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  1. 08/22 Removed defense breaker from Zombine, Poison Behemoth, and Tickle monster. Removed bleed from Zombine and Poison Behemoth. Nerfed Nightmare's damage to 50 (from 54). Reduced 'Pandemonium' Achievement cap from 5000 to 1000 Increased Railgun Ammo consumption from 40/10 to 60/15 per clip Minigun now uses a heatbar; similar to 'Hurricane' where bullet speed ramps up - increased clip size from 150 to 200 Moved Doom HC to wave 3 Reduced 'Death Incarnate' Achievement cap from 50 to 30 Updated ZE Deagle to newer model Increased Doom Headcrab hp from 1500 to 2000, reduced move speed from 210 to 205 Reduced Minigun damage to 49 from 58, Reduced Clipsize from 200 to 175 Increased Railgun Ammo per shot from 15 to 20 (3 shots per clip), Decreased damage from 400 to 373, Decreased Penetration from 0.8 to 0.69, Increased Railgun fire delay from 0.15 to 0.2 Reverted removing zombie speed bonus; reduced instead Fixed Alpha and Putrid ghouls being swapped General roasterrock can't get defense breaker / bleed from low tier zombies. Added a new boss variant. Shade now gets barricade points on bullet damage. Buffed Frigid Shade. Readded crouch functionality to Legion Fixed class descriptions for Revenant Buffed Frigid Revenant Renamed Nitro Headcrab to Frigid Headcrab Howler now gives boss points on howls. Reduced the knockdown on Sufferer( 5 -> 3). Tweaked the following bonuses: Health, Barricade points and Points.
  2. player count and player interest = potentially 0
  3. 08/14 Maxrailgun changes; - 30 per clip - 10 per shot Buffed Gluon base damage to 44 from 42 - Added 0.05 penetration Buffed Nitro Burster Added bleed for ancient nightmare Buffed Ice immolator Reverted Doom Crab to its original form Fixed Zombine's attack bug Buffed Electropus Added Gorepus Added Nitro headcrab Added Slow zombie Optimized UI sound networking Fixed music getting pitch modified by time dilation or player scale Fixed not restoring traits upon rejoining after a crash Updated Bot chat AI to Techmo's neural bot learning system Added a warmup round before the game starts as a means of accommodating lower end pcs and allowing more time for players to join: Each player is given a random loadout in the first 1:30 minutes of the game; the timer starts as soon as the first player enters the lobby. 'Warmup round' will be printed in the middle of the screen indicating the actual game is yet to start Once this timer is up, the map will be reset (not reloaded) and the regular pregame timer will start. Reward for repairing supplies reduced each time it is repaired Fixed supplies going into negative health if last hit with high damage Fixed returns to not carry over rounds/redeems Changed the bonus HUD to show the bonus effect description for ~5 seconds after you receive it Added group icons to scoreboard Fixed lua error with gore blaster zombie causing disconnects Fixed redeeming with max hp matching boss values Fixed ulx goto/tp/bring Fixed hero respawns and extra life redeeming to grant ghost phasing as stated in visuals Fixed Grenades/Claymores/Slams/Turrets occasionally dropping into weapon and ammo; one would not function without the other and would essentially waste the item Lowered Minigun firerate, increased base damage, increased movement speed, slightly buffed accuracy Fixed and readded weapon pickups for map provided items; such as shovels on snowy_castle, keyboards on elementary_school Fixed Grenade card bonus Radius Increased Barricader mention reward Lowered Adonis base damage by 3 Fixed Jihad explosion radius per card level Fixed Tier 4 insane damage boost per level from cards Fixed Bloody Hopper Nerfed MRG Fixed Zombie hits being undodgeable Added indicators for point multipliers in HUD Readded Extended Range bonus crate Fixed ZE spawns breaking occasionally Fixed props being hit out of your hand Added more green frogs
  4. been a joy working with the team! here's to hoping it launches well
  5. grats north, welcome back (:
  6. pho-

    Minecraft Rules

    In effect as of 08/7/2019 Note that the general rules for the server still apply. Read up here. FOR PLAYERS: Do not troll, harass, or bully other players in any chat channel or attempt to drive them off of the server. PvP chat is no exception to this rule. A player saying something mean every now and then is not harassment, you as a player can use the /ignore add <username> feature to not have to listen to it. If the player continues to work around this ignore to bully you, then it becomes harassment. PVP callouts in PVP chat are not harassment. Do not engage in hate speech, racism, sexism, discrimination or other attacks on minorities in public channels, including PVP chat. Do not use an offensive skin, username or nickname. Do not break the Mojang Terms of Services or engage in illegal actions. Do not scam other players either on the Forums or in-Game. Do not invite players to factions just to steal from them. Do not steal skins, or parts of skins, from players or maliciously edit them. Do not steal builds from other players, or maliciously edit them. If you have a problem with staff or players, report them on the forums. Do not “Doxx” players, or reveal private information on the server. Do not use Alts to artificially increase mob spawns in your area. Do not use Alts to spy on enemy factions or steal items. Do not use Alts to own multiple shops in /tp market. Do not avoid Server Punishments with Alts. Do not use Alts to spam rewards from Quests or other reward or free item systems. Alts may exist in other factions for social reasons (like chat), but may not be sold for power. Do not misuse chat channels for something else other than their purpose. Do not cause drama in public chats. Divert your complaints or reports to the Forums. Do not spam chat channels Do not engage in political, religious, sensitive, or inappropriate topics in public channels. There is no ban on political/religious debate anymore, but Staff will force a subject change if an intelligent exchange of opinions turns to aggravated mud flinging. Do not advertise competing servers either in public or private Chat Channels. Do not use a glitch to your advantage, and report any glitches you find. Do not use Cheats or Hacked Clients to your advantage, and report those who do. Do not use Autoclickers, Macros or Mouse/Keyboard features to gain an advantage. FOR MODERATORS: Do not backseat moderate, or threaten others with punishment. Do not attack staff for enforcing rules, issuing punishments, or implementing changes to gameplay. Do not waste or abuse staff time when they are working. Never ask staff to abuse their powers or rank privileges. Do not impersonate staff or pretend/allude to be staff in any way or form.
  7. Uni


    1. Purplex




  8. I'm working on blacklisting dumb models as people pick them. If it is an issue then you can disable wardrobe by typing wardrobe_enabled 0 in console. Wardrobe was optimised by Forrest and hence readded. But in the future we will probably add a whitelist which involves people sending models they request to Talbot or whoever is in charge, this would lower the amount of model changes drastically as well.
  9. Reduced Med Grenade time from 2 minutes to 1:30 Fixed zapper collisions Fixed shade not being able to be picked after Frost Shade unlocks Buffed Storm Assault Rifle card Readded Wardrobe for Gold+, all current Gold models are unlocked for VIP Moved Prometheum to t3 Swapped mp40 cards with old smelter cards Decreased Medgrenade timer Fixed Purple Heart model name Decreased Med grenade timer by 30s Added proper c_hands to pd2 medic model Fixed Fubar cards clip bug Made medkit prioritise over jihad in toolbar Removed difficulty bonus from crafting Minigun Lowered Med Grenade to 65 worth Share Minigun stats with Maxminigun (Regular 'Obliterator' Minigun same dps as Jugg/Maxthreat Minigun) Lowered time needed to pack/arm detpacks Lowered mp40 fire rate Fixed losing bonus jump height when phasing Fixed sprays not showing up occasionally Moved all current gold models to VIP Increased Handcannon damage and accuracy, decreased price Fixed Grim not working with berserker Re-enabled friend circles Worth card RETURNS to 10 worth Moved Medkit back to slot 5, prioritises over everything else Moved Medkit back to slot 5, prioritises over everything else Lowered Defence Breaker to 6000 barricade points Reduced 'Wicked' Boomstick reload time by a tiny bit, now matches regular Boomstick Allowed Railgun crafting Photon + Gluon Buffed Railgun Updated some killicon colors Fixed Berserker not affecting Hurricane Railgun now uses Fusion Cells Grim Reaper now holds 5 stock Can now autocraft Minigun and Railgun

    1. Skyrunner


      Thank You


  11. We were messing around yes, but I wouldn't classify any of this as abuse as we've all done it before; just messing around. I will use this chance to say though, Purplex I think you are too quick to use moderation commands a lot of the time, I think moderators should aim to be people who 'stop fun', rather than just hard following rules and punishing for small things like a vote abuse. Commands should be saved for people who are there to not only ruin the fun for everyone else, but cause disruption. Which in this case the only fun that was stopped was when votes were stopped and everyone felt like the party was over. Just my 2c since I was involved.
  12. @Efrayim it's been buffed for upcoming changes, just awaiting some bug fixes and it'll be on live soon
  13. 07/18 Increased GL damage radius Disabled Zombines on T6 cades Added 'Hand Cannon' Bombshell Trigun Increased 'Defence Breaker' zombie trait to 7000 barricade points Added damage radius to Grenade Launcher cards Added 3 new crafting recipies - Stone + Explosive barrel = Grenade - Bottle + Newspaper = Molotov - Grim + Hurricane = 'Obliterator' Minigun Buffed 'Eraser' Tactical Pistol Buffed 'Alyx' Laser Pistol Fixed numerous typos Added Stone to arsenal for 3 points (50 stock) Reduced cost of Promethium Magnum to 180 Lowered Draft Chest to 500 achievement points Added Ultimate Draft Chest for 700 achievement points Added Headshot Multiplier to Deagle (1.25x damage) Removed unused donator models Added handcannon cards Lowered time needed between using bonus crates Revert Fast Zombie damage buff Reduced reload time for Fusion, increased damage Changed MP40 Increased damage, decreased fire rate Buffed Tommygun Revert Nightmare damage buff Revert Revenant damage reduction Changed the way card scaling per level works (Globally reduced card increase per levels) Reduced human card damage/reload/accuracy per level by 1% Reduced radius on jihad explosion per level Swapped Wendigo cards with Bonemesh Reduced Gold Scraps bonus to 1.5x, cost reduced to 6000 Added new VIP/Gold playermodels Allow Humans to suicide before wave 1 Added colors for more bonuses Buffed Zombine grenade - Increased damage - Increased radius - Decreased time needed to explode Fixed Hailstorm not working with berserker Removed bot bhopping Added command to set/create temporary zombie spawns (bandaid fix for maps with broken spawns) Fixed Godmode and Hero* rarities (same rarity as 'Heat Vision') Added more emotes Fixed givepoints menu color Made bots respond to being addressed by 'bots' Base HP increase for zombie classes (Bloated, Poison, Zombine) Added Autumn Achievement event Added new descriptions for zombie classes and bots, written by Genuline
  14. I am 20, have a toy poodle, enjoy playing games, reading and going to car meets. I play CSGO, League of Legends, Minecraft, Garry's Mod Black Mirror and Futurama are my favorite Starting on rebuilding my wardrobe after cleaning it up. I study architecture and science, 3rd year student; nice to meet you

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