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  1. +1 on lighting needing to be tweaked, but looks good.
  2. I changed mine to nano fiber, zerker, medkit.
  3. I personally have been using Medkit/Zerker
  4. This list is as of April 2019 Note that the general rules for the server still apply. Read up here. FOR PLAYERS: 1. No purposely killing players with props/doors/exploits in maps. 2. No exploiting maps for any reason. 3. Do not randomly votezlist/votekick or give a poor reason. Give a proper reason as to why you're votekicking. 4. No spamming in mic and in chat, bypassing the chat spam can result in a mute. Do not use voice changers. 5. Do not break, destroy or waste props. Do not stand in the way of props to prevent cading. 6. Do not purposely break/unnail cades for no reason. 7. If you are not cading, do not nail props down. 8. If someone is cading do not purposely take props from them or nail stuff down without asking them. 9. You can only use props for a skycade if the front cade doesn't need them. 10. Do not remove peoples crates/turrets to place your own unless if it is interfering with the cade. 11. No spawn camping is allowed past wave two. 12. Do not Metagame or Ghost for players. 13. No actions resulting in population loss. 14. No trade advertisements, all trades will be done at your own risk. 15. ALL Players must advance on Objective Maps when told to do so! You must advance as much as you can unless unsafe to do so! 16. Do not barricade zombie spawn(s), around spawn(s) or to monopolise spawn(s) except for objective/escape maps. 17. No anti-afking. Do not abuse any keyboard or mouse commands in order to circumvent the AFK system. 18. Do not barricade poorly (i.e building a barricade that cannot be shot through or hard to see through). 19. Nothing below the waist for sprays, other rules apply to sprays as well. (Racism, harassment). 20. No trolling of any form; false commands or leading humans/zombies to do opposite of progressing gameplay will get you slain. FOR ADMINS: 1. Admins must abide by the same rules as players. 2. Admins MUST warn a wrongdoer in ADMIN chat before punishing (except for hackers). 3. Permanent ban is last resort only (except for hackers). 4. Once a ban/zlist has been made, remember to post evidence (screenshots, demo's) to the related ban page! 5. Do not speak incessantly in ADMIN chat. Use it for official actions, not to carry out a conversation. 6. Do not have admin wars in front of players. Use TEAM ADMIN chat or take the argument elsewhere. 7. Do not mass mute, mass kick, or do anything to adversely affect an entire team. 8. Do not cause trouble as an excuse to use powers. 9. Use your powers to keep the server fun. Do NOT use your admin to your advantage. 10. Only use !teleport functions when someone is stuck and not for personal gain. 11. No tiny/huge models from wardrobe. 12. You are only allowed to change wardrobe model once a map (this is to prevent huge lag spikes). *Any loopholes and discrepancies will NOT be accepted. If you think you're getting around a rule ask a DL, DS or a Mod first.
  5. @Silly Yeah you do have someone. Me. I already have a blueprint, PM me.
  6. Added ZS_doomsday V4, good reviews. @Nightstar_91 Also pathed for bots. Also, humans won first play.
  7. I love you @Uni If you can come up with more, please do.
  8. Alright yall. I've been fiddling around with portal content. I've hit a block wall and am not sure what map or level would be appealing to you guys. Paste below what map or level in portal you would like to see revamped into a ZS Level or section. Something that can actually be caded if props are added, or something that would make a good section for an objective map persay. Be specific, use names screenshots. Make it so i can actually locate the map/level. If yours is chosen i will add a stamp with your name on it somewhere obvious inside the level.
  9. ZE isn't a thing atm @CallEno & i would suggest giving players the option of redemption "Would you like to redeem? Yes No"
  10. new objectives are being worked on. But it's something that takes a very long time to complete.
  11. February 2019: (26/02/2019) - REMOVED zs_novum_labs_v1c - ADDED zs_novum_labs_v1d
  12. Train

    Zombie Survival

    Didn't realize you took a screenshot with me in the skybox lol I remember that.
  13. +1 for all to me. Seems well thought out.
  14. Train I demand a carnival map with a hidden tomato in it.


    Also congrats! :)

  15. Oh mate, gratz!!


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