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  1. Or just remove it. It's two long hallways. That's what the map is.
  2. Salt Mine is FAR more prone to bullet cading than Insurance is, with much longer hallways, yet I don't think this map has the damage debuff? It's basically impossible for zombies to get in if humans have a barricade worth a shit, there needs to be something more.
  3. You're missing the point. I died INSIDE the cade, repairing it. I wasn't even hugging the props.
  4. I died through a blue shelf, a good 6 feet or so away from the prop itself, where other zombies couldn't even hit me, not human ones anyways. Then I died to a bot wraith that somehow hit me THROUGH the prop that human-controlled zombies physically couldn't. They already have perfect aim, can we get rid of this bullshit?
  5. I'm a firm believer in not having 1 shot abilities for zombies unless the difficulty modifier and zombie perks are heavily invested in already, at which point the zombies have basically earned it. A swamp legion shouldn't be able to just insta kill somebody without having like a 2x difficulty or devour hope.
  6. Understandable, but the solution should just be to remove that location after the map is over. Not fuck us over out of a win just because we had luck.
  7. We didn't get a win in MLT home because the zombie team became a bunch of pussies and RTV'd us out. Remove RTV when tier 6 is unlocked or let admins use the fucking veto, somebody disabled that.
  8. @Snowyamur The problem with just adding another debuff is that the Doomcrab would still not be gratifying to use: just holding the alt attack your entire boss life is dull. At least Bonemesh actually does damage so you can watch the number climb. Also, If you can't do any damage, you won't get any barricade points, and thus probably not even get boss next wave.
  9. Ever since Doomcrab got nerfed a while back, I haven't seen anyone use it except from bonus crate spawns. To see why, all you have to do is use his attack. I'm certain it does less damage than a chem zombie, which is absolutely pathetic. Why would I go Doomcrab against a cade when Nightmare or Tickle Monster can do much more barricade damage given the same period of time? What I would suggest is a buff to its damage to barricades to match a chem, at the expense of a longer delay between each leap, maybe 50% longer? This way, hit and run tactics make this boss a valid tool against doorcades and other multi-prop entrances. Human damage should remain as-is, because the alt-attack to debuff humans is already good enough to reduce the human team's killing potential.
  10. So? It was made for HG. Mapper doesn't play anymore, why would he care?
  11. 50 damage a second? Are you fucking serious? If you fall because of the shitty platforming in the Source engine and the lag, you have no chance to recover back onto a platform. Fucking nerf that shit, jesus fucking christ. The map is ALREADY hard enough at a 1% winrate. We don't need this artificial difficulty.
  12. Problem is that even with props, the only place to cade is in the eyes, which can only be safely accessed with an oxygen tank.
  13. Yes, unfortunately. We need to purge it.
  14. There was a reason this map was not on active rotation holy shit pho what the fuck were you thinking? Wave 1 wipes, NO FUCKING PROPS ON THE MAP, the zombie spawn is very far from where humans cade with junk packs. Not to mention the fact that the eyeballs are the only place to go.
  15. My problem with this trait is that the effectiveness is directly correlated with a card level, which is even more RNG on top of RNG. Like others suggested, maybe as a milestone for cards.

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