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    My little Pony,Walking Dead,GarrysMod,Sleeping,Talking to Freinds,discord,Cleaning,Movies,the Office, ETC

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  1. id love to golf gonna join for sure
  2. hows the HG Gang all been doing this month, time flys when your a working man lol just wanted to check in on people

    1. EddieCam


      Doing well! Thank you for asking buddy!

    2. CogsFixmore


      thats good to hear my dood, i really need to set time aside to play on zombies server lol

  3. I really need to make time to play some zombies again bright side been making money at my new job :D

  4. CogsFixmore


    looks like a fun event, hopefully i can catch it
  5. Hows everyone been doing? yall ready for Canada Day? and Murica Day?

    1. SoTa



    2. Snowyamur


      I'm ready for 'Murica Day @CogsFixmore. I don't do fireworks n' stuff, but I got my Independence Day film ready to go to spread that American spirit!

  6. first week of work was a wild ride and hard, but i manged to finish my first week alright lol, my legs are sore and my arms are noodles XD

  7. After much Struggle, ive finally found a job, now i just gotta hope not to fuck it up lol

  8. Hows yall doin?

    1. brgr.



    2. EddieCam


      Good how about you?

    3. CogsFixmore


      late reply, but pretty good got a job !

  9. Avengers End Game was Epic, For sure was worth the hype and wait! 

  10. How do people be Committed to playing on the Zombie Server all the time? i find it hard to always wanna play it then i worry im bad cause im not giving the Community im apart of my 100% how do other people work out this stuff.

    1. brgr.


      I actually don't know how they play zs all day. Just play for 20 mins, maybe? lol. The mode itself isn't very fun to play non-stop so I'm sure no one would get on you for that.

  11. Played on a Zombie Server that used Pac3, was pretty cool thing, if HG ever considered this, would make it a Gold/VIP thing, just dont alow scaling or changing of players hitbox.

    1. rhinos


      pac3 will fuck your fps up

    2. CogsFixmore


      Late reply, it can yes, but if the server did it in such a way, it could also not, when i played on the one server had no problems. either way just a neat idea

  12. Simple ideas from Cogs 1: Legendary Jug Card, it would have to be a Legendary Card, Gives you more HP and Shield, What you choose to set it to ill leave to the admins. 2: More Player-Models will bring in more profit if you make the VIP Etc. (do a vote and involve community to help pick) 3: People who only Repair cade should have a rare chance to get a bonus crate from repairing. 0.50% chance or somthing idk, 4: Remove Swamp Legion lol zanny joke right, but at least nurf that bitch boss he op. 5: A gun that can repair Cades with right click, but consumes ammo, so if the cade is under fire it will alow them to help fix the cade. 6: The Option to mute gun fire sound like holly fuck i feel this is something that is getting very over looked!
  13. Yeet that is all.

    1. brgr.



  14. @brgr. told me to bug you with all the tools, i won a raffle for ZS and he told me i had to talk to you about claiming the prize? Notice me when you can thanks lol

    1. EddieCam


      I sent you a PM on discord

  15. Who wants 15k HG Bux for 15k ZS Points?


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