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    Fractal Define r4
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    AsRock asrock extreme 4
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    16 gig G Skill
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    gtx 660
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    tx 750
    Samsung ssd 850 500 gb
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    wind 10
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  1. lol ...That a small fries
  2. Keep up the good work.....:D

  3. Uni IF U EVER I MEAN EVER "Poop in a boop" near me again I'm reporting you to HR.....

  4. Poop in a boop 

    1. darkcup


      You should get that checked Uni

  5. bonjour 

    Comment vas-tu

    1. Uni


      tray bean

    2. darkcup


      B)Bon à savoir.

  6. Il be putting on my Christmas hat on for this one.Should be fun
  7. Happy B-day!

  8. That solved nearly all me problems all errors with the models are nearly gone.Dont have the new 2017 tf2 textures could that be it?.Is CS go also used ?...Thats what i get for not playing g mod for a few months and it goes to shits on me pc .. https://steamuserima...E459AC48498A54/ did i miss any thing http://steamcommunit...uploadsuccess=1
  9. This is what im seeing and its driving me nuts any advice would be helpfull http://steamcommunit.../?id=1266167983 https://steamuserima...F5B68829239CF3/
  10. Having a triple espresso as i type
  11. Check this out man B]


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