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  1. Map Name: Starrylit Moon Haven Current version on the server: zs_starrylit_moon_haven_v2 I guess still New version: zs_starrylit_moon_haven_v3b Link to map download or thread containing the download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/no6r4pd3zpwov6v/zs_starrylit_moon_haven_v3b.rar/file Guess who's back again, however, I promise this is the last update for this map, at least for a long while. This is what i believe to be the definitive version of this map. Here's the changes: -fixed an issue with an invisible seam on the giant mushroom that was present in the earlier v3 version -removed another room, the star like room -moved some places around -added a gate to the entrance that leads to another room, in order to open the gate, one must stand on a red switch which traps them inside a gate until the timer is up. Switch is on the bottom floor -balanced more areas, i don't want this map to be frustrating for zombies -the reward for completing the final quest, the pink star, instead of just healing hp, I changed what it does to be more interesting and fun. There is a cooldown for the stars power.
  2. Map Name: Starrylit Moon Haven Current version on the server: zs_starrylit_moon_haven_v2 New version: zs_starrylit_moon_haven_v3 Link to map download or thread containing the download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3d7d4roqjx5p96l/zs_starrylit_moon_haven_v3.rar/file Reason for update: Sorry, I'm back again. I overhauled the map a bit more as I still wasn't satisfied with the v2 changes. What version 3 includes: -Removed the bottom tunnel area to make the map smaller again -Moved some things around like the rainbow dome building thing -Bit more optimization -changed some lighting to try and get that more mysterious feel to the map -AI bot pathing so bots should be able to move around the map -other changes such as fixing a ladder texture that wasn't present in the v2 version
  3. Map Name: Starrylit Moon Haven Current version on the server: zs_starrylit_moon_haven_v1c New version: zs_starrylit_moon_haven_v2 Link to map download or thread containing the download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/nev3ryb9ianvn1e/zs_starrylit_moon_haven_v2.rar/file Reason for update: After seeing the map for the first time on the hg server, I was disgusted, embarrassed, and depressed how shitty it turned out to be. The music was headache inducing, humans felt alittle too op, still a bit too big for my tastes as map size goes. What this new version fixes and changes include: -music was changed and fixed using soundscapes since I was crazy using ambient generics with play everywhere set and triggers setting it on and off which caused the sound seizures -removed the blue area, the ice area -moved the mushroom house to another cell and changed its look to be more applicable as well as getting rid of the stupid maze inside by changing it into a more appropriate floor -moved things around such as replacing the mushroom house spot with the tower from the blue area -slime quest is still in and probably easier to accomplish -instead of a trigger that activated a death when someone falls off the main hub area and star area, u get sent into an area were u can have a last stand but if u desire to suicide, u can just jump off the platform -balanced many areas were i thought would be needed -changed the look of the green area a bit -other changes i can't remember since i have a memory span of a goldfish I wanted to get this update sooner but I had to hold off for about two weeks.
  4. zs_starrylit_moon_haven_v1c http://www.mediafire.com/file/bni88gqq5bq3gn6/zs_starrylit_moon_haven_v1c.rar/file The original i felt was too big so i deleted one of the areas and overhauled some rooms a bit and some feedback told me i was missing a texture which i added back, also fixed a zombie spawn since it spawned me inside the wall most of times. Map has: -custom music -custom textures (some or most made by me) -optional rewarding quest here's another sneak peak picture : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1716842648 (alright, so, i configured the map a bit again, i feel really magical about this one)
  5. zs_starrylit_moon_haven http://www.mediafire.com/file/ddnnqiseddo0czx/zs_starrylit_moon_haven.rar/file I say a decent sized map with custom textures and models added by vide so no one needs to download any textures or models optional quest added in that rewards prizes for completing but is difficult but optional may need some feedback to see if map may be too big or if there are any missing textures i missed or if one of the zombie spawns is alright picture here https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198081266158/screenshot/965368466530624668
  6. Favorites are: Ze : crash_bandicoot just because the map is soo wacky and the parkour is rather fun, the boss fights were a mixed bag though, i like the floating mask fight but the blimp one can be cheesed if u stand in a certain spot. Obj: This might have to go to upward as i like the design, the difficulty for humans winning is fairly balanced, doesn't feel too easy nor impossible to win, and I like the length of the map, not too short or feels too long like vertigo. Reactor is a close second just cause I like seeing ppl fall to their death, chopped up by the fans, or my favorite, death by ventilation.
  7. Noooo, server is down while its finally my day off, someone play me the song mad world

