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  1. recruitment staff pogchamp

    1. MSU4LIFE


      I know right! PagChomp

  2. Who do you guys think is the best player in zombie survival and why? For me personally, i'd say How Super Terrible? for teaching and showing me how to play the game at a more advanced level I'd always track his movements and figure out what I can do improve whether it being decision making or playing a map/objective in a different way
  3. Updated main roster @Archer @Rise Above @Skys @SpawnMatrix @Strafe Check your steam profile on the first post PM me any questions and substitutes GCC Discord - link Official Thread - link Participating Communities/Teams - link Schedule - link
  4. Played on another community called TPS back in 2012 before moving to HG
  5. Grats ValueSensei!

    1. ValueSensei


      Thank you very very much! :) Looking very much forward to having more tasks to do! (That isn't sarcasm! :D I like having things to do!)

  6. Hey there MarstonX, I appreciate you expressing your concern and i'd like to give my side of it. Before I even switched the map to ab mall for br events, I made a vote on Rifteen for "replay" or "ab mall br" (will provide screenshot if needed), the vote passed. Hence, the reason why I changed the map and started doing the events. http://steamcommunity.com/id/scripterharle/games/?tab=recent I've barely played GMod at all the last month or so and if doing it once/twice a week is constant to you, i'd have to disagree. Thanks, A HG Director and Zombie Survival Veteran
  7. Remember our talk during the CS:GO Extravaganza? I don't think i'd be here now without you.. i'll definitely miss you. Don't be a stranger!

  8. Hey guys, Our friends at Gaming Community Central has kindly requested for staff members who are interested in becoming Ambassadors for our community. If you would like to be one, feel free to either reply to this thread or send me a message and i'll get back to you soon. Thanks!
  9. Bumped. My Best Friend Ryze stepped down from CE and wants to be replaced. If you’re interested, post here or send me a message thanks! *im in need of 2-3 more ambassadors
  10. Harlebombs

    Why This

    I’ve played 10 mans for 3 years now and occasionally I’d get the 1 or 2 people undervaluing my gamesense and aim because of “pingâ€. Ping doesn’t give you an advantage from someone who has been playing with it for years now. It’s noticable but I don’t think it’s as big of as a issue as some people might think it is. 10man seems to be having a decline in population (from what I see). The quality of players and choosing of team captains play a bigger factor in determining the outcome of a game. If you look at my stats during balanced games against decent players like spawn, rise, arche etc. I generally do worse than them but to players who are perhaps not as good, it seems like I’m untouchable or whatever the issue is. I love 10 mans but I care more about the players. If there is a need for me to step away from it, I’ll do it gladly. Just don’t take it out on my boy Pickles and other “laggersâ€. I’m too tied up with school and improving in overwatch anyways, I rarely play csgo.

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