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  1. - pho- from Minecraft Dev Team
  2. -Nhollanders(NonT) and Saintblue from Minecraft Dev -ForrestMarkX stepped down as Minecraft Dev Team Leader
  3. We are making progress on Crackhouse. The startup issue (5 minutes to start) has been narrowed down to one specific plugin (now disabled) which I plan to update tonight. Hopefully it was also the causes of the crashes. You will note that a number of plugins have been disabled but fear not, they will be brought back online too! :-) Currently you can play but I believe ammo isn't being resupplied automatically. Try knifing people once you run out of ammo :-)
  4. +Promoted Fortis to Minecraft Dev Co. Team Leader
  5. What the farke!!!!!!


    potato is now full Dick 

    i mean director <3 congrats mr. Potato man

    miss ya good sir. 

    1. Misc2008


      Hi, thanks!


    2. Snowyamur


      He's actually a pickle in real life. We just don't know it.

  6. +Fortis to Minecraft Dev
  7. Gratz on Vet!

  8. Gratz on Vet!

    1. SMD



  9. Gratz on Vet!

    1. Vicious


      Hell yeah! Thank you, sir.


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