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  1. although that is a server option, that's never been the case on our game servers, as far as I can remember.
  2. @Silly thanks. I have donated over $1000 since 2014 and have receipts to show that. but it says I am at Donor Level 7. That includes Admin purchase though. does that count? or just random donations?
  3. Is this by # of donations or by $$ amount?
  4. Rams +2.5 points. remember the Patriots are cheaters. #deflategate
  5. I have Windows 10 (16Gb RAM) and no issues, but it's a desktop and i don't run the game inside a window I run it full-screen. If you run the game inside a window then you need memory for windows paging and swap space from the hard disk. Try changing to full-screen and see if that improves.
  6. #freshwhip #550Msport #445hp #keepingupwiththebavarians
  7. Oh..... GO div is goin' down! #word
  8. saw this on a bathroom wall once.. "Bubba, call home, you locked the dog in the car last Tuesday and we don't keys"
  9. The win pattern is as follows: Eagles Patriots Patriots Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots Eagles ????? (Patriots will win)
  10. I sent invites to Colonel_Potter2, Menoch, SillyBrian34, and tombom66. anyone else, I need your Wargaming User name. Thanks please note I haven't done anything with the clan in terms of base/port building yet. you collect Oil and use that to build the Clan's port. We currently have 2610 barrels of oil. Every battle played is 10 barrels.
  11. I have to be honest, I don't like the Karma Reporting System they have. You basically start out at 0 Karma points, and players can Compliment you or Report you for a variety of reasons such as Plays Poorly, Misbehaving in Chat, Unsporting Behavior, or AFK. It's totally unchecked by Wargaming!!! So.... what happens is your own team mate will report you if he doesn't like something you did even if it was unavoidable or just a part of normal game play. (turned left instead of right) It's petty and stupid and anyone who has a Passive Aggressive tendency will use it against you. I've run into a few players that were total dicks on there. Players who play together in Clans have higher Karma points because they work together and Compliment each other all the time. the only good thing is that nobody can see your Karma points except you.

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