. PROOF: console 6. Kasprpe tlocked me for killing him when he was red. If you check console it says he was a rebel for 20 seconds right before i killed him. I would also like to point out his response to me calling it out "You are bitching too much im gagging you"
  3. 1. Abuser name:Joker 2. Their Steam Id: STEAM_0:0:52659025 3. What server:jailbreak 4. About what time:1:45 mountain time 5. PROOF:Check the admin logs 6. Joker typed in a command wrong and i made the comment "admin fail" as a joke. He then muted me without warning. Then when i was unmuted i tried to type in a report and he muted me again for it.
  4. I was playing on jailbreak and i made a small comment and joker muted me for 5 rounds without a warning. Then when i went to report it he muted me again for reporting it.
  5. Oh yea of course I am so sorry my full in steam name is - \/G -Scarecrow [i am Chaos] or my team manager - \/G - Danny will also be able to help you. How about in two weeks then that wey we aren't stressed from anything and it will be a clean fair fight!
  6. Hey guys I did not realize this until now, but I am going to be short one member so I am wondering if I can postpone it until next Saturday?
  7. thatd be nice im sorry ours isn't up to date
  8. Could you guys give me a link to the mod you wanted me to download to our server
  9. Welcome to the forums!

  10. uhm I will ask my teammates. I was thinking 12 rounds six as ct six as t and whoever has the most is the winner?
  11. 1. What clan or organization do you represent? VigilanteGamers 2. Who will be your person of contact? - \/g - Scarecrow 3. What game do you want to challenge us in? CounterStrike Source 4. When would you like to schedule the event? Saturday August 17 5. Anything you would like to tell us about your clan/organization? Hello my name is Scarecrow. Just recently I started the VigilanteGamers Scrimmage team. We are fairly new and have not challenged anyone yet. So what better clan to challenge than HellsGamers. If you accept, I think it will be a fun experience for my team to face one of the most popular clans out there. I await your reply. Thanks!

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