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  1. Modded will get you a small dedicated playerbase; if you aim for a small server like this, then expect a similar styled playerbase. If you aim for a large server with custom and passionately built gamemodes, your possibilities will be endless. If you make a modded server I feel like it will be aimed towards satisfying the small hg population, whereas you should be aiming to push hg's name into the open with something unique.
  2. Actually, golds don't have access to redeem or noclip. Also, sprays can be any dimension (1x1 or 1900x1900) they just have to BELOW 250kb. A good way of reducing an image size is shrinking it, obviously the lower resolution/quality the lower the image size. If you open a png file in paint.net for example, you'll see this when you try to save the image: You can adjust the image size or canvas size to reduce the file size until it reaches 249kb, or mess around with the bit depth. Once you get there you can save the image and upload it to imgur and do as welchnome as stated. Here's an example of me lowering an image's Bit Depth to make it compatible to use as a spray. Lowering Bit Depth from Auto-detect (32-bit) to 8-bit Save and upload to imgur and you should be good to go
  3. 10/30 Limit max barricade repairs to the classic amount Increased auto repair bot's price. Increased distance between said Item. Disabled point gain from Nailbot Destroying alpha spawns will now show a proper point floater instead of a HP floater Infliction rate zombies that are locked can not be unlocked in obj maps The barricade health system now can not go below 0.45 the health and does not get applied on wave 1 Medic gun auto-tracking will now auto-select players with the lowest health Adjusted the Halloween event to spawn random candy items that give points when picked up Added a random pumpkin that can spawn on humans that gives candy Make candy only 1% chance to drop instead of 10% Added spooky sounds to the Halloween event Do not use sound.PlayURL for sounds due to a issue Made candy much more frequent Fixed the zombie attack HUD error out from poor bind settings Fixed force fields being destroyed on hero death Fixed reload speed on Annabelle being 1 second long for each shell Lowered the volume of the random sounds for those special people Buffed the shadow shade/ Moving it to wave 5. New gun added to arsenal/tweaked some melees. Increased Arsonist's burn damage Ghoul tweaks/reduced some blood crate prices Added more hero types Buff to deathray. Added more craftables Bug fix, nerfed some classes, spinfusor uses fusion cells. Fixed blessings ruining jugg's armour, band aid fix for bleed Removed ElectroPus and have PukePus a secondary Heavily nerfed the zombie profit margin Zombies can now unlock z traits in Obj Convert barricade points into points at the end of the game Lowered Ice Revenant base damage to match Blood Rev Increased Spinfusor ammo consumption Disabled Berserker support on Spinfusor, re-enabled Berserker support on Ray Gun
  4. congratulations! well deserved
  5. 10/19: Readded ricochet to Annabelle, increased cost from 135 to 165 Tweaked chrono tp timers/damage Removed a broken wardrobe model Changed damage/health values for some zombie classes. Changes to mednade Buffs to some bosses Fixed infliction on laser barrier. Buffed the spinfusor and allow the proj to bounce off walls Allow adding a hook to ents Fixed issue where the hands model would be set to origin 0 0 0 for a single frame Do not use hook.Call for IsSuperAdmin and so on Fixed Hunters Int Fixed TragetID being seen through walls Increased frost sword's price. Fixed being able to buy wave 1 items during wave 0 Made the body health aura more visible Auto pre-cache models for the point shop Fixed a few exploits with the transponder Fixed the building prop rendering Improved the way the model draws in the new arsenal Restored the player count dif system Bots can no longer cade Add cvar to disable prop conversion system Fixed LUA error with Discord Removed a extra line break Added new craftable melees. Added new craft recipe. Cleanup on melee weapon. Reduced knockback on power fists. Fixed objective unlock system Lock the rejuv on winrates above 16% Added tiers to the melee weapon tab Nailbot does not count towards achievements Barricade prop health in obj is now based on