  8. My favorite zombie is the chrono butcher just cause I feel like a badass ninja going in and just start whacking whoever i see first when I can move again without dyin, also it gets really intense when ur a human and u hear that sound of it teleporting. The zombie I hate the most has got to be either the puke, tickle nightmare, or fire headcrab. Puke isn't soo bad but that dizzy effect of it hittin u is just frustrating, the fire headcrab when it lands a hit can take almost half ur health due to the fire, while the tickle nightmare can dish out huge amounts of damage fast without putting itself in much danger by taking potshots with its reach.
  9. Yeah, I agree with trazix on the mini-mania. Its useless for humans as the duration only lasts for 30 seconds and if a cader gets a hold of this ability, it just makes it more frustrating to try and cade with. For zombies, this bonus is pretty powerful, especially if a boss such as a nightmare obtains it which is actually pretty common such as yesterday during infirmary map, the mini nightmare broke through a cade with ease which it shouldn't and was gg for humans from there.Even then, bosses with mini could slip through cades and just go wild on the human team. At least with low gravity, its somewhat situational at times and mostly just a funny novelty to receive. The deagle I believe should have its price lowered from 80 to somewhere down the 30-50 range maybe as its too expensive otherwise, even though its a tier 2, and ppl will just get the riochet which is just as good and much cheaper. Other than that, I wish that there was a way to craft from within the arsenal crate instead of dropping a weapon which someone could pick up while u craft which is the akimbo although this is only a minor pet peeve of mine but more importantly, I wish that zombie bosses would get somewhat of a punishment for boss rushes, 2 nightmares is fine to deal with at the start of the wave but with a 60+ population, nightmare rushes can break through well-built cades pretty quickly. Maybe three or four of the same boss would result in a 15 damage reduction to props, idk.
  10. I voted no, not because the wendigo is fine the way it is, the butcher is much more effective at trying to counter runners and unless it changed, heros from bonus crates have a hard time dealing with wendigo. But, i chose no because I like the design of the wendigo and I believe that the boss should be implemented in a different way so as to be different from other bosses in how to deal with the opposing human team. My suggestions I guess include giving wendigo a fire effect aura akin to immolator and make its attacks fire based, give it just slightly more damage than immolator while hitting props but make its fire last much longer or make wendigo similiar to chrono butcher in a way but instead of attacking ppl within the cade, make it sort of possess a player, not possess in way to control him/her but make it so that the player who is possessed can do friendly fire on their own teammates but the wendigo takes damage over time while possessing.
  11. Welcome to HellsGamers Site and the Community :)

  12. -hg- Clan Application Game Division Garry's Mod In-Game Name Artymist Location Guam How old are you? 26 Which games (servers) do you play on? Zombie Survival Usually How long have you been playing on our servers? Since 2011, 2012 I think What is your Steam ID / GUID? STEAM_0:0:60500215 Why do you want to join HG? I guess to help ppl get a hold of me concerning map creations if that's anything to be worried about, otherwise just to join the cool club. All members are required to be on our TeamSpeak3 Server whenever playing on our servers. Will you agree with this rule? Yes Do you have any current VAC bans? No Who (if anyone) referred you to apply? Northground Any other information you want to include? I am a healthy 5'6 male who loves sweet things such as cinnamon rolls and has a fine taste for cheap wine such as barefoot or fortunella. I hate long walks on the beach unless its in morrowind, witcher 3, or heck, skyrim even.
  13. zs_rainbow_orb_island_v1a https://www.mediafire.com/file/c0t8bkwa4hgeby4/zsrainboworbisland3.rar back again and this one compiled pretty fast so i'm placing high hopes on this fix otherwise, this might go up till v1z. -cut the store, the foliage pack with all the grass and trees and just used the default trees but not too much. -changed some textures around again -changed the 3d skybox again -replaced the loop with another song thats one minute long in the beginning with no loop. -added just a bit more detail but deleted some other things as well.
  14. zs_rainbow_orb _island_v1 https://www.mediafire.com/file/fnbhju36lcv779g/zsrainboworbislandv1.rar well here it is again with the following changes: -cut the map basically in half and removed or cut the mansion, church, wooden house, and the mushroom house. -moved the store around to accommodate the smaller size -fixed some textures that flicker from light by replacing them such as the road and library. -added tons of player clips and hints. Player clips should make the map feel much less open and the hints should hopefully add the optimization for the map. -improved the skybox abit. -added a bit more detail to the map, cars on the streets among other things. Hopefully the map isn't still too big or has lag issues otherwise I might have to start removing stuff again starting with the foliage pack.
  15. added updated new map to the map suggestions, hopefully someone sees it


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