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  1. My problem with this trait is that the effectiveness is directly correlated with a card level, which is even more RNG on top of RNG. Like others suggested, maybe as a milestone for cards.
  2. Lady Luck has already addressed the problem with supply crates regenerating health, but I have another suggestion as well: When humans aren't near the supply crate, it's hard to convince the zombies on your team to go attack it, because they don't receive barricade points for it. What I propose is that, once health regen for crates is removed, supplies will give barricade points for damaging them even if humans aren't close enough under normal circumstances. This way, zombies aren't penalized for going halfway across the map do destroy it.
  3. On second thought, neuro recharge rate is fine. When you lose the armor, people tend to back off and wait to fight until it's back, which I think is balanced enough since it means one less active defender for a short timeframe.
  4. Absolutely. If Ghouls could receive blood cradles because maps were unreliable with spawning them, we can get bosses with blood cradles for when ghouls are unreliable as well.
  5. Currently, there is little to no point in getting the Armor Vest for 70 worth when you can get 50 regenerating armor for 35 worth. What I propose is reducing the cost of the vest to 35 worth to make it more attractive, and raise the cost of regen armor to 50 worth, and nerf the regen rate to one every one and a half second instead of half second. This way, if you plan on staying in the back of the pack, so you won't be hit as much, the low cost vest is a more attractive option, while Nano Fiber is still good without being overpoweringly better. Also, the new variants of Fastie and Headcrab are pretty strong, too strong imo. Maybe look into reducing their damage stats.
  6. We actually have Blue Velvet, but not on rotation because of issues with the server. We also had Blitzkrieg but it was removed because it doesn't play well on the server, flying bosses and whatnot.
  7. Is there ever a fair match on this map? It's literally two long fucking hallways with so many props humans can make an unstoppable cade. Why do we have this map?
  8. One person should not be able to buy every single grenade for themselves. It encourages selfish behavior and spamming of explosives. Limit it to 5 of each explosive max.
  9. When a supply crate is destroyed, humans cannot repair it when crows are inside it and pecking it. The problem is that these crows cannot be killed while in the supply. Can this be fixed please? It's not exactly fair for the humans that there is no counter to this.
  10. Spawns for the last few zombie spawns are completely broken and spawn zombies halfway across the map. If no admin is on to constantly teleport zombies, then it's an easy human win because zombies can't physically reach the humans.
  11. We just played it again and we all died first minute round 1, it crashed again on replay. Just like before. Bro this map is broke af
  12. Everyone in the server keeps bitching about it: the AoE on the attack is disgustingly large and does a lot of damage, the debuff lasts too long and it has too much HP. It's basically a better version of the nightmare. Either make it a wave 5 or 6 unlock or nerf it.
  13. I love the idea of an item that can remove debuffs, but honestly the debuffs we have from things like Doom Crab and Howler aren't even that dangerous as is. It's a good idea, but I'm not sure the game currently makes such an idea that important for someone to invest their worth points into. Would be really handy for bleeding though, and freezing, although most people don't go as freezing type zombies.
  14. Literally the second time in the past 2 days that Evac's replay has crashed the server. Plus, it's always just a bloodbath at match start meaning we never get further than 5 minutes into it. It's just a trashy OBJ map that's too old and unrefined compared to almost everything else we have.

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