infliction Fixed the zombie attack HUD causing issues Decreased distance between blood crates, fixed Power fists. Fixed the bad tier unlocked message Improved the way the flesh mesh looks Medical guns can now lockon to targets Nailbot will now draw a sphere using the radius that it can heal Remove all status effects when redeeming Reduced the price of the nanite Essence now heals 4 health instead of 2 Repairing supply now stacks difficulty by little amounts. Make the minor essence play the give sound on client Buffed Bullsquid. Nerfed the frost shade rock Small buff to poison zombie Don't allow certain status ents to go above a time threshold Added better lockon texture for the medic guns Reduced the price of Compound Z Restored the old TargetID system due to issues Halloween event update and a minor bugfix and optimization. Added animation for spitter zombie. Fully disable shadows on the client Only allow devour hope to give 2x max damage instead of 4x Added cannibal trait. Nerfed the Aurea Buffed tommy gun and aa12 Fixed a typo on end game screen Do not unlock infliction zombies in obj Round the health percentage
  6. make sure alt is binded to +walk
  7. 10/07: Buffed Pyromaniac to 35% and made the system round the damage Nerfed Mutagenic DNA, it's now clamped to 40% and only adds attack speed, price reduced back to 8000 Prevent freezing props if the model serverside is an error model Ceil the blast damage of the flare gun All ice based zombies take 2 times the damage from fire Adjusted the winrate obj system Added Serrated Claws zombie trait Added 4 more models to wdrobe whitelist Nerfed the medic zombie point gain Added Absorbent human trait Meat hooks now return to the owner Added Iron Grip human trait Force bleed to do only 1 damage per-tick Added a new zombie HUD system Added 2 more models to wardrobe whitelist Poison pattern fixes Updated descriptions Added content for new variant(devourer) Fixed error with ignite if damage was not set Reduced Vaccination trait from 30 to 20 worth Added 2 more anime models Lowered International Assassin cap from 8 to 5 kills Reduced Armament to 20 worth Nerfed/buffed some zombie classes Made some classes not appear in obj, nerfed revenants Added more models to wardrobe whitelist All weapons can fire underwater Added Hazmat Armor Buffed the zombies on ze minecraft Fixed the Dragonsbreath physics box Removed useless voice hook Melee weapons now cancel a swing if you ghost in the middle of one Validate the font cvar before setting it Fixed the Hurricanes 3D HUD Fixed text getting cut off in the notification list Add the players avatar and team color to the center notify for HPK Bleed now uses DMG_DIRECT and does not get modified by damage scalers Fixed issue where players get launched by damage that should of killed them Added new melees Replace wardrobe model Added blessings system Added 'Iron Claws' zombie trait Tweaked Howler's card Added Vampirism trait Fixed the worth subcat items with the legacy menu Prevent crazy origin error from prop_playergib Added missing killicon for grenade launcher projectile Fixed flaregun projectile not having a killicon trigger_zombieclass can no longer override boss zombies Refresh the new zombie selection menu everytime it's open Added Hunters Intuition Objective now gets infliction rate unlocks Fixed longsword not working for the melee ach Buffed repair bot/Added T6 melee Don't allow a player to buy more than 1 FF Cleaned up card data/log save/load code Minor bot fixes and improvements Nerfed electro pus Added medkit, med nade and nailbot cards Added more emotes Improved the zombine running code Spitter weapon now only emits the sound from the server Added animated emotes Buffed some T2 weapons and Tommygun Increased firerate and damage of Fusion Improved the way FP hands link to the viewmodel Adjusted the forcefield Fixed a rare gib error Make ScaleDamage do nothing if the damagetype is DMG_DIRECT Enfeeble uses ScaleDamage and not SetDamage Made huge improvements to human bot AI Added new melee, made some classes immune to freeze Removed spectator voice hooks Fixed med pistol having bad bounding boxes Remove all clientside ragdolls when map changes Adjusted the way poison works to make it more useful Zombies can now see what status debuffs the humans have Banned for life now stops players from transferring points Added Caustic