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  1. Forrest had mentioned changing the CS:S models before, so I figured I'd go ahead and offer some ideas. They're all TFA Base since they have c_arms. Some weapons say they require INS2 Shared Parts, but that should only be for attachments, which none of these guns need. Worth Menu: Peashooter Battleaxe The USR from this pack for the Stubber Tier 1 Silencer USP Eraser (to make this gun useful, make it an automatic with like a 15-20 round magazine). Tier 2 Silencer TMP Bulletstorm P90 Sprayer 9mm (The Halo SMG in the pack, it has separate weapons for single and dual wield, which is good for the fact that it can be akimbo'd in game). Akbar AK Ender Shotgun Tier 3 Stalker M4 Reaper UMP Tier 4 Sweeper Shotgun Tier 5 Grim M249
  2. Also the server was near crashing levels of lag.
  3. We're getting 15-10 fps on this map with a full server.
  4. Don't worry, Pho said it'll be removed. I suggested some other maps as compensation.
  5. In fact, here's an idea to implement for trolling: a tally system. Every time someone leaves a barricade with a hole in it, give a troll command, or intentionally get someone killed with evidence, they get a strike. 1 strike is removed a month if the person doesn't troll again. 1st strike: For caders, a warning and a 2 minute grace period to fix the problem with their props. This moderator warning and tally is only applied if players have warned the cader prior to this occurrence. If nothing is done they are zlisted for the map so that others may fix the cade. For command trolls, a map-long gag or mute, depending on how they issued the command. 2nd strike: Immediate zlist, gag, or mute, (depending on the action) all for half an hour Player is also kicked if their action caused a fellow human to die. 3rd strike: Ban for a day. 4th+ strike: Ban for a week. I know it's not perfect, as it's not always clear who trolled. But mods have always had to make judgement calls, just like with who is defined as a "regular" for when an immediate kick, zlist, or mute is issued instead of a warning for other infractions. At least with this, a clear guideline is established for punishment for broad types of trolling.
  6. Did I say ANYTHING about removing the N word ban? I said it's the only thing mods seem to focus on anymore. We need stricter rules on gameplay trolling. It slides way too much and when newbies come on and get trolled by their own team, why would they ever come back? Why would they bother with a server that clearly doesn't give a fuck? You can't just throw your hands up and say "what are we supposed to do?", it's your job as Division Leader to address these concerns and make the server better. Stop avoiding problems.
  7. I agree wholeheartedly, this server needs some more upkeep with player feedback and focusing on spicing things up. And focusing on dealing with trolling. I recall a few days ago, on Christmas Towm, someone left a hole in their cade zombies could get through. The cader was warned in mic, in chat, and in vote zlist. Nothing was done for 2 waves. Then, when zombies broke in and got people killed because they walked through the hole, I did a votekick, because he obviously must have known about the hole. No way he was blind and deaf. A mod REMOVED my votekick and threatened ME for trying to kick someone. It's time to give the staff a wakeup call and focus on the rules that ACTUALLY matter rather than exclusively kicking and punishing people for the N word. Trolling your own team isn't being punished. It's being ignored. Also, as for the question of more events, I suggested a few days ago an automated system that does a small little event every day. No need for mods to deal with it at all. Here it is.
  8. "I like this map because 90% of the team gets lost and I get to tier 6 farm" Shit like this is why people don't come back on the server.
  9. Map is a total maze and is way too massive. Most of the zombies get lost and all it really does is encourage tier 6 solo cades.
  10. I have no idea, didn't even know such a thing existed lol
  11. People love events and special modifiers that change up the game every now and then, to offer something unique. It brings people in and keeps them on the server. So why not make short, up to hour-long mini-events that give people something unique? I was thinking at 5 PM each day, hence the name of the system, but it doesn't have to be at this time. Basically, at 5 PM, the server automatically picks from a batch of events, and one of them is applied for however long that specific event is allowed. Here's some ideas: 1. Worthiness: All humans start with 200 worth. Zombies receive a 25% barricade point boost to compensate. (Lasts full hour, can apply on OBJ maps). 2. Fire Sale: All weapons except tier 6 are half-price. Zombies receive a 50% barricade point boost. (Lasts full hour, can apply on OBJ maps). 3. Double Points: All sources of income are doubled. Barricade point rate doubled. (Lasts 30 minutes, can apply on OBJ maps). 4. Triple Points: All sources of income are tripled. Barricade point rate increased by 2.5x. (Lasts 15 minutes, can apply on OBJ maps). 5. Party Popper: All humans get 2 random tier 4+ guns. Zombies are super strong. (Lasts one full map). 6. Team Battle Royale: 2 human teams fight to the death, no respawns. (Lasts one full map, 2 rounds). 7. Doubled Ammo: Buying ammo gives double the bullets. Team Resupplier is permanent. Zombies start with 2000 Barricade Points. (Lasts full hour, can apply on OBJ maps). 8. Stopping Power: Zombies and Humans alike do +50% damage to everything. (Lasts 30 minutes). 9. Co-op: All starting zombies are bots. Bot Zombies increase in number each round by 5. Humans that die will spectate the round, and redeem at the intermission, if any humans are left alive. Can only apply if server population is below 50. (Lasts full hour). 10. Presents!: Bonus Crate earn rate is massively increased. Bonus Crates spawn around the map as presents, just like in the Christmas event. (Lasts full hour). I think this would be a fun way of spicing up the gameplay, which should mean that people ask for events less, and are more patient for updates. What do you guys think?
  12. We just played Minecraft Jungle and oh my god it's so bad. There's almost no props, with the only props being Minecraft props, half of which are invisible while you hold them, meaning you can't tell what you're doing. There's a REALLY long hallway underground where if someone printed some props and brought them down there they could basically be unkillable. Then there's that Treehouse map where all anyone does is make a tier 6 cade in the trees, where you can only attack with Fasties and flying zombie types. Why were these added? Can we please purge this shit from the server?
  13. This would be great as a joke update along with a Shrek reskin for Swamp Legion, and maybe some other changes, maybe some sound changes such as the Roblox "oof" for dying and Minecraft hurt sounds? Have it live for like a week then make it an event that admins can toggle on and off.
  14. We just had the map force changed to NPST when we were about to win because one of the doors can be blown up before it's supposed to be able to, so zombie spawns broke. This happens almost every time we play it. Either fix it or fucking remove it, I don't want to be cock teased my winning points again.

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