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Jordan Schafer

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  1. AWP | BOOM - Minimal Wear Sawed-Off | Orange DDPAT - Field-Tested SG 553 | Ultraviolet - Field-Tested Galil AR | Shattered - Well-Worn Glock-18 | Dragon Tattoo - Factory New UMP-45 | Caramel - Field-Tested USP-S | Dark Water - Field-Tested AUG | Wings - Factory New MAG-7 | Memento - Factory New StatTrak MAG-7 | Memento - Minimal Wear UMP-45 | Bone Pile - Field-Tested M4A4 | Faded Zebra - Field Tested SG 553 | Ultraviolet - Minimal Wear MP7 | Skulls - Minimal Wear See what you got to offer
  2. 1. What clan or organization do you represent? He4ven-gaming 2. Who will be your person of contact? Jordan (Slyboi48) 3. What game do you want to challenge us CounterStrike: Source 4. When would you like to schedule the event? 28th September... 9pm GMT 5. Anything you would like to tell us about your clan/organization? Just a few friends decided to make a group, We are all mostly English and We tend to do gathers quite alot throughout the week. Would love to be able to play against a popular team
  3. If an admin has abused either you or disregarded the admin rules, please follow this template. 1. Abuser name: Infecto 2. Their Steam Id: STEAM_0:1:20696907 3. What server: Dust2 Eu deathmatch 4. About what time: 05.50am 5. PROOF: Demo of this admin abuse 6. Please tell us about the incident: Well basically I joined up on to your server (i regularly play on OFFICE deathmatch eu) and I started to kill and i did get multiple headshots using a deagle and an AK47 but that is because i know where to aim and if you check by my account (slyboi48) you can see that I have over 2100 hours on CSS.. Anyway thats not why im here; Im here because throughout my killing spree's, I got slayed by Infecto for absolute no reason what so ever. I took it down to being able to repeatedly kill him so he was raging so i let it go and then he does it again and I ask why... His reply was 'i slayed you because of hacks' so then I reply further with 'What hacks? Is it because im better than you?' and then I gave him the warning that I was going to record his actions and place them on the forums and then he started to get defensive and say something like 'hacking, walking through walls, flying around' <-- Well as you can see from that demo... there is no 'aimbot', there is no 'Walking through walls' and there is no 'Flying around'. I then explained to him that i do play on these servers regularly and his reply was 'not for much longer' and then he banned me, trying to make me thing it was permanant but being a retired admin on another community, I always check the ban list if they have one and it was only an hour. You really need to start sorting out your admins. I enjoy playing deathmatch with this community but this is the second time this has happened. I play at mid skill level when doing 5on5 competitive, i cant help when i can kill people easier than some. admin.dem

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