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  1. 06/13: Buffed Zombie Bosses: King HC: Increased base damage and added bleed effect Chrono Butcher: Increased total time available to teleport Reduced freeze time after teleport Howler: Reduced Howler cooldown timer Removed inbuilt Zombine armor, replaced with 100 hp, allow blood armor Increased melee range for Electrohammer Attempt to fix clunkiness for Rejuvenator Added 15 new emotes Added ~15 new group emblems Fixed Electrohammer worldmodel Fixed emote resolutions Added 'For What It's Worth' Event Readded purchase limit for tier 6 weapons Allowed Bots to control AFK players Changed how often ZE and OBJ maps are available. ZE from every 10 maps to every 12, OBJ from every 6 maps to every 8. Should reduce obj and ze back to back situations. Removed blood armor from crows Reworked Adonis -Lowered fire rate -Magazine size 20-->25 -Damage increased Lowered Hero chances even more Replaced Chimp with Vsauce Michael Removed Max Threat from Bonus Crates Added Marco's new pathing system, more versatility with map control using adminpathtool etc Removed Tactical Grip Fixed Bonemesh ball insta-killing players Various LUA optimizations Bot AI navigation updated GLOBAL human weapon damage reduction Increased rarity of bottomless clip Small buffs to all turret types Nerf (Boss) buffed attack speed and damage Nerfed PoisonHeadCrab, damage tick up from 0.5 to 1.5 seconds (ticks 3x slower) Blood armor now stacks with zombine armor Zombine will no longer be slowed when shot while sprinting Increased zombine attack reach to match normal zombie Enabled Frigid Revenant (wave 5 unlock) Increased time between each damage tick for venom crab (0.5 -> 1.5) Increased damage for Nerf Buffed Chilled Immolator, matched HP and damage to regular immolator (thank you iProbie) Removed Tight Choke Slightly rebuffed LDB shotgun
  2. June Mini-update: Buffed Ancient Nightmare's HP: 1825 -> 2200 Buffed Steadfast Nightmare's Speed: 180 -> 185 Increased base Ghoul movespeed by 5% Increased base Zombie movespeed by 5% Increased BP and Point Gain on Medic Zombie Increased Shadow Shade heal rate Increased Medic Zombie heal rate and BP gain Increased Legion base damage from 40 -> 45 Puke Pus now has 1 additional projectile 7-->8 Removed bullet slow from Zombine Removed Nightmare and Ticklemonster being slowed by bullets Reduced Flak Ammo Consumption (5 -> 2) Reduced Molotov price (50 -> 25) Reduced Nailbot price from 150 -> 125 Increased AA12 clip size by 2 Increased time between each damage tick for venom crab (0.5 -> 1.5) Increased damage for Nerf Buffed Chilled Immolator, matched HP and damage to regular immolator (thank you iProbie) Removed Tight Choke Nerfed: Nerfed Blaster. Shot 8 pellets, now shoots 6 Nerfed 'Evil' Long Double-Barreled Shotgun; reduced penetration Nerfed Bullseye damage from 60 -> 58 Increased FF price from 45 -> 60 Removed Gravity Gun Added: Added more group icons and emotes Added more detailed descriptions to certain bonus crates where it may be confusing Added new OSRS playermodel Added GTA CJ playermodel Added MGS2 Solid Snake playermodel Added Chimp playermodel QOL: Made Fusion SMG craft-able. (Battery and Tosser) Made Dual Deagles craft-able (Purchase two) Increased Hero rarity Attempting to re-enabled fresh dead in early waves to help with spawn camping Lowering bonus crate "invulstar" rarity Fixed various spelling errors Fixed supplycrate worldhint displaying 'Precentage' instead of 'Percentage' Changed the user self damage multiplier of Molotov from 0.5 to 0 Message will be broadcasted to all players when a player receives bottomless clip Unlock Zombines on T6 (80%) Regardless of wave Enabled Frigid Revenant (wave 5 unlock) Slightly rebuffed LDB shotgun Suggestion implemented - changed hitbox and size of bonus crates so they will get stuck in the ground less often
  3. Medkit won't be added to arsenal crates
  4. May 2019: - ADDED zs_abstractum_v1 zs_arctic_outpost_v5 zs_blastdoors_2019 zs_departure zs_lunar_kingdom_v1a zs_overtime - REMOVED zs_minecraftjungle_v1 (26/05/2019) - ADDED zs_downtown_v1 zs_butchers_den_v2 (28/05/2019) - ADDED zs_minecraft_jungle_v3 zs_abadmap_v1 zs_danzig_docks_v1
  5. Uni

    Petition Pho face reveal June 3rd

    1. pho-


      why june 3rd...

    2. Uni


      June 3rd is national face reveal day.

    3. pho-


      only if you reveal too!

  6. pho-


    Delete the version you have in your files and unsubscribe from the workshop version if you are
  7. @VERSACE Actually I run events more often than I should; it’s just that not everyone is online when I do.
  8. @BOSCH Probably around 90% of my friends list is related to HG ZS. Communication on my part isn't an issue regarding people reaching out to me or me reaching out to them; it's a matter of taking the time to further community engagement and create a strong bridge between the players and HG as you said and I acknowledge as a shortcoming for me. That said I do NOT want to force people within HG to talk to others, that in time will only further the gap between the clan and the players. Thank you for the suggestion on what to do though, I will look to that as reference.
  9. I'll use this chance to offer my criticism on myself and other HG members in gmod. There exists an elitist barrier between the clan and the game community; it's like school friendship groups, HG people will only talk to HG people. Because of the exclusion I've witnessed, most mainstream players frown upon joining HG, and this is entirely because of the way HG players separate themselves from the normal community. As a result, the community is weak in terms of the players supporting the leadership. Whilst it is justified in the face of elitism, it means that some HG members might even be disheartened to remain in the clan, and in turn you get people leaving. I admit I have not been doing my best in communicating to as much people as I can in the division, but this coupled together with what I just stated means that even across some of the people in HG, there is a weak connection; they're just 'there'. I have witnessed some HG players, even mods, give out false commands. I frown upon this greatly yet I have not done anything to punish those people and for that, I apologise. There exists a gap between HG and it's players. False commands do not exist in just HG clan members though; mainstream players also do this. A prime example is telling people to get the gluon in blackout. Because of this post, I will add a rule which explicitly states that ordering false commands to humans or zombies will result in a punishment. Regarding getting feedback from the playerbase, 80% of the time the only suggestions I get are extremely vague. How can I work without specifics? I try my best in seeing what issues there are by simply playing the server myself, but this itself cannot give me enough of an understanding to know both zombie-side and human-side balances. We used to have an ingame suggestions option which was removed due to people abusing it and being silly with their suggestions. All I ask is for specifics when suggesting things or reporting bugs. In terms of doing more events such as party popper or battle royale, or even 2x events; the only issue is that repeatedly running these things would mean that people get bored of them fairly quickly, and there are many people who complain each time these events are put on. It's hard to make everyone happy, and each time someone is upset it runs the risk of them leaving, which no one wants. The issue with using teamspeak is that literally not a single person wants to download the client and join the HG TS3 server, it's just way too tedious and outdated. I've tried my best to discuss it with higher ups to add voice channels to discord, but this was only done for weekly events which run across every other game. So I apologise for not being able to provide in this instance. As much as I wish I could, I can't explicitly name individuals and their shortcomings. But if you would so wish to know my opinion on specific people, feel free to pm me and I'll let you know my true thoughts.

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