Poison zombie trait Added arsenal crate to the supply crate Do not respawn players if warmup is about to end Nerfed frost shade shield Players can now purchase at wave 0 Disable collision on both Ars and Resupply Fixed deactivated detpacks giving a detpack weapon with 0 ammo Added Spinfusor Fixed Arsenal Crate collision Made human bots know how to use medic guns Added code for auto-fill server with bots Fixed issue with some weapons being heard globally Nerfed barricade point gain from med zombie Added new blood particle system Improved the medkit health circles Added cvar to swap between old and new forcefield effect Fixed nanite grenade only healing 1 health on the supply crate Fixed the healing ray stacking up the Defender statuses Fixed the TargetID system not going through things Reduced the price of Vampirism to 20 Removed a wardrobe model Added another wardrobe model Buffed frost sword Tweaked nightmare revenant Fixed Vaccination not working with the new poison Can't buy a few things during wave 0
  8. 09/21 Replace the BloodImpact effect with a LUA version Only poison headcrab projectiles will cause the slow down and defence break Fixed up the Gun Turret UI to show ammo type Gun Turrets now fade similar to the way players do Slightly optimized the weapon activity system Ruin can no longer be activated from projectiles Fixed a zombie trait typo Defence Breaker now works on everything Mutagenic DNA now gives stats for current brains when purchased Optimized some string and math functions Berserker no longer overrides the HG Member status Fixed Blood Thinner and Low Battery staying after round restart Added Flare Gun and Dragonsbreath Fixed issue with Ignite not working the way it should Fixed Eraser having a invalid muzzle flash Improved the reload system for shotguns somewhat 3D Weapon HUD no longer renders through everything Held props will now ignore all damage except for zombie damage Renamed all ammo to have upper case names Removed Traveling Typewriter font Added cvar to disable the reload circle Made the personal stats panels better Buffed the Dragonsbreath Fixed the flare gun projectile not working the way it should Buffed the dragonsbreath more Fixed the new zombie selection menu Fixed flare gun igniting teammates Immolator doesn't burn from fire weapon Readded updated emotes Added How Super Terrible?'s collision system Chilled Immolators can and take 2x the damage from fire Nerfed the Dragonsbreath slightly Adjusted the flaregun to so it's fire damage is based of its base damage Added flaregun and dragonsbreath cards Fixed cold blooded trait Do not apply reload speed from cards to dragonsbreath Added Pyromaniac human trait Added reload speed to the Dragonsbreath Added 2 stock for both Flaregun and Dragonsbreath Fixed possible error with the weapon selection HUD Locked tiers in obj based on winrate Fixed the turret not giving points when giving it ammo Fixed crash when scrolling through the pointshop Changed burster's damage type Fixed the Medic Pistol/AR having long reload/draw animations If a weapon uses secondary ammo, also get that secondary ammo from Resupply Boxes Ghoul and Poison Zombie now spit in a pattern instead of random Poison Headcrab spit now does more damage and breaks the players defences. It also does more damage to force fields than any other poison projectile Flaregun stat changes - Reduced burn time from Damage * 0.25 to Damage * 0.15 - Reduced burn damage from Damage * 0.1 to Damage * 0.05 - Reduced explosive range to 110 from 155 - Flare ammo now gives 3 flare shells for 7 points - Resupply now gives 4 flare shells per use Dragonsbreath stat changes - Reduced penetration to 50% from 75% - Reduced burn time to 6 from 10 Can't get the infernal zombie achievement from damaging zombies with fire Disable forcefields for only 4 seconds when hit by electro
  9. 09/17 Headcrabs can't inflict defense breaker, bleed, third seal's blindness. Headcrabs have 50 armour, Zombine's armour stacks. Added 'Thriller Thursdays' automatic event. Buffed Handcannon and added 3D Bullet counter Handcannon stat changes - Penetration increased from 0.4 to 0.6 - Damage increased from 70 to 75 - Bullet spread decreased Promethium's bullets now bounce Reduced worth cost for all starting ammo Added more green frog emotes Updated a few killicons/card icons Lowered the tone of the standard cyan killicon weapons; photon, fusion, gluon, zeus, will now be a slightly darker shade of blue Fixed Hydrochloric Coat description Reduced Carpenter's Hammer costs; 45 worth -> 20 worth, 50 points -> 25 points Reduced Electrohammer repair rate from 1.4 to 1.3, reduced melee damage from 40 to 35, reduced cost from 100 -> 50 points Updated bot chat API Added team redundancy to bot chat API Fixed 'Wicked' Boomstick description typo Optimised player rendering and HUDShouldDraw Added 'Fortune Fridays' automatic event Moved all addons to a central folder for much faster load times Added the ability for player ragdolls to stay on the field Adjusted the Electro Hammers models Force players to download a bunch of base HUD textures to prevent issues Fixed Traveling Typewriter not working Made flashbombs much more effective Allow the rejuvenator to heal through forcefields Buffed the healing from medic zombies to 50 from 24 Made Heat Vision less intrusive on your vision Added Alyx card Added Duelist and Tireless human traits Moved tough to the Performance tab Vaccination now gives the same benefits as Resistant Removed Resistant Added Leg Guards, Blood Lust, Cold Blooded zombie traits Regenerative now heals 1% of your current health instead of 1 Held props can no longer be damaged by explosives Addeed Blood Thinner and Low Battery human returns Reduced the flash bombs price to 15 Flashbomb no longer blinds the owner Fixed Blood Armor for zombies not appearing on the modern ZS HUD Re-enabled wardrobe and forced it to use a whitelist of models Redeem can no longer be chosen if the person is a boss Enabled showing points and profit for zombies on the modern/kf2 HUD Added Sledge Hammer to the worth menu Molotov no longer hurts the owner Added Wunderwaffe card Added Mutagenic DNA zombie trait Fixed Wunderwaffe missing a firing effect Added new weapon models for zombie and fast zombie Added setting to enable 3D Hit Numbers Fixed the Junk Pack model Fixed the worth menu saving carts as IDs and not signatures Improved the floating score system Fixed some base fonts not being downloaded Fixed bone issue with the Wunderwaffe Improved the accuracy of the Wunderwaffe Ammo and Weapons will now draw a halo like health does Fixed up the Fleshmesh model Fixed an error with player rendering Fixed ragdoll from getting knocked down not working the way it should Improved the prop conversion system Unbreakable props no longer glow red when damaged Re-added Annabelle and gave it a new model Made the MP40 muzzle flash much smaller Added new Melee weapon which cleaves for 100 points TargetID has moved slightly upward to avoid issues with medic auras Spit projectiles will now dim players vision if hit in the eyes, they will also slow and cause weakness if hit anywhere else Added partial support for remantler Buffed Frigid Revenant hp to 65, now unlocks at wave 4 Lowered Blood Revenant hp from 150 to 100 Added Zombie Rally trait Buffed Frost Shade health to 3500 from 1500 Added zombie animation fix Decreased Zeus accuracy Added Personal Stats to the end round board Updated Discord Intergration Added new emotes and fixed dimensions for existing emotes Enabled support for png in killicons Updated killicons and card icons Fixed Omega Shade description typo Buffed/nerfed behemoth and poison zombie's attack Fixed sniper tracers Updated Spybot bonus on zombies Fixed promethium rico not being the correct tracer Fixed melee weapon 3rd person jitterness Fixed crow flap sound getting stuck on start of wave Changed emote parentheses, capitalised basic emotes Fixed a rare lua error with card UI Minor optimizations Added models to wardrobe whitelist Do not remove the bonus status effects on death Added reload timer to the 3D/2D HUD and crosshair Nerfed the jump card Fully fix the issues with ze minecraft Improved the ragdoll system Updated Regenerative description
  10. make sure the image you use is <200kb (or it won't work), upload it to imgur right click the image and open it in a new tab so you get something like https://i.imgur.com/abcdefg.png Copy paste the abcdefg into the spray menu and hit enter Wait a map for it to refresh and bam
  11. Is this woman in your avatar drinking water?

    1. pho-


      drinking piss

    2. Old Bill

      Old Bill

      ok i will pretend i didnt see this and kill myself


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