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  1. I was expecting Fire nail to be "Takes reduced damage from Immolators" or "Can not be set on fire" Weaving Nail and Vampiric nail seem over powered. To take a hit from a Nightmare and completely reverse, potentially multiple times, could almost multiple how long a prop could survive, especially door cades Sure I would like to see elemental nails and I would be fine with all of these being added assuming the two nails above are not added. You could also have something like a "blast resistant" nail that would specifically take reduced damage from Bursters, Bonemeshs, Zombine nades, Bloated zombies. Plated nail may cover to much so if it was specific to melee attacks only then bam. Another potentially overpowered nail idea is a nail that allows humans to phase through the prop faster
  2. It penetrates force fields but does reduced damage... No clue if it should be able to go through multiple force fields and keep reducing damage or it just gets flat-lined at the 2nd force field. Slight rework of devourer to keep in relevant at higher Waves - the throw-able would definitely need to start dropping after a short - medium distance to people don't just get sniped by it
  3. Is Chains finally old enough to stop harassing me and asking me to buy booze for him

  4. What better way to say congrats than a completely irrelevant but funny looking picture out of a video game
  5. The last time I was a shade and successfully hit someone with the rock, I did roughly 60ish damage. I have no clue what the difficulty multiplier was or what level my shade currently is. The rock is easy to counter... Shoot it. It is a prop that the shade pulls out of the ground to throw at humans. Whenever I see a shade kill someone with a prop I just assume someone didn't nail something down - or a part of the barricade just broke and someone got unlucky.
  6. Bypass Map walls. That would turn this boss into a map by map under or overpowered boss. On smaller open maps where humans have a typical spot they camp from wave 1, this boss could easily and safely spam knockdown most of the human team. For range in arsenal crates is that strictly in a wave around the boss or a sphere around the boss potentially hitting humans directly below it. This boss seems like it would get 0 usage on maps like Infected_Square or that Underground jail map where either the humans are too high up for a jump or the map simply doesn't allow for Tremor Nerf to jump high at all. On other maps whose names I can't remember, the current best example I can think of is, the map is already a small map, it has very few buildings, there is the farmhouse like building that humans will camp on top of but only for wave 1. Next to the farmhouse like building is the building that almost always has the Supply Crate that humans will camp from Wave 1. Tremor Nerf would have plenty of space to jump high enough to do full range, since this would bypass map walls then even without a spherical range most of the barricades defenders would be knocked down. 4 second knockdown time is plenty long enough for the rest of the boss zombies to peek in, let Tickles poke people who are getting up, and nightmares do irreversible damage to the cade. When it comes to countering a Tremor Nerf who focuses on knocking down humans through a wall from safety, there will probably be no pushing it. Knockdown + 4 second ragdoll vs 7 second cooldown. Unless the human has one of the two God Modes or the Tremor Nerf is alone, trying to fight that would be certain death. Depending on the cade, I am sure it would take a human 3ish seconds or longer to phase through it. I have no clue if the Tremor Nerf would have knowledge of if or how many humans they knocked down each jump, but I am assuming it would be the same mindset of a Devourer hooking someone. "FREE KILLS" I am willing to say that Tremor Nerf would be interesting as it comes at Wave 5, but having Tickle Nightmares hard poke people who were knocked down would make Tremor Nerf the new best support boss zombie. Even if Tremor Nerf doesn't get any points for knocking down humans via his leap, I am sure there would still be someone who would go him just to support zombie team. Tremor Nerf could be as useful to zombie team as a Shade against a team of noobs who don't know how to turn their flashlights on.
  7. Exactly, and this variant would just be a differen't way of dealing with humans. Sometimes I feel like devourer's hook range is to short but it would probably be OP if it was longer. There are some of maps where humans will REALLY outrange zombies like Infected_Square and fast zombie isn't unlocked yet so there is no fighting those spots. Sure you could go Legion or Nerf to counter the window snipers but when was the last time you saw someone go Nerf
  8. What is a Devourer's greatest weakness other than having no variants or a team that doesn't help kill hooked humans? Force Fields. Devourer variant that in-exchange for not hooking people, simply throws hooks instead. Devourer hook base damage is 8? So a thrown hook would do roughly 12 damage on hit. It CAN go through force fields but if it does then the damage it deals is cut in half. A great way to snipe low HP humans and punish them for not having medics / a force field. Melee damage of variant would be slightly lower, HP would be slightly lower, recharge rate would be higher, not sure if twice as fast would be over powered or not. What I am unsure about is multi-penetration of Force Fields. Not sure if the 2nd Force Field would flat-line the projectile or if it should penetrate that as well and just have its damage cut in half again. I do not want the hooks to penetrate and hit multiple humans. I shudder at the thought of a Killonaire damage / Quad damage devourer variant that just lays waste to humans like pre-nerf Doom Crab did. Other adjustments to the variant would be very similar character model but the carried hook's size would be reduced and a second one would be put in the devourer's other hand. When it melee attacks it would swing with either hand like a human would when they swing their fists. It may lose a few of the bones on its character model to help show it has less HP. Normally when dealing with Force Fields either the whole zombie team has to throw themselves against it or wait / hope for a Electro Pus. The Devourer variant wouldn't do anything to the force field so it isn't replacing Electro Pus. The thrown hooks would also deal reduced damage to barricades / props. Don't want someone wasting a boss slot so they can camp somewhere and just poke spam the barricade for points from somewhere safe. I am not sure what Wave this variant would be unlocked since it can be useful at any wave. If it goes with no damage reduction, hp reduction, etc. then it would definitely be a Wave 5 variant like Ancient Nightmare. If the suggested downsides go through then it could come as early as Wave 2 or 3. I do not think this variant should be a Wave 0 or Wave 1 boss.
  9. I should probably just record a demo of someone on human team having like -1000 points at wave 1 then once wave 3 kicks in and humans and super outnumbered, you just watch him chuck out 40 grenades one after another and profit at least 500 points. The limit of explosives should also help with some Zombie Escape maps where 1 person buys ALL the claymores, and then perfectly claymore spam every single zombie spawn Det pack spam is fairly annoying but I am fine with just hiding around the corner and asking someone to take it out for me
  10. Alright ya screwballs - which 2 of you added me on Pokemon Go but didn't add to the forum post

  11. Alright since Pokemon Go has heavily changed since it was first released roughly 2 years ago, it is time to take full advantage of having online friends. One big new thing to Pokemon Go is adding friends via Trainer Codes. There are literal missions that require you to make friends too. My trainer code is 5025 0119 9772 - feel free to send me a friend request - This forum post will be similar to other ID code posts. Please only comment your Pokemon Go ID if you want random people who visit HG forums to add you, any trading, exchanging of gifts, etc. Should be taken to another forum post, PMs, or what ever TS3 channel yall want to use. HG | Eton145 [GM] = Eton145 - 5025 0119 9772 [HG] Morgoth = itscharliec = 3427 7879 1787
  12. Easiest way to fix this is to enter your CS:GO folder, and delete the map. Somewhere something happened to your map that caused it to not get updated so it differs. Like I just said, easy fix is to delete the map from your CSGO folder and next time that map comes up the game will force you to re-download it and it will download the correct version C: > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > Counter-Strike Global Offensive > csgo > find the map name and delete it, use the search bar to find it faster
  13. We already did a Negevs v Negevs event a while ago, fairly sure it was low grav too but many events get repeated after a while
  14. Can everyone also get decoys to further spread the noise?
  15. Like the name says, the map was a disco / club. Before update, it would play loud music to the point where you could not hear anything else if you were inside the building. Post update, you can't hear anything else period. If that map was re-added then admins would need to enforce No one touching the disco controls and no one is going to sit in spectate and do that. Wasn't rooftops the map with the helipad that would glitch out when a smoke was thrown on it?

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