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  1. Time to establish myself into new markets. Mechanized mob farms.
  2. A very nice and digestible explanation about 64 bit gmod. Well done. There isn't really much I could probably add to this beside that If you have more threads(say you decide to get the threadripper or the new zen 2+ cores), it makes compiling maps a whole lot quicker.
  3. If people don't like the extended waves,they can be just left alone and can be replaced with something else.
  4. Feel free to throw some suggestions,I'll keep an eye on the map for further consideration on gameplay balances. http://www.mediafire.com/file/w8q6h0wfr3aicwg/zs_ancient_sand_v4.bsp/file Change logs: V4: Added: -additional optimization -admin room(Staff+ can ask me for direction to the admin room) --Waves can now be extended to 7 - 10 --apocalypse mode can now be started at the beginning,middle or end of a wave(cannot be turned off atm,so choose wisely) -added fog -worldhints above the teleports at zspawn Balances: Zombies now have a dedicated teleport to Christmas land -A breakable glass on the 2nd floor of Christmas house replace the stem of the Christmas tree changes: shifted some func_details into world
  5. Nanofiber Armor + Beserker + Regen, Do hit and run tactics.
  6. There were multiple gamemode attempts and they all end up with the same result. Perp was populated until it drop to 0 with several revive attempts ending up having it populated for a few weeks then drop to 0. TTT was in the same situation and Cinema rarely get populated and the only time it got populated was during movie nights(and even then it was mostly just us posting random videos then instantly voteskipped). Dark RP was an idea but no one want to work on it. You can see there were multiple attempts. As far for the future of Gmod,ZS will likely to be the only server that I see will remain populated.
  7. Medic otherwise I'll Soldier main.
  8. Map Name: 1home reborn current version on the server: zs_1home_reborn_v2a new version: zs_1home_reborn_v2b Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5vvj7cgn2zaafaa/zs_1home_reborn_v2b.bsp/file Reason for update: removed the sigil placements screwing the supply crate and optimization with the introduction of areaportals. https://imgur.com/a/vj0PiGQ
  9. I am for one is in favor of removing the gravity gun. Not because of how OP it is(that is one other reason) but the fact that it can be use to potentially troll the human team. Gravity gun can pick up props and just throw it into the cade,thus screwing up the cading process.
  10. Given my experience with ZS,We used to kick people for saying homophobic slur(I'ved kick multiple people for this when I was a mod). While the CSGO and Tf2 demographic(from my perfective) has become more towards older players, Gmod has still remain to this day mostly the same(children and adults). In practical terms,I rarely/almost never hear people saying homophobic slurs(due to community cultural shift, the more "toxic" type staying at their toxic communities,swamp cinema or the simple idea of people just got tired of them). I voted no because we have the no harassment policy. Back then,we did not have the harassment policy or the votemute and votegag in zs.
  11. played civ. beyond earth during the free wknd
  12. Playstation 3 because it was my first and last console.I had fun with the games that came with it. Sport Champion, and some other game i dont remember.

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