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  1. ugh something wrong with networking on my PC. Either the motherboard LAN module is dying or Microsoft did something

  2. See any of this stuff in your local mess?


  3. Hmm, a new name

    1. Card
    2. Misc2008


      Oh - you changed your name in April and I didn't notice lol

    3. Card


      I didn't even notice, nor do I remember 

  4. They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: 
    Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. 
    At the going down of the sun and in the morning 
    We will remember them.
  5. My club is best club


    1. Snowyamur


      Yes, because as we all know, we need a club for Potato Lovers.

  6. Sysadmins are working on it. Some people report it fixed now and others not.
  7. Due to the datacenter shutting down we have been forced to relocate about two thirds of our game servers. This affects TF2, CS:S and CS:GO servers. We are aware that some players are having difficulty connecting and have escalated this issue to the system admins for analysis. This is the complete set of addresses for everything:- CS:GO JailBreak CS:S Minigames Crackhouse Office Dust2 DM #1 Dust2 DM #2 Iceworld Events Gun Game 10 Man JailBreak Garry's Mod Zombie Survival zs.hellsgamers.com Minecraft Minecraft Factions minecraft.hellsgamers.com TF2 Community Maps Stock Maps MvM Trade #2 CTF Turbine Trade #3 Realms Final Trade #5 Minecraft Events
  8. If you are still using old software such as Outlook 2007 you might be inconvenienced by a new ESET update today which blocks older security protocols. You can turn this off or change the settings in Advanced setup > web and email.
  9. classical is like 20 years old at this point xD
  10. Congratz shrub!

  11. Congratz shrub!

  12. Do you enjoy making maps? We are in need of new mappers, especially for TF2 and CS:S. If you are interested apply here:

  13. I know nothing about such things but that knife does look tasty
  14. Promoted NonT to full mapper